Wednesday, March 02, 2011

2nd march

3rd day of the pressure; foot pain further triggering; new web site seen; only eenadu covered the event for the day; ajay called; 4 days blogs posted; heavy un easy at morning;data need to be posted;

rent request by owner;msgs contd with gta; called kiran,Rao;water arranged at room;sms pack purchased;cricket watch;kolkota book at night;after noon biryani;

3rd march;

sekhar failed to help;msgs activated; call from kiran; stunning win of ireland over england;

26th feb

26th saturday feb post;To bang rx p s chauhan day;day has gone just like that;

27th sunday; luggage shifted to sekhars room; sold news papers good money ok by night sister mama left gta came and spent time with akka etc; cricket watch and gave very longer odds;spent time at home;but slept at room ashok nagar room due to fan;

28th monday march 1st; morning dose;Gta came;scrolling news;hemanths call;Fan arranged at room;spent wholeday with GTa;night bucket chairs to room; 4 papers coverage of scam read;

1st march; 4 th day missed net; nasa by house owner; followup did with sekhar and akka;met ajay and had settlements but distubed bit;had phexin at night;gemer tabs purchased;


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