Friday, December 10, 2010

kusuma chengaiah venkatagiri


k.chengaiah 13-25 north st; venkatagiri.524132 ;

puligandla kamalakar

spiritual;philantrhpic;wants to travel abroad; 2 sisters;

district document writer ranga reddy,saroor nagar,champapet,begumpet

PRASHANT KUMAR.A. 98493 72440
99591 77857
All types of of Documents Prepared and all Registration form available here;
Off near Sub-Registrar Office; ghatkesar.R.R.dist.
branches in; Begumpet;champapet;saroornagar;
Ghatkesar village;&mandal R R dist- 501 301

10th december post

Got up early;5 news papers scanned;felt more comfortable;radio mirchi jesudos song was nice;market mantra for future that RJ voice;Maaza effect; wash did;Prakash and ajays talk;;someones fitness of jogging; called syam; attended call; ad for form filling and data mining seen;Utter flop of satish initiation and added to that irritation had to be faced;Dhanrajs expectation also noted; spent lot of time in office on important ppl file and mostly consolidated it; more insecurity in the eyes of SRN seen; news of prasha nd ajays come back; new scheme and lof of calls to office staff seen; Collected akkireddy and padmaja pics;tweeted for k with 5-0 win;cell phone data collected by laxmi posted at blog also that ghatkeasr pending entry also posted;Transfered 13 k 2 bank;Night GTA met and gave some assurance;for friends pics msgs sent;Honeys msgs menace;Facebook p[rofiles seen;


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