Tuesday, February 07, 2012


7th feb post

srikakollu lakshmi
Days dress and buiscuits plan break fast? petrol;
mor 2 wall posters to try at morning;
read some content on news papers;
post pic of sana;
print of yesterdays blog;
sticker work with Kiran;later to field work to decide yes decided;dusters for office;
water to arrange at office; Call Syam again;

..>>begumpet call also Kukatpally?;
ads plan for future;
Activate Subra???;
hyderabad,kol hot performances work morning and night;
Another one month Blog prints in the evening;

Got up bit early;Posted blog comprehensive one took petrol level were good identified spots for posters;posted pic of yesterday;seen last two months blogs again;msgd Jana; called kiran V J Movies info got; tried Satish;Took buiscuits,again 2 kg onions,Duracell batteries;Read 2 news papers at park some interesting information got this time again to scan those also read eenadu editorial this time some ones walk and cell phone songs;Dogs barking at beggars;Owners help for water;feb 9th kajal opening cerimony;charles dickens coverage on google;Seen some ads of ad posting again;

6th Feb post mixed response

Scimmed through entire jan blog prints at morning;Morning hard luck story at home with rice spoiled later her in security;Onions were available for rs 6/-;Brand capital twitter enquiry from aditi maliwar replied later seen her profile in Linkedin and g plus;Seen competitor work;Seen house at top and discussed with fancy Mom and daddy of sneha this is new move;Info about owners lady infection;Called Ramoji his interests known fully pinned on real estates;Whole month of december blog prints took thats daring decicion;Morning had 3 closings and one phone call yes at begumpet;called Kiran for stiker development and known about V P Raos huge loss in Forex;Called gandhi he responded well;jana failed to respond;maqqanas gold discussion and negative comments at home;Hand writing is single word.MOrning field work was over in just 30 minutes;Morning called vittal;On the way to field work seen Poster for marketing Executives;

After noon enquired with cute SBI girl about loan account number;Evening managed to remove dust from office;called Nrn he is still in tention also known about things;Days development on Rx is read all top performing mounts of Mumbai and bangalore are in mind now;ECIL and neredmet areas taken control but its very tiring journey energy levels and petrol levels failed;Evening sticker design developed from home;One poster sticked at evening;notary guys tie up and knowledge on intellectual properties;prabhavati sons call;called sekahr and enquired about Koti;
Heavy load of Insulin intake of Gta and also known her sisters power of wealth;decided not to take more load of her work even;

new info from a magazyne; Devi function hall malkajigiri;
tirumala gardens malkajigiri;


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