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Sunday, July 01, 2012

june 2012

30th june post 2012
Further more organised the blogat moring; Work with nrn fetched;Rx also fetched with one new point latest inform; 5 straight choices failed at rx;failed in organising uniformity in betting yet successful; Night chicken at home failed with some bad taste NRN prepared it;Gta left to Puttaparthi;Found that no one from family end are calling;
brought visiting cards to home;called satish a long chat; That Red thread on wrist worked;
At Rx Tin tin  a new point again;

FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2012

29th june post friday!

lot of remembernces from the morning  of gTa s cry; !Foul of narsing rao avoided of the draianage clearing cost; organised blog further more at  nerar more store;slow net at  sadgun noted dint pay them; notice of dropping Suguna working maid at morning  what about my dress wash now ?need planning;successfully got amount of nutsnspices transfered them pwd but under pressure due to  slow net timing;surprising assurance from NRN;
called NRN at morning did few calls later gave him prints ;2 positives had for monday;naidu;
designed new letter with my own work took color & Black & white prints outs good logo etc;
gave chengaiahs cards also to Cards (to name out);

Rina came and said abt her birth day tommorow;
some of the old entries organised at blog again thanks to google pics saved;

Read d C at morning;
Gta said she is leaving to ATP;

Tom Plan;>>>>>

***(Get visting cards; pay them ;left over
rx selections;Chalapathi;days betting; Tpt labling work;
Hindu choices;
New Ids; Nrn)
Met Nrn with his friend Sudhakar reddy took posession of office; Brought back Fm radio and Globe to home; attempt failed at kawadiguda SRO;
Gave editing work of visiting cards with Kirans help;
Disturbed at night with Gta cry; called;New bar at near old praga tools;missed lunch;

narsimha; got the number of Sankyo;
Ajay;he joined job;
called bujji;
kistaiah;Call from Chalapathi;
Called prasad had positive feedback;
Long call from Syam;
called Bujji;
>>> Days id; icafemanager; 14 737;
KA: 69 653;


28th june post

got up at 7 am; Edited Blog again area wise labels edited posted yesterday moosapet entry;


27th june 2012 post

Biggest shock of the day  started with Scooter with front tyre puncture got it done by sekhar scooter mechanic;One success story at musapet after long struggle and calls; Second shock with no name in visiting cards  called kishore and no positive responce;Met NRN at moosapet showed him his s office;

Gtas help in having bath;idli;
+ of the day is reply from nutandspices;
Arranged tube light to home;Mirchi failed;caled Syam,Durga;Satish;

26th june

Gta family pics with alt posted to my blog members increased by 18 members; i checked as how many SRS        surprised to see i covered almost 70 places; in current Bangalore season chalapathis was with me for 5 meetings only; 14 sros at mb nagar;Failure attempt at kawadiguda again;Insulin,voveran tablets,eye glass box and new visiting cards work got completed;

Very hot lunch FB like at some web site seen; Parmesh and other Fb ids saved at blog so days new friends were 23;Google maps can be placed in my blogs easily;Mahabubnagar classifieds were posted finally to vilekhari;Snehasri;new ids 4 the day hondasielpower,sparkhospitals;

Few of the google searches did but felt tiresome; gandhi met on chat and left suddenly;more pics for gandhi posted;morning posted all pics of nt etc to blog;




26th june post

Poor water storage levles at rivers read at Ennadu;News of Sekhar in city by Narsing Rao;Saved all old logos etc to vilekhari blog also posted mahabubnagar entries; Very late tiffen;Now google maps can be integrated to blog itself thats new hope for the day;

Mahabubnagar or Mahboobnagar is the biggest town in Mahabubnagar District of Andhra PradeshIndia. The city of Mahabubnagar is located at a distance of 100 km from Hyderabad. Formerly known as Rukmammapeta and Palamoor, it was named as Mahabubnagar on 4 December 1890, in the honour of Mir Mahabub Ali Khan Asaf Jah VI, the Nizam of Hyderabad (1869-1911 AD). It has been the headquarters of the district since 1883 AD. Mahabubnagar is bordered with River Tungabhadra in the south and surrounded by the Nalgonda, Hyderabad, Kurnool, Raichur and Gulbarga districts. It is believed that the Golconda diamonds including famous "Kohinoor" diamond came from Mahabubnagar district.[citation neede It is the headquarter of Mahabubnagar District. It is also known by its erstwhile name of Palamoor. It is 100 km southwest of the state capital Hyderabad.

SHOP NO 46&47
PIN 509 001
PH 256677
CELL; 94402 95958
Behind Head Post Office. MAHABUBNAGAR.1.
08542- 241293,222224,222226,222229.
FAX; 08542-222227

NON A/C 750.
Avanthi Hotel, Mahbubnagar, Andhra Pradesh
Opp:Government Head Quarters Hospital
Kamala Nehru Colony
Andhra Pradesh - 509001
PH; 08542-652693
Ready made garments; shops;

645344 CELL; 9966376783;

Shop here for bedsheets,Towels,Pillows,Blankets,Foot mats,Menswear,Housiery,School Uniforms.

PHONE; 08542- 650575
CELL; 9246851575
CELL; 9397338814
PH; 08542- 652693

Computer Dealers in mahbubnagar 

Computer Gallery is Wholesaler of PC Hardware & Software, Video Games, and computer related accessories. We have been in business since 1998. We have continued to expand our business over the years to service our reseller customers including system builders, computer stores and internet based businesses. We've built our business by providing fast, reliable service, and an extensive selection of products at great prices.

Shope No: S-4, Municipal Complex, 
Andhra Pradesh, India 
Mobiel No: 9866506905 

CELL; 9885029429.
CELL; 99859 74462;
CELL; 98855 90102
CELL 99856 17374.
CELL; 9885949286
All kinds of Orthoedic & PHYSIOTHERAPY Applinces Available.
Beside canara bank.New trown.Mahabubnagar.
Dr Vivekananda.N.
M.P.T Ortho.
MusculoSkeletal Phisiotherapy. cell; 94409 85875 

cell phones dealer
+(91)-9885949244, 9640067860 
Opp Grama Panchayat Makthal, Mahabubnagar 

my leaflets-promotional material

my leaflets

26th Monday post

Pressure began at morning to transfer amount to Sridhar Reddy after managing the transfer with debit card V.Sreedhar Reddy number; 10889581704; straight to hair cutting and had new look all athe way lot neibours discussion;Stomach trouble due to Tomato rice?; suffered 9 to 10 power cut later managed to load pending pics;

After lunch tried to get eye glass box but failed attempt to new visiting cards also failed another failure at Kawadiguda;Still continued  work field work fetched some results but felt tired on coming back took small rest then to Cyber cafe and did 2 hours long work picture display was fine and speed was good enjoyed a/c;Parmesh that net cafe guy wish; heavy rain later;

Back home retrived some old pics from google;also organised circles;counted pics etc;
At cyber cafe  ajay covered 40 stations;pics 138;
my pics of DW;129;
friends;47;neibour 20;
total telangana sros are 151;

24 th june

Rx things; padmanabhan tried with ranjeet;MACHIAVELLIANISM (originalvel fleeting glance was sucessful)new story jockpot barely missed;;Golimaster tip c.rajendra was successful; backed sridhar reddys 2 mounts;chalapthi gave some thing further cajoled him further; failed make any impression with Sridhar;impressed Chalapthi gained his confidence; very busy from the morning yet managed the things;success anyway; 2 of the best chances missed; 2o of first timers ran; in colts first timers failed to impress; Old age was clearly visible this time at HRC;This time to memebrs area comfort noted;Triple indulgence for the day due to over exitement;lodhagardenia new id for the day;morning one web site for punting tips seen;race framings and emotion of punters read;

24th sunday june post;

organised few more pics at blog;
Rx R& D did; next day planned;posted yesterday blog;Arranged things for home;With drawn cash from ATM; read some more tips from one rx tips web site;
Ka 69 483;
pay rent;
new visitng cards;byke repair; hair cut;
telanga na sros list
load pics;
New ids; m nagr classifieds;
search in google;
vijaya cottage in labels;
syams pics;ajay stations;
fashin blogging;
Buy refil;
narendra;Tarbund; some field calls;
web labs;

23rd june saturday

Sudden chance came as Sridhar reddy transfered cash to my account;Heavy leg pains after rx stint Gta helped; Power cut at many times slowed down work at home; Due to poor odds at Rx and loss heavy depression had to be faced; Again that hunch of Rx book fallen down; narsing rao came and enquired long time;Felt uncomfortable to report loss to investor;Solace from Chalapthi anyway;rebuttal double story;Some pics of home took;Youtube story read at eenadu;Rx book has fallen and failure signal; Celibrity baby tweets;Small temperment missed at RX ring with sardarji he was also drunk;narendra and cheng called up;
Calls recd from cheng,NRN,Spects box repair;
youtube celibrities;with a little faith;broks zoo cobra;soca million;mishka the talking dog;

Confidence levels have further enhanced with fillies and same jockey success story; ex Smashing,Monreale,Thunderbay; good place missed;
At HRC; real drama;
1.first chance missed at 2 pm;(due to chalapthis late)
2.Wrong place & win bets;3 rd silent;(loss started)
3.race silent;
4 th race;Very low odds of (Thunder bay;)Ensatus Elegans

 My  maid servant working for last 2 yers ;

Pooja room at my home

5th Rdigeway and Torolocco win bets ;place missed;(Wrong betting)
6.Anacostia and Hillfigher wrong bets;
7.Ashwa shakti very low odds;
8.Wrong bet formula won;
fillies were successful overall;
Alarmingly tired afetr coming home;

22nd june friday arrived fast

Mango selling guy on the way to ghatkesar

lady on road selling fruits

Sendi on the way to ghatkesar

Got up late thanks someone called;yesterdays blog posted; maxfashions t id saved; found that 112 sro offices in 7 districts of Telangana;Quickly managed 2 prints at cyber cafe straight to later;
Field work seen almost 60 shops and noted them;success at bibinagar;Lot of editing work continued at blog this day too; pending pics posted at home;
On the way to field call from chalapathi recd; One document writer searched google on his mobile;Land scapers met; lot of followups recd from justdial and new idea emerged;

Night Chalapthi sir by bus there seen Anam rama narayan reddy security at his house lot of wait there later party and dinner at bluefox; Vutukur ravis story heard; Cales seen running;pinful urination;hyderabad mirror people;

21st june post

Morning lot of time spent in organising lables and pics at blog heavy strain had in this work felt very much improved after this work;Met kiarn and shown ashok nagar office also met one head ache guy called NRN but he dint respond;It was very late after this had lunch and went to meet n9 chairman  new knowledge is scrolling ads long drive it looked as if it may rain but no rain on the way met golkonda D W;
My home pics continued

This guy mostly sells different kinds of fruits seasonally

Night called just dial nice response had
from them;edited labels of mynellore blog;aryanflorist, instahot,toyotawakudoki,saffonom, are new ids for the day;DW pics  of a 138;


20th june post

Morning lot pics organised at blog formatting still a problem;good response at field even though very late ;land line and net pending bills paid by GTa support;evening managed to post pending entries;lot of r&D did at blog postings;pepsodent-k purchased at roshan medical hall home delivery also noted;
some pics took on the way to field;ajay and kirans calls received;

19th june post

Old blogs seen at morning;Morning discussed with kiran and kishore late to field work;Vijaya cottage is listed on google maps thats new hope;Due to failure of 2 attampts double indulgence continued for the day another setback is scooter problem road missed while going to mehdipatnam;
few more new ids added for the day; days advantages were one entry over phone from visannapet; money from current a/c transfered to savings account;one caterers web site seen at night;Gta joined in the evening with many mangoes;one aticle seen about article;

Some pains on wakeup;cheque sent for collection to my  account DRAWN CASH;on the way missed few firm listings to note them;Morning called Ramachandra;missed GTa  call later on the way to field work called her; Scanned most of my  blog from june 2010 My Camera help was immence to use to more advantage surprised to see some good pics; called Kiran letr he could catch up;

field work fetched good results;arial exposure also had;poor scooter condition need immiediate care;Seen missed call from Chalapathi called him had nice feedback had from him; Suguna gave coffee that was good;sent resume to tmanagoes no response from them;On the way to field took printout from a cyber cafe heavy rush pollution of mithai bhandar;
Called satish he gave guidance to reach  destination exposure had for new station;long scooter ride;
Heavy rains in the evening yet managed;missed lunch; wish by neibour;;Purchased insulin,b complex 2 strips this time;seen blog of him and noted dates;RIM charging;powder from vijaya cottage they recognised me  sticker still to change;wished bar shop guy;Long standing due to sudden rain;
Managed nail cut;Camera cells failed to take  rain pic;
infolinks traffic rank 725;
30 of works managed to do for the day;Edited header of the blog;

Morning Tiffen at new road side cafe  near  veg market 2 Idli, 4 Puri,1 Vada;

Gta was silent most of the time;As usual chalapthi,Sridhar reddy called for tips; No call from Chalapathi  in the evening; New point gained again at Rx latest blazing spurts  works; seen alexa top 500 indian ranks again;Double indulgence continued again; Good rains at hyderabad by evening;
Again my tip failed to sridhar reddy;Slept in the afternoon due to over dose of alchohol thanks;night had chicken fried rice;

SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2012

17th sunday selections

3-10 Byrant park *
4-6 Macedonian **
6-9 Portia *
7-9 Sunstrom*
8-13 Art Of Enchantment *
9-2 tachion *

16th june post

Call from Satish recd;Chalapthis call also recd;Sridhar reddy call;posted  rx choices at blog;
Days best voltera failed but this one gave a strong point;after 2 runs just forget Amazonbay; second run of life is best;Mountain high;Whistlejacket;
Golden Viper Place missed;
Problem at home again;
Origina lvel 2 /9
The hindu 2/9
Ring fav 2/9
very late to field;Success at golkonda and rajendra nagar areas;Long chat by chalapthis at night;no call from kiran;evening rx book purchased;most at home and watched election results;insulin needles purchsed at night;frequent power cuts;Evening chat with neibourhood boy;

14th june post

ram charan marriage pics
Add caption
Most of the day at home;No income day;ph calls i made were;Seen ram chanran marriage on TV;Eve work carpets guy failed;No call from chalapathi;With Kiran to sundaraiah park and later to tata office;
Calls to me were


13th june

Morning activated Kiran he responded with stationary and that prooved a sucess again new hope later seen most of  discount directory listings;;managed to  buy cephalexin,brush by evening ;Gta managed to pay electric bills;Files on Computer scanned and organised;Hand was painful;good assurance and hope given by GTa at home;posted PICS at blog and also seen cropping them etc;Debutants won at longer odds listed out;
Most important thing  of the day is at Gollapalli Kokkanti ramanaiah fimily properties are divided; chalapathis tour changed suddenly that seems to be big set back;

Market calles made;
1.SRO  Ok
2.DW-Redhills ok to list it again;
4.Mahaveer assistant
5.travels Redhills
6.tent red hills
Ph calls made;
Calls to me

12 th June

Morning Dasa at home power cut at 9 am to 10 am;Morning few of gollapalli pics posted to blogs;Activated Kiran and he took to his office by poor byke ride seen new book of discounts new hope for adverticements Prakash also called up no support from srn; lot of Data seems to be at site;Night met astrologer long political chat with him he prepared dates he is also rx guy;  Return bus journey was tough and tiresome;Chalapathi called as usual; total day gone with this activity;
My calls gandhi,Ramachandra;cheng;

13 th june;
debutants won of this season prepared; 15 districts Document writers data on hand;

11th june again

Morning called Chengaiah,Gandhi positive report had;also called NRN feedback had;called SRN later when met him many more details knownMorning lot of R&D did on 8 meetings of bangalore races Fav won and lost second Favrites won;My pics so far etc felt bit more confident after this excersise; Enroute to chikkadpally met digital Camera repair guy;Enquiried marrige details met one guy; also did one marrige bhajantri (nadaswaram)guy found positive;Ajay joined later long discussions with him to avoid cheap drinks.Called received from gudur sridhar reddy;

After lunch at home field work continued with Scooter thanks no trouble with scooter;sucess at begumpet failure at kawadiguda another success from erragadda;Eve Satish met had good interaction with him;Met Prahlad at erragadda;

Back home scooter puncture unexpected one managed it anyway;Days indulgence is marginally reduced;unexpected success story one renewal entry at erragadda; Gta helped in assisting me in arranging paste,Picture scan food etc;Arrnged rice,atta to home;
added few more ids to blog;checked car decorators entries;

MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2012

11th june

Days Use GTA 
followup.. .....Marriage and property issues chikkadpally temple/
Manage days income...renewals at begumpet;erragadda;
Scooter repair...
try to post pics of gollapalli
Try for Raju
dress press;shave;
cephalexin;post pics
Future planning;>>
Debutants won list;First and second fav won;my catches won and lost;
called gandhi,srn,cheng,satish;
posted yesterdays blog;
call from sridhar reddy,ajay
My catches won
next  move
red bolt

my catches failed;
own asset
cocktail cuecuit

SUNDAY, JUNE 10, 2012

10th June post

Had nice sleep;>>Odds checked;edited yesterdays *blog and posted; *surprise bonus from bag
New things word seen at blog;
7.40 now;ok

News papers pls;first.... Break fast next....Rx preparation pls!
***Days  Rx planning & preparation??
Fish or chicken to decide....
whats the plan and advanced plannings for the day?
>>>Chalapathi;and sridhar will call up; by 10.30

loss at Rx; but new points got;to decide weather Favrite can win or second favrite can win and back;
6 of the fav won;Lifes first run to take care;after 2 runs its power is known;let it drift;  Drop of the coin today ;opp home atta bag;
Days Use GTA
followup.. .....Marriage and property issues chikkadpally temple/
Manage days income...renewals at begumpet;erragadda;
Scooter repair...
try to post pics of gollapalli
Try for Raju
called gandhi,srn,cheng,satish;
posted yesterdays blog;


9th june post saturday

*Back pain continued alarming *leg pains too may be due to no dosage?;*Saved Pics on computer  named them;*Depression throught the day;painful hand. Lot of time spent with the *blog posting at morning;Again disagreements at home in the morning;For tiffen poor planing no pickle or powder noted;*Prahlad called and supported the issue this is quite surprising;*Srn called and also said will support;*.initiated matter with Kiran &;
kishore *kajal matter developed there;*.Called Ajay had discussion;

Mornig bouncers had from golimaster when tried to post a comment; new point is sudden ring fav in first race triple victory T.S.Jodha 
.my rx choices posted on blog today.
Failure story with *Sridhar reddy called gave him tips two of them could succeed but in vain;couldnt receive Chalapathis calltriggered tention and confusion which overcame by evening;.
Cup races big owners try  #confirmatios missed today at very good #odds failed to pass on the tips to backers neither could i back them;
*Alderson neeraj new point
*Sanmaron  LD silva Christopher new point;
*Attribute sandesh place missed;
*Point taken false FAvrite;
*Confusion on Forthcoming i chisty missed 4/1 odds
*Trevor Mallya are ruling ace blood
*Padmanabhan Sandesh poonawallas are also ruling
To be brave with false favrites* i chisty won;to be careful with *placerville breed after 2 runs L D Silva;Anyway small success at rx .Confidence of P S Chouhan on Fav new point;Huge crowds seen at  HRC and many book makers too;good tanala and forecast payouts also seen;

Unable to decide as how to proceed for property issue confused state;purchased Cephalexin in the night;No
response from net based offers;ghati purchased in the evening;Night felt bit closed;gta and owner lady seen discussing;

FRIDAY, JUNE 08, 2012

8th june home coming day!

1.Reached home by unskilled auto guy very slow 2*snehas fathers comment surprising for my long tour quickly renued meetup with 3*narsing Rao and 4*rinas mom and 5*RK by night;6.*Insulin was gone due to heat exposure 7*.rushed to buy new dose of Insulin *cephalexin dose took *B.P tablets are ready for whole month unexpected decicion and so *volini gel but had to go by auto expensive one and poor planning; 8.later*paid Photon bill 9.*unlimited usage details knownin the bargain  this is welcome sign for the day;10.This year  *Income "vs" expenses analysed shortly but still minus;11.*Quickly posted  pending blogs looked bit organised;;called 12.*Apollo guy not hopeful;sent mail to13.* nutnspices;sent 14.*resme to zen quick resonce had;felt uneasy;so decided 15.*stay back at home;16*long discussions at home with GTA about village trip i need to bit more careful in comments etc.17.after power shut down had to be faced mercilesly;18.answered sunithas call;

19.Arrnaged *cephalexin,*milk,*Tea Powder *water and some pulses to home;*Electri bill was too heavy and surprising?24.*Counted visiting cards of recent visit;
25.Bangalore summer *videos *sun *devine Borak rx;*Plenipotent were very exiting;

>>>26.*Satish,27 *Kiran and Ajay have failed to meet;discomfort by 28.Chalapthi followed up;29.Satyas support is new hope again for the day;
*Called Chengaiah gave offer also called 30.Ramachandra;called Satya had good hope for 31.Dital marketing;
32.Managed to walk to Chikkadpally and buy* rx book and prepare;
33*devasthalihotels new id;Some objection call from 34*Nuzvid;
35 *gtas contributions tiffen,lunch,dinner butter milk and few more eatables and arranging things and services need to be taken care by evening felt weak even after fluids intake;36.Great success of the day is reduced intake to improve upon further;But expenses were too heavy; 15 richest countries details seen on yahoo! heat was more during night too;37.Things at home were rearranged;K fans were continued to add up further;

6th june

Mostly at tirupati;Met syam mama;booked rly ticket to hyd by Simhapuri on Tatkal;

7th boring day slept mostly at lodge;evening started to Gudur;Met Chalapathi;Chengaiah started to hyd  by night

5th june;

checked most of the adsense earnings surprised to see 81 250 earnings so far; posted all pening blogs;one enquiry from apollo twitter id;kajal 68 246; Gta continuously kept calling; very poor lodge; heat wave continued at tirupati;bad keys atcafe;tweeted;

TUESDAY, JUNE 05, 2012

1st june

slept  at near govinda raja swamy temple lodge;Morning to home sekhar gave 2 new shirts;Satish called; started to gudur boring journey met Chalapathi by train to chennai retired at andhra club;rx books purchased and read;chalapathis birth day;

2nd june saturday;
Seen odds at library golimasters tip helped; 3,4, th rx books plus mumbai record book purchased;same jockey M a m sreekanth spoiled;night return to Gudur Ravi,sridhar reddy joined;new point at speakers Cup;sardarZee ; lot of calls recd on way back on train;took room at svr lodge and retired;

3rd June;With sridhar and Rama chandra to Chennai; success and one tip also had from Sridhar redy;accident at gudur rly station; Ex  freeradical missed at 4/1. return trip born by sridhar reddy and new assurances also had;morning Janardhan gave odds;GTas bad comment;night shoutings by Ramachandra;

Rama chandra left;unableto decide aswhat to do;spent whole day at gudur Chengaiah joined at evening;left gudur by night;reached Tirupati late night confused state;

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