Friday, January 22, 2016 renewal reminder

RE : Reminder for Renewal Of Web page page listing

Dear sir

We wish to remind you that your web page listing expires on january 2016. Please let us know whether you would like to renew the web page listing with same price.
Thanking you
Cell 9347107468

covering letter for vetuku adverticement

Sub; Advertisement request for "VETUKU' NATIONAL  News paper.
Dear Sir,

"VETUKU" English  monthly News Paper     has a strong presence in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States. We are releasing special issue for April 2016. This special Issue covers lot of information on technology  national events and current affairs.
We are pleased to invite you to be a part of this special issue as an advertiser.
Additional benefits for your advrtisement  are  SEO work done with google key word optimization Logo of your firm will be displayed on our web site

Please contact us  official number for further information
Your’s Sincerely,



Tariff Details;

Logo Display  Rs 5000/- 
Ear panel  5000/-
Front page 1/4 page  Rs10,000/-
Inner page 1/4 page Rs 5000/-
Inner full page 15 000/-
Back page 1/4 page 7 500/-

Lodges in dargamitta Nellore Hotel Rama Royal

Hotel Rama Royal
 861-2307778  9703132229  
Plot No 988, Gnt Road, 
Dargamitta, Nellore - 524003, 
Opposite Dsr Hospital

21 st January 2016 Thursday

Almost all works are completed at Nellore; My mind is wanting to go to tirupati.Yet  worked with NRN met Electrical engineer and forestry; Met one auction hall guy; Tariff and costing tips had from NRN; 

To Know DAVP ads details; Called boss events guy in night; Bouncer from florist a new point; Syam called but coulnt meet him; Met R&D Supg Enginner:  Had Mutton Biryani in afternoon;

Met one senior person at seenaiahs place and seen files in 2  Pen drives Collected Calender of Rythu Bhoomi; Night had Komala vilas dinner long waited one;


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