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doctors in nellore Dr. P. Srinivasa Teja nellore

Consultant Mind Physician and Sexologist Allopathy Psychiatry Sexology Stress Management +91 861 2332225 / +91 8500 12 13 14 Mind Care Hospital, Raghava Cine complex Road, Pogathota, Nellore-524001. Tel: 0861 2332225 Pharmaco therapy, Psycho therapy, Marital counselling, Sex Counselling

SAI Agencies nellore

SAI Agencies nellore

14/427, Opp Khadibandar, Trunk Road, Nellore Ho, Nellore - 524001 |
+(91)-9030172827 | 2335678 | 2325078

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Monday, January 28, 2013

recent trips activations ramesh his brother; cell; 99899 11152
2.pavan medicals veera
3.manasa typing
4;surendra santha pet medicals guy
6.chandra sekhar subbaiah pan shop; 99128 63738,92981 52363
7,vamshee pens father 100 sabha anchor;cell; 9985553263
8.madhura sweets;
9;akula venkateswshwarlu
12;khadi bhandar;
13;dr utthama
14;sro 1
sro santhapet
15;income tax
16;buchi sro
18;inr sons;
19.ravi adv
23;sai systems (mani)
24;swathi arts;
28;gudur sridhar reddy
29,rama chandra
30rx jana
31;veera raghava;
32;mohan BE
33.veera baawa;
34;winding shop;
35.madhura sweets
36,killy shop;
37;komala raju
38;dotnet madam;
39;misala reddy
40,dr uthama sudheer;
41;balaji nagar hair cuttin sudha; 98487 15080
misala reddy; dtdc 9701020105;0861-2305067
43;mani sai systems;9347830433,913364539
45oruvuri krishiah; 96534 51599
46;suresh and harish 98485 89399
rr ads
47; anumala
postal guy rama chandra rao cell; 9966445558
50,bala subra postal;94404 04025
51,rajampapet raju cell; 8978169180
dotnet sekhar; 9347111222
53;rk 9490252509
ravi advocate; 98667 00389
ramanadhan cell; 9440538630,
56,padmakar cell; 95813 97500
57,pickles rami reddy gunda 99898 50393;
58;ch balu
59;satish CA;
60;inr son; 98491 29956
saveer; 99488 50099
gopi rx; 90102 14344
64;ramesh asson hyd; cell; 8586506459
65,Nazeer printer; 9963433378
66,Rama rao rakta tilakam cell; 9866578292
Jenta show room; 9030337697 cell; 9985080178
69,Kameshwar Raoi cell; 9966797848
70,Subramanyam argument cell; 9908964563
71,subramanyam venkatesh friend; cell; 9030507463
72.venkateswarlu(Rajakeeyam)cell; 9704765115
73,T.Narsing rao cell; sbi 10072512386
74,Ravi shankar anumala cell; 8096132572
75,krishna Mohan cell; 8121172096(wipro)
76.Balaji ramana mega care friend cell; 9391667707,
77.D.Kannaiah relator cell; 9246434222
78,pavani vekateshwarlu cell; 9948836247
79,ajay DW 779924524
80,vigneshwara catering cell; venky 9618891814
81.Ramkumar 9618183974
82.sekhar Babu (once acredition committe member for press) 9949844019
83.balasubra manaya nellore postal 9440981061
84.postal suresl 9959131536
85.krisha kumar(med rep) 98490 82239
86.first step 2338299
87.ganesh graphics 9989598917
88.subhash cakes paradise 8885888807 harika enterprises  nellore 94941 34369
90.hotel jagath  nellore cell; 7702090782
91.nightingale ambulance nellore 9347032279
92.krishna kumar 98490 82239
93.srinu padmakar cell; 99082 69694
94.geno Raghava 9490232009
95.Raghuram cell; 9246433684;
localtv ads;9347114228
97.ajays ref voice over 7207415141
98.kakumani chenchaiah color complex 92464 33204;8885672434
99.sivanna 9440275513
100.raju tailor cell9703447398
Rami reddy pickles guy;cell; 99898 50393;
komala kishore; 8985476560;
ketha subba rao cell; 7842543623;
anumala Nageswara Rao cell; 9866804759

monish 96424 86524

28th backwards jan

28th jan;Monday;
28 steps on lodge;early wake up;
anumala ketha;b C population statistics;
took 2 k cheque from dr took pics;Gave back google directory and bill book to kamal;
Ajay called up;
gave seenaiah yesterdays sweets;followup of post office did;success from builder;and income tax(sudhakar) ppl; rafi helped it;
Morning anumala gave info about his water company;
Called suresh hyd guy of social walfare;called chalapathi;called NRN;Ramireddy;address of sree computers;super market;(every shop guys must know my face;
footwear guy near post office remembered;called rama chandra;called RK;Called Sudha (balaji nagar hair dresser);Seen book of aneesh;Had sangati;

27th; sunday
Met Akula venkateshwarlu;met triple jumper madhura sweets guy had gifts from him;some pics on road took; to movie vishwaroopam; ads seen;
krishna lodge boy;problem with kamalakar had;
Kishore(events guy;cell;symala publicities)9347110201)

26 th jan; saturday;
to chennai;despite poor health; chalapathis request is to be with himsridhar reddy joined at gudur;
cell ph ;camera given to kamal;Rx janardhan met missed his cell number; new driver;Data from kamal had;

night surendras wish of santhapet gundu guy;from market 15k;seen that most of categeroies are captured by just dial; Books sent by chalapathi by his collegue;

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Plots,Realtors in nellore Gudur ;ch bala narasimhulu

At economical rates plots in gudur  district nellore

  • This plot is near to gudur town.

  • it is just 2 andhalf kms from Gudur RTC bus stand. 

  • Plot with clear title. 

  • Available water facility and electricity. 

  • Avalable service auto and bus facility.

 Contact person Ch.Balu 09700936489

23rd jan

Rami reddy shown his first issue of fortnight news paper Varthaa tarangam later lunch with seenaiah at amaravathi restaturant;Posted all pending pics to net at night;Postal verification done;night dotnet key words seen justdial spidered them;
For the first time kamalakars income generated;Morning long walk to santhapet;Keth and anumula nageshr Raos tie up;Morning south9 new mag seen;

Met satish CA at evening; info

24th jan;
 2 hours net;1 hour internet;
loaded pics;16 business cards added;old songa enjoyed at lodge TV;organised collected cards and  recent trip cell numbers;

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

nellore trip photos

raju waiter working in hotel Komal vilas nellore

kotha hall nellore

lemon chai at cafe seema

lemon chai 

anils dharna against electric bills

magunta temple at magunta layout nellore

modern stores nellore 

21st jan

21 st jan
rudraiahs number;heavy discomfort;managed to post all camera pics to blog;
Called chalapthi sir;chat with anumala nageshwara rao;Padmakar reddy met new idea from him;sastry met took his pic;one twitter id enquiry;mana saradhi and Ram reddy met;Lunch with Seenaiah;No income day;Met Balaji;met manchikanti; old press mans pic took; dotnet ip;2 new ids;najmobiles;

Content for new issue prepapred;Managed dress wash;Mat balu at morning;Ramnathans response;

22nd jan;

Decided for printing of paper;by evening its ready submitted to post office;Kamalakar joined and later field work fetched; team work help;(dotnet;Rambabu;cyber cafe;Seenaiah;

Narsimhas non cooperartion;Called kiran;kishore etc;
Ramojis catch up and gandhi; Long chat with akka;

Monday, January 21, 2013


20th Jan post

Reached gudur twist by Chalapathi from there with tention to chennai;new arial exposure;enroute calls to jaybal and Ashwin;later aswin failed;
Days new points;ps chouhan;s engagement;zerwan;
Follow failed Favrites;To manage uniform betting;
19th jan;
With Chalapathi sir on his car to chennai; ITC hotels exposure; Place idea;returned late to nellore;
18;Work at nellore with Kalamalakar;collected cards etc;raymonds;took some pics;met satyam at night;night chat with Giri;book from srirama;

17th Jan;Local work with kamalakar;covered Buchi;Met Jayram reddy;
Rami reddy pickles guy;cell; 99898 50393;
komala kishore; 8985476560;
ketha subba rao cell; 7842543623;Nageswara Rao cell; 9866804759
Jayram reddy;
Kurnool; adoni;allagadda
bangana palle;emmiganuru;atmakur
anantapur; Uravakonda;kadiri;Hindupur;
Vijaya inr son 9849129956;
Sudhakar nellore city light; cell; 98664 83597;
16th Jan;
long chat with Chandra;at syams shop;
drianage problem;Luckey tip to Chalapathi an aquired tatste success;
paper cutting work at home;
syams investment hope;
15th jan;
tirupati;met jana power of color printing URL masking technology;;Munawwer;photo tweets;Met syam mama;
14; met Syam; data capture idea;festival dress dynamics;bujjis daughters invitation dynamics;
Kistataiahs called from Kadapa;Shirt by Gopal;

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