Monday, August 02, 2010

31st july

Most of the dailies scanned;Received Stock and money and supplied to aruna;health fuerther improved;One shock at rx had to be faced;butnew point of relationship had further emerged;cell phone disturbance continued; 3 new ids again adishwarestore;nanotelhotels;prajayengineers;seenaiah and giri reddys calls;Kmalakars youtube development;kajals fans have crossed 10k,

1 st august sundays post;
Srinis payment got cleared;most of the dailies scanned;no net day;call from jana;
Unexpected dental pain?;socks and leg pads used 4 tea time; due to late rx book one bet missed;change of blanket;not to go with alchohol to meet important people;attended ersonality development at city library;predator movie watched tv; failed to utylyse sunday fully;One more new jeans pant;heavy expenses unbearable;
in discussion with gandhi new point has emerged that is early bird offer;


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