Wednesday, July 29, 2015

july 2015

27th july 2015
Met paihotels seen their restaurant;morning alone managed 9 field calls;had 4 closings; camera2,furn; plus weights;Night net session 9 new codes generated;morning from tried hard to get codes through cell phone vain attempt; good prising failed too;posted pending blog posts;

28th july 2015;

APJ  death news; 5 plus 5 activations and generatations;Read back few blog posts; with the help of gta organised cards again ; night kamal met; one fishes =ve for monday; closing news of g plus in Tv;to take remidial measures for blog archive; janas call in the morning;again gplus help through metals;

29th july 2015

Worked with kamalakar collected many cards and closed 2;Night vethaku g plus reached 98;2 days blogs posted; recd missed call from syam;

30th  july 2015;

Morning Syam called for ac payment; good success story at renigunta; owners mother came home;night sleep disturbance continued;Bitter arguments with kamalakar; pen ink was prolem during work; 4 g plus activations for the day;morning spent time organising cards again;Dream and pavani and another codes recd and activated them;

MONDAY, JULY 27, 2015

25th July 2015

25th july 2015;
Kamal played up again;Called syam mama and known the things; 10 g plus activations managed ;had 2 closings;1 more cards holder purchased;july income anlysed;had word with cafe guy;Final day for pushkarams;8 field clls amanged;Found bill books at home;

26th july sunday;
 Suneel developers ads in all dilies seen;Again spent time with crds files;enjoyed good tiffen out side;
managed a staggering 27 g plus codes for the day highest ever so far; 1000.1000 clients idea;morning collected 11 data;Gta told reason abt upset;Read back blog posts again;

TUESDAY, JULY 21, 2015

kalakata venkata ramana

  kalakata venkata ramana  picture

 23 july 2015;; Kamala absent so all alone;night session most of pics posted to blog;Morning spent time in organising visiting cards gain;posted pending blog posts nd took print;4 g plus ctivations for the day; closed 3 entries;few more cards collected;

24th july 2015;

noted dress makes a real change for women; 2 luckey closings of fish merchants for the day;rubber stamp received plus one more visiting cards holder; 6 codes received by cell phone;
2500/15= 116
2500.500=12 50 000

20th july 2015; getting funding is must;

20th july 2015
In the morning spent lot of time in organising visiting cards at home; Field work continued and managed 9 calls and 1 closing; Night  net session blog prints took; due to poor keys dropped from work; all lekhari g plus prints took and later filed them; morning called doctor,haneef catering;panduranga vessels activated for the day;posted some cards;Et; sakshi into fold;gas money given; et gave info of highly paid executives;

2st july 2015;
Worked with kamal at Srikalahasti and returned; Some new area with lodges exposure had; pics loaded from smart phone;Spent some time on visiting cards collected;

22nd july 2015;
Again worked in field with kamal and collected huge visitng cards; back at home organised cards; one more visiting cards holder purchased; Rubber stamp given order; 3g top up;morning some cell phone calls did for codes; no net day;
SUNDAY JULY 19, 2015

18th 19th july 2015;

18 july 2015;
Only g plus pls;Points crossed 1lakh crores; dream interiors closed; rejected syam coming home; Ramzan day worked; activated 10 gplus from a diffrent cafe;

19th july;2015;
Shouted at neibour for noice had support from owner reddy;Read back past blog posts again;paid paper bills; arguments again; worked comprehensively even on sunday; some kind of uneasy throught the day; Chinna called;
night called satish,sankyo,Prasad,mama.

16th July 2015 learnt sending pics by smart phone

smart phone  dealer

16th july 2015;
Nice day as systems missbehaved from cafe i learnt to send pics to mail box by my smart phone thanks to sabari; received google codes binding book from binder;Closed cycle shop;managed 7 field calls;purchased  one more visiting cards holder;

17th july 2015;
 lodge payment and provisions payment received; 2 response calls from skht for post cards; razor sharpner erazer purchased; met Syam ,mama; hope for laminations; organised visiting cards holder ; Morning calls did from Smart phone; seenaih and jana called;tweeted for pushkarams;

TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2015

13th july 2015;

13th july 2015;
luckey 2 payouts for the day; headache by kamal; managed 10 field calls;loaded clay and mahaveer pics;again 4 codes got through phones; night Net session fetched 9 activations of kadapa; Muarali c help by gplus agaian;Met syammama but forget eye glass at cafe but got back luckily;narapally payment also recd due to cell ph followup;Sent SMS to Skht guy;Lost temper at gta twice;

14th july 2015;
Morning arial survey did and took some pics;byke oil changed;night net session had  5 gplus  activations; oyorooms info had;venture bean ;kpmg consultants;syam;jana;and kamal kept in touch; on client request whats app downloaded again;pushkaram hadavidi by gta;

15th july 2015;
Purchased visiting cards holder of 480 cards;  by night rain and wethear cool down;morning read Et best companies to work for;managed 10 field calls;night activated 10 g plus ;earliar lekahari eng prints took;gave g plus to binding;
MONDAY, JULY 13, 2015

11th july saturday 2015;
Work with kamal one lodge closed after 11 field calls;5 codes activated after collection from field;met Syam mama;

12th july 2015 sunday;
Morning scanned most of teluguvelugu;Attended gandla gourigani felicitation function seen good rush there but couldnt wait there for long time; managed 8 g plus codes for the day;heat wave continued;posted cards from a different box;Morning kamal played up;hungerpangs despite having raagi malt;


8th july 2015;
Kamal met so decided to go to srikalahasti very tiring journey; trip is anyway successful arial survey had; by the time reached home totally tired and retired; surprise call from naraplly;

9th july 2015;
work started with kamal seat cover work completed; insulin needles purchased; collected sabjan code letter;9 field calls managed; morning with kamalas help activated 7 new codes; teewted bahubali; night severe sleep problem; night sesion took many stats prints; posted narapally; 3 codes activated to g plus;

10th july 2015;friday;
chance came in the form of chandragiri kesavulu; Syam met on the way with his wife; Evening retrived Srikalhasti ata known potenciality; hindrance of gangaaram on the way;statcounter prints took;gta service with gingily oil;3 more new g plus activated; pic of ro took;one more dw address from naidupet;
morning to alipiri area;vanam restaurant;

Most important achievemnt of the day is over phone got 8 codes some of them are out station clients;  offered incentive to gta she quickened and completed 30 plus post cards; During the morning analysys i found that i have 5oo client base; 3 more new codes activated; likith ac guy gave good information about ac;
stats prints took;  seen achari shilpi website seen;

TUESDAY, JULY 07, 2015

5th july 2015 s s rajamoulis child hood

5th july 2015;
S s raja mouli had very humble child hood ; he said in an interview he suffered with financial problems in chennai during childhood; ok; google postenciality of each districts identified; chinna came home as a surprise and gave mangoes;refregerartion guy met; morning most of the pending photos loaded;plus9 idea;3 g plus activations for the day;allam help in ain redusing read;

6 th july monday 2015;
 Over night tention faced for electric biil but morning tention releived as bill was normal; june 2014;may blog posts read from smart phone; Morning met mangalam doctor and took pic later checked his map listing and felt happy;2 more files purchased;seen GDS map pics and not satisifid;met syammama; closed plywoods and got payment from copier;mahaveer pics and code letter took;bill book followup did;

3 rd july 2015

3 rd july 2015;
Today  had to post lot of pending pics  so morning session to cafĂ© and managed many of them later evening managed other pending works ;Heat continued ; MRP rates helped; night sleep disturbance continued and so leg pains;  syam is missing again; Suneetha and chinna called; 1 ref regertion entry closing for the day; tie up again with kmalakar; 40 post cards purchased detailed to kamal  over a sitting; todpadu and  Gta too helped for cards; g plus letters have touched 180;

Posted pics to google and edted few entries; 3 days pending blog posts managed; cherry aqua maps letter recd and activated; 10  g plus activations managed for the day;

4 th july 2015;;saturday;
Days field calls;
1.jeeva;2.murali cars;3.gds pics; 4.bill book work; 5.endoring work o kamalakar;6.tyres guy;
38 cards posted;  heat continued;days info;
hashtag;veggykart;peppertap;yebhi news; future of mobile users in india; no net day and activations too;
3 dailies for the day;

1 st july president pranabs visit to  Tirupati

1 st july 2015;Due to president s visit to tirupati there was heavy security throught the city as a result i hot to goto renigunta area;it has feteched me 3 closings and  lodge closing and introduction with one marketing guy;  seen micromax tablet very attractive one; had hair cut in the morning; mangaed to post 3 days pending blog posts; met syam mama and had his guidance ;finallly payment got from dress materials and tention is releived;

alexa rankings are quite annoying this time;heat wave continued;mailed to cements id;ghadbad at home;

2 nd july; 2015;

bill book design work completed; had one closing for the day; heatwave continued again so use of ac triggered; night unable to sit in cafe; did 17 field calls; evening visited ro guys shop; koti came and gave rice; chinna called; in Tv news even in france heatwaves are there; jana called;into the storm movie seen at night; yatra to shiva shrines; some of the wines shops lost licence;hanger pangs throught the day; maid servant worked at home;

Saturday, July 25, 2015

shesha padmavathi enterprises tirupati

Products in display

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shesha padmavathi enterprises tirupati
Shesha Padvathi Enterprises
Shop no 7 Behind Municipal office
opp Indira Maidanam TUDA circle.
Ph 0877-222118
cell 9441090700  ,94402 17164

Friday, July 24, 2015

Fish dealers in Tirupati

TIRUPATI, Andhra Pradesh 517501
097000 49288



CELL; 9441332228;
SHOP 8106388876;

N.SHANMUGAM fish stall tirupati

N.SHANMUGAM fish stall TIrupati

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N.SHANMUGAM fish stall tirupati

TIRUPATI, Andhra Pradesh 517501
094413 32228

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sree Dream Interiors & Exteriors tirupati

Sree Dream Interiors & Exteriors tirupati

Sree Dream Interiors & Exteriors 877-6063333, +(91)-9010487433
 Door No:-#7-54/1A, Subba Reddy Nagar,Karkambadi road,  Tirupati - 517501,

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vasu photo frames tirupati,photo frames shop,

vasu photo frames tirupati
vasu photo frames tirupati,

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vasu photo frames tirupati,

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vasu photo frames tirupati,
vasu photo frames tirupati,

vasu photo frames tirupati,

vasu photo frames tirupati,

vasu photo frames tirupati,
Vasu Photo Frame Works
Deals in fptp frames, idols,gift articles, malas,
877-2220558, 9848315012
 154, G S Mada Street,
 TIRUPATI - 517501

Balaji Metals Tirupati Bronze idol Makers

Balaji Metals Tirupati Bronze idol Makers

Balaji Metals

9989788428, 9989117398, 9989563029  
Shop No 15-5-254, 

Marimanu Street, Tirupati - 517501
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