Monday, September 30, 2013

30th sept;

***Read 90 minutes book gained confidence;unexpected move;

Whats that function in galli by meesala guy???;

No closings for the day??; Some kind of disturbance story from  Ajay quite un usual;??

Purchased RX book;telugu velugu;

***Morning continued addresses work and got 40 plus new addresses;***Evening retrieved 70 prints with in just 1 hour investment here in both the works ; ***took back Camera from Prakash settled his dues no call from him later disturbance from him during the work tention reduced ok?;
Call from solutions and SKD just dial;

Work with Ajay did  did 8 calls new area exposure again  and got 4 positives;

Stool purchased; telvel note books, water bottle.pen refils;

Enquiry did for mat for office  may need 2 k;

stoll cutting work help by GTA;

portland; paaduthaa theeyagaa;

Sunday, September 29, 2013

google time line

28th sept saturday 29th sunday

With a bad comment from rushed to Ranigunj area and written almost 50 plus name boards but mental disturbance continued due to comment;  Puja did at office  good flowers and spent some time there;later with Ajay to Ranigunj also written few more boards confusion continued  had coffee at Raus; posted few entries from sadgun one activation  managed. theres some problem  faced to do SEO to google maps read google guidelines; Suffered with hunger pangs later had session and to pune had a shocker hattrick; Frequent Dilip calls were unable to understand; Called satish; Chalapathi; managed cheque drop;Gta dint prepare lunch; Current Run is must is days rx new point;

Few cheques have passed and gave some amount to ajay and retired; Missed dinner;

Sunday 29th

Morning continued work of writing managed 50 more now 300 names on hand; 1000 closings can give 30 lakhs; Team needed now; Gandhis call rejected; had  survey of 15 areas; Ghadbad in gally and related tention; spent some time in office; Tention of going to RX; sold Toliet stand poor return;

Raju on the way neglected; Poor confidence levels ;
Read naglokars 2 essays on rx; poor odds for fresh men crop surprise? Family connectionas are too poor;
Dhana called from bellary.Insecurity and boredom . Narsing came;
***Jana met online asked him to prepare Invoice;
Silence at home;?? had egg Dosa; deccan eenandu scanned.
No calls to phone?? Gave banana to Old lady;
No call from chalapathi ??? later he met at HRC that even more triggered anger.
Night read back google story and new things are emerging on twitter seen; Prakash is totally absent;
Debutants as favrites are winning;
30th september;planning>>

DRop ajay cheques;
***some of Google activations pls;
give cloth 4 pressing;
Take camera from Prakash;
Feed ajay; sat day entry address;
Cross 50k;
***Retieve few more prints pls; advanced decicions;
Prakash; ajays ;settlements;
Office decoration;

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cutting tools, Engineering products, in secunderabad CENTURY TRADING CO SECUNDERABAD

Deals in Cutting tools,
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Mahankali Street

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safety equipment Gloves dealers In secunderabad Hi-tech Agency

  • Hi-tech Agency

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  • friday 27th sept

    Morning shocker  with Toilet stand ; managed to load Ajays pics from sadgun;Evening retrieval of google prints took from sadgun this is the only useful work for the day; Chalapathi sir called up in the evening; Morning transfered cash to Prakash on request; vedeo game played on the eve of 15th birthday of google; seen one link also;Ajay success story continued;No Tiffen and Lunch at home;Whats this irish horse; 70k plus for this month is it true?

    On Rx front i must be ready with how much can i can bear; yet 2 more new points IE; Huge win; Raders benefit; Dams pet distance;

    Friday, September 27, 2013

    D bolts,cutting tools dealers in Ranigunj secunderabad Raj international secunderabad

    Raj  international

    4-4-74/d Gunj Bazaar
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    Contact Mustafa

    Thursday, September 26, 2013

    Screw High Tensile Dealers Traders N Fittigs secunderabad

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    WE deal  in Industrial TapesWater Proofing and Adhesive Products;

    Sock on the wall of adhesives

    Royal Industrial Corporation secunderabad,Proofing and Adhesive Products Ranigunj
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  • Following companies;  Fevicol,Araldite, Anabond, Loctite,Molycot,3m, Devcon,Doctor fixit,Oks, waker,

  • 25th sept post

    Late wake up  some thing went wrong;Some more prints took from sadgun; Few more addresses collected;
    @ closings with ajay and 1 positive from Praksh;played with cat;
    seen night news; good news 2 cheques passed;
    New note book and rubber bands paper clips purchased;
    Paid 2 k to narsing; Unable to activate google listing from home;

    Andhra Machine Tools Corporation secunderabad ,safety equipments desalers,

    Andhra Machine Tools Corporation secunderabad

  • Andhra Machine Tools Corporation

  • Address: 5-5-54, Hari Ganga Complex, Shop No 5, Rani Gunj, Rani Gunj, Secunderabad, AP 500003
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