Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2015 highlights in my life

1.Syam closed shop;his son to usa;
2.Launch of ramraj in tirupati;
3.laithajewellery show room launch in tirupati

4.gplus letters is biggest highlight for this year; for me;
5.whats app for communication improved;

6.4 g for laptop and 
8.Fp for future 2020
9.tpt local eenadu papers;
10 a/c

11.jdvf;imart;sulekha have helped for key words;

12.ajay; joined back; hyd visit;
14.Koti marriage;

15.SRINIVASA KALYANAM hope remained;leaflet; relationships improved;
17.telugu leaflet; 11 of telugu velugu issues;
19.Reached adwords thanks to jana and eenadu ads; colleted;continued t ids; for future help;

21,In the begining of the year used pen media letters;

22.gaurigani function chance; missed to use;
23.syams help and airconditoner;
24.srinivasa kalyanam couldnt fetch; leaflets and 2 frames investment;
family functions; koti;Lalith;sai;
Small ads in eenadu;jyothi;sakshi;
25.visiting cards in hand from hyd; new design;

26.gtas support from her relatives unexpected move;
27.byke condition  tyre improved;
28.dress code improved; team;indulgence; no funding; Missed et for long time;