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Monday, December 31, 2012

December 2012

Got up bit earliar;Morning Tiffen at taj mahal cafe at Narayanaguda @ prohibitive cost?; Bath room a big problem; Read recent good things many times; Told Kiran and called Nrn no response had from them; Had interation with Younus;Met web guy had very lengthy discussion;New knowledge is to have tie up with ad agencies and PR firms at hyd now;His broture seen;FB wall interaction for kanishq known;Poor lunch at home;Recd courier from nzb and loaded pic; seen movies yamagola dana veera sura karna dialogues enjoyed; at cafe and songs enjoyed spped noted; Wished boy;Johnny was not cooperative;few more calls also received;G left;Gold loand info known by her;Nothing much of any consolidation for the day Ok anyway;Night dinner at home;seen movie reviews of TV9;gunturdistrict t id into hand;Jawar roti preparation seen;Overan tabs purchased;


31 st Dec post madhusala;himayatnagar;

                                                                   madhushala bar;

years last day;

"Years will pass..memories would last. Cherish the good ones and ignore old ones lets Celebrate New Year in a cheerful spirit"-Ramana

Night party at home this time;Had nice time;kolavari di song downloaded;Swati read;seen year calender;Someone at door step for blankets;Scanned 4 news papers;rx books purchased;Called one web host;Read back entire 2011 blogs found komla hotel nellore pic very interesting;jpopticals eenadu ad seen;

31st December 2012

Got up late again alerted Gta;heavyly disturbed night dreams followed;
unbearable to face gtas cell ph indulgence;
Seen what has happend in 2012 through diary of expences and blog year ended in minus
GTas assurance was too good;
Field work collected 7 new cards some cards kept cards behind the mirror some ones strong recommendation at Neredmet met one old man DW;  thanks to Scooter;
Ajays call;

Chances missed in Rx listed out;
brief sketch of last 50 years of indian horse racing;
Surprise call from ashwins; called capcha had his assurance;
Finally Camera in hand with low pixels; knowledge;
Swift changes in th evening;>>>

loaded RIM
9.Told News paper vendor for new year calenders he re assured;10.Seen Roses @ veg shop;
1.Called Ajay;2.Kiran told about new year;3.Gandhi;4.Satyam; 5.Gta; 6.brought Eggs;7.New Diary purchased;8.refil;

11.Owner aunty came down involved her told about her brother in ICU;


new year resolution only with team in 2013;Evaru who will gurad us?identify;there were 8 chances straight 4 loses so retired;

To list out unexpected chances in 2012;
list chances missed in rx in 2012;
When breeder retains  sibling and which is favrite;
They prepare horse and give to rider;

have always ppl with u;

Upset at rx again but new points gained; last 2 times winners with same jockey is new point;
Last time winner;Journey to HRC by scooter is hardly 12 minutes on sunday;Lost temper at unruly auto guy;

29th december post

1267 cards total count;2 hour net surfing at sadgun;gifts2surprise; finefarefoods;
seen entire blog;Camera suport noted; 3 firm favrites missed at rx but confidence gained;
what i did in 2012 seen;
 Due to bandh no field work;msg sent to magicbricks;
Must decide well in advance as what iam going to do otherwise wastage of time noted;

28th dec rough plan ;friday;

Head bath;again; OK
see more videos of HBZ;OK;lacuna noted;
adv planning;again for future;
***300 vising cards data base work again;Split this work had more than target planned;

Collect some more data of dw counted data and edited further;
(Bharat Pak match again; Evening; Enjoyed and tweeting power noted;
Buy & to prepapre for tom rx;bangalore;)
Ajays data;plus more data;Couldnt be tackled;

gade venkat reddy;?
Mirchi can reduce sugar levels?
shraddhavan labhate gnanam
1.Got up bit early; 2.maid womans shouts;
3. two daily quick scan;4.tweeted;5.checked adsense and 6.stats;
7.Net is terribly slow @ home??
8.those who won as favrites listed and posted for many years;***
9.again cards numbering work on hand made it to 1000; ****
10.met Kab tv guy new knowledge agained;*** their network seen;
11.Called shah SS Associates; success there; some field calld did while coming back;
12.days id keelineindia;
13.New Idea of numbering in blog of collected cards.***
14.Few rejections also had during  cards collection;
15.2 hour net surfing seen many adsense videos;
16 at home news of GTA for salary again;
17.surprised to see poor cash levles on bank;
18.bhimavaram DW data posted;
19.Counted entire DW data to 711 dis satisfied with this;***
20.Camera follow up failed;
***Had  fast hair cut and tipped him fear during cutting  noted; some kind of iching contd?;
***3 new ids blocked; cvrhealth;mhotelsonline;daburgulabari; tweeted;
***1 hour R& D did at sadgun to see hybiz videos;later called them;2k;to 1 lakh;
***Generic tabs purchased from goel shop; lost temper;was it reqd;
Embedding of youtube movies work did today;
Back pain continued throught the day??

***called back chalapathi and gave him 2 tips;One was successful for the day;
followup did with camera ppl;
 ***With the help of GTA managed to complete days task of  300 cards data;
One success story at rx; next one failed of dasrath singh new point is in 3 ols it must become Fav;
Note book and refil purchased with this planned budjet of the completed fully;

Morning seen one video on adsence by "more adsense money by lisa irby" to build traffic first; Blog further developed with few more add ons;google plus and search box etc; Adsence income was satisfactory for yesterday;Commisioner Anurag sharmas video by hybiz seen;supportfirst guy called up for the release of id;Managed Narsing Rao till 1st for the first time;emescobook is days new id;

Morning huge video collection of hybiz seen;Work at mozamzahi market area with some hardware shops later Charminar area heavy rush;Lone success came at malakpet; Plus one hopeful for january 1 st week;

Later lost Interest and got enervated so retired after coming home; Chocolate by shreya;Surprise quickr is larger than JD in traffic ranks?Again GTA dint have cash for Gas and water;

By night things got swifter much more organised as sadgun cafe was closed i continued to organise and number visiting cards on hand; Welcome sign Chalapathi sir called and said about henrique and single mount and request for thursday;

Days flash of collecting more camera pics;


25th December post christmas day

Days idea in RX oly huge amounts can help;Last 3 years december 25th analysed;Attended hyderabad book fair seen the parcipants; Top cities Document writers data further consolidated;News of Shreyas birth day news;night seen kuchipudi dance and Cricket match at home;Morning sakshi paper request by neibour;
Call from Singh;
No call from Krishnaiah;

Discussions at home about Coastal andhra trip;Met Kiran few more ideas developed;Night mehfil biryani;Rinas party;

24th December;post

One who lost at cramped odds 20/100;
One who is most experienced 2 new points

24 th dec post;monday;

Morning checked status at DW top 20 cities of india;Had Puri at morning at home;

Dropped krishna at kachiguda then worked at charminar area; Days work began bit earliar;Exposure had at Charminar area but failed therelater LB nagar entry also failed had stomach trouble at LB nagar;

Had success at saroor nagar lost interest to work later forgot rx book poor planning;
pinning work did at home after reaching of latest cards collection;
Morning quickly managed few things and got ready to received relatives;Later spent time with Krishna and his daughter then dropped them at Boats Club and returned;After sit out time waste noted kachiguda but new persons exposure;
Aeen video of saree cerimony;Srns guidance had as old directory;(realtors etc)Night DVD head ache ny neibours;Rinas trouble and tention no feed back from Baby etc;Continued requests by Owner;
Machivanism surprise??

22nd saturday post

***Day got consolidated very much first with Cash transfer message from Gopal later called Suneetha;***Quickly purchased Cell charger had tips for usage and paid land line bill;***Managed to  give Camera for reapai;***Also purchased eye glass but this time poor quality;

Call received from Layer to add few more key words;Night call from krishnaiah;sadgun failed again with power problems failed to take  prints;Days wastage is seach for diabetic check up camp on the bargain exposed to new aerias; Long call from Narendra at morning;

No field work day;DW data further more got consolidated for the day;

22nd december post

Privacy protect;
questdial;40 797
world 560810
3rd Jan;2013;
Alexa Traffic Rank: 501,347 India Flag Traffic Rank in IN: 48,221

Creation Date: 03-Sep-2012 
Expiration Date: 03-Sep-2013 

Route Map ( 1st Floor,Ashoka Raghupathi Chambers, Opposite - Shopper's Stop Shopping Mall, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500016 )

21st december

New araial survey and success but weight told;;night chicken;rami reddys call at morning;night alexa indian ranks work;capture of DW by sulekha and Jd  analysis did at evening;evening found ajays blog;

Net failed at sadgun; ***during the lunch time and waiting at redhills read hyd DW prints on hand;

20th december post

As usual 2 dailies scan;Scooter keys gone Sivanand?

Success at Vanasthali;failure at sagar ring rd;Another failure at RX but new points is proud owner J owners and J cinnlections Nirmal singh and Suraj;

Most of kerala districts D W data saved to blog;
Hyderabad JD data retrived 1 hour hard work spent on it  plus saved it took prints;
2 commitments got from field work 1 for saturday malakpet another for Monday;
Guys at sagar ring road said no response;
Continued DW posts at blog in morning;Night reconsiled the listings so far;head ache at home again;Met SRN finally had his tip for increase of pricing structure;Met Ashwin Data capture idea had from him;Bouncer at moosapet one listing had luckily near by and that one gave confidence again;districts data of india listed out;

18th december

Sudden change in night met Ashwin fired gandhi; DW data entries posted again at mornoing;Late to field work success and also met Singh;

17th december post

Again net bill  and land  ph bill is due++
Had to face Narsing Raos menace at morning retaliated by GTa anyway;
Both of us got up late due to Overnite late sleep;

***Unexpected Takkar against "kallu mama" P S Chouhan failed and related depression;
***Long chat by GTA with real estate company annoyed me at morning managed it with cool temperment;

as usual 2 dailies scan;whats in it?

Sucess at Dood Bouli but doubt by neibour had to wait for long time i need mobile which can show on the spot;
did i receive gandhis call??

on the way seen few more addresses of DW seen;

***mujahed khans pic got scanned and posted to blog;
***recd vetuku courier Vetuku RNI  copies thank god i was in time home;
***nomudaram also recd;
Few more  stations D W entries posted to blog in the morning(rushing) it  looks like blog is much consolidated now;
Suguna will not be  available for few days;
2new  pen refils  got into force;
Success at Rx;make a note of lifes second run as fav Zerwan; At last Suraj won on failied fav star trainer new point; ps chouhan gave another confirmation from mumbai;Attended Rk daughters function;Call from narsimha and Ashwin;Morning R&D did at DW and net;
Each day income idea has emerged;camera problem evident;
One video seen on Document Writes

Managed to read telugu velugu during waiting at function;

sunday 16 th December;

*** Second run of life gave money today; *** each day must coumt for me from now to plan this faster; A quick 3 dailies scan; Some kind of uneasy; Owners comment;dooms day?; Milk gone;odds checked;
Morning encouraging work with city wise D W search R&D;GTa left seen her with some kind of uneasy insecurity;At rx Kolkata success but bangalore failed;new point is best combinations pls;Poor payout in tote; Suraj mount closely see the market trend;Stomach trouble new arial exposure in old city;

Failure at D W doodhbowli;Mama Singhs calls recd;neibours invitation for daawat;

13th thursday post;14th

:Got up very late at morning;plum pls;No field work day; RX attended;track guys 3 times must be careful;Fi nal success with suraj bit still poor betting plan;Over indulgence; Babu rao called;

14 th december;Friday;
Hectic work from morning pinning work done again; new sro found thanks takkar there??
;charu mohalla exposure ;Most of the house searched for NZB cards;

*** Turf clubs are very rich HRC:Cut the paper ads from now;
pasted telangana  SROs advertisers ;
new pins box on hand now;
Callede rambabu;thanked Ryot Bhoomi;
New brush nd overan SR tabs purchased;
Called SRN;
Landline BillCame;
No Salary for GTA:is news for the day;??
bad score at Cricket;Vidya balans marriage;
order given for ciplas ;overan plus;
***Large D W Cards count;
*what blog can do to tell;
***quick key word capyure pls;
char mohalla;lad bazaar;most of the day searched home for nizamabad vistting cards;
>>>paid for pics at ashok nagar;16;photo studio;
Gta helped in pasting pics at D W directory;
twitter meetups;plus;blogging clubs;organise pls;
gildamarbles is me at t;
irfancreation ;at t;already me;
Managed to read Telugu velugu few pages at home;
enquired cell ph repair too;


Had 3 closings cool day; fired GTa for *late wakeup;*mala dis placemet; *Tiffen; *Not sending adsence cheque; Sickness; (she started opening old ones;??)Met Kiran;Quickly scanned  back 4 issues of telugu velugu;
At Sadgun took prints also quickly seen RX results;

Purchased RX card of tommorows mumbai;Cover for adsence;Letter prepared for Gopal;Jyothi and the hindu free read;some thing new from hindu on twitter;1 hour net surfing at sadgun;
Posted R.srinivas goud entry after work;
quite un expected move lost temper at cat;
called Suneetha had chat with Mama;
Met Kiran his sudden byke problem new xerox shop and camera repair shop seen;

scanned festivals book;
Purchased and read great andhra current issue;
Few more entries added for the day;
days ids;deohyderabad;
one classified call made from Kirans place;
Before wake up new idea  of Social media has emerged;

Over night ideas justdial verified entries;
Days new idea still some areas just dial hadnt entered for DW;

11th December

stappling work continued at home surprised with 1000k cards count;Took book from printer also known rates of printing;Met Kiran;Manged 2 renewal count but almost tired later;2 yes renewals with ph calls; 1 more at field for tommorow; shown DW directory to 3 offices today;
After calling SRN new offer had;
Team work with GTA for scanning of pics;Lost temper almost at morning;Read diabetic aticle on business world;Called one classified at morning;Sleep in the after noon;Singh call and VZG news;back pain and stomach pains??

10th december 2012

How the day went ahead;>>>posted sundays blog;2 dailies scan;MIlk and Tiffen to  home;
**Had shave but missed word with Suguna;
Rajesh shouts;GTAS shouts related tention;prawns scan for cats;Recd google check thanks to GTA:

***Cover page 4 Document writers got done anyway Met K.V.R Murthy(cell; 9246375694)  Telugu kavi;Xpress digital  cell 9246375694 writer; wedding card girl etc;shoes;parents;

Camera problem is haunting;
tina moms sambhodam;Neibours for the first time had word with GTA that lady;

Called 1.anthima theerpu
3..Bramha Reddy
4.kiran dint lift call;
5.called Chinna ;Vanitha prabha
Days id;ameztea;
camera not functioning is bit big problem now;

Scotter problem on the way;got it done new repairer exposed;
Days work details; One new entry got from malaket;
One more from Vanasthali puram;
Other exposures for the day are;

In a hurried state purchased business world due to interesting of Diabetis;
Morning dose of Insulin on thigh was bit problamatic;

;Manged tweet for the day;Karivepaku;Rajesh shouts on his MOm and Dad neibour lady Had  have responded;
Prawns head and Cat story evolved at home;

9th sunday december post

new point at RX is who sits is final;Many more profiles loaded to blog;Enjoyed prawns at home;Gta still sick;Electricity bill came;

8th Decemeber saturday

Morning spent some time with PBS: Later t RX managed to catch 2 out right winners;Met Murthy CA  and marwadi; **manged to read some pages of telugu velugu at HRC; clearcut cheating at janatha;
Morning Tiffen by GTA; Missed samara bheri due to tiredness; Morning called Singh;Scanned 5 dailies for the day;Days expenses managed anyway;
Maplenesa winner;

knowledge of the day by pbs; mandals in ap ; 1118
** 23 districts;
** 294 mlas;
**42 MPS
days id;tourismnagaland; alexa;2 29 309;

7th friday december;;days record;

***Managed to see PBS 500 pages mark target achieved later posted few more entries to blog;;Mor tiffen ..Puris were not that good poor Curry;evening opp lady;
***Tommorows 2 rx cards(kOL;Bang)few of Foreign riders ; seen but no hoper yet;
*Suguna did her duty;
*** Most of My Blog D W prints (latest) downloaded gave them 4 binding book is ready new ideas are merging fast;;Met Kishore at morning binders address had cover page idea Binding;
***Almost 300 more visiting cards filed and pinned at home tiresome work anyway;
***Singh came came surprisingly @ mor  had chai time suggestion given to him;
**owners onlooking???
***Most of the collected visiting cards seen again;

**Few more entries posted to blog;(mondi vaikhaRI)
***sAMARABHERI;near babukhan estate;
***Days id marbleestate;
>>>Sudden illness for GTA:??
Called Chalapathi sir known his plan;
Surajya diksha completaed;adkikyam for england;
Negative motion;
rs 100/- top up;
From the morning felt very confident;Press id card and visiting cards work done thanks to Kiran; At night retrived almost dW data prints; New laminator  lady met;aircell recgarge to GTA;Called Rami reddy;Seenaiah;Ryotbhoomi madhu subbu singh;Ajay;Read Tel Velugu dictionary;jyothi some site seen;Way back petrol problem managed luckily;

Bouncer at Kiran; and SRO banjara hills;Seen Acme fitness show room;Visiting card email problem identified; During the field work kept visiting cards and got introduced to few more new persons but failed to remember names;

Missed Rx book but purchased Business world;petrol guy wish at Himayat nagar; and problem at turn;Singhs call recd;Jana netha ap26 ad ;5000 car seen'.
Andhra Jyothi calender purchased;

6th december

M P Jodha;c.s Jodha combination prevailed;@10/1;
toddywalla;sandesh at 5/1;
  p shorff;zervan;coccinella;
i a sait;grant; at 5/1.


5th december

FDI voting 543 MPS ;Lot of rush seen at Vanasthali puram;On wall nice telugu words seen;Vanasthali puram;sro;Saroor nagar covered Ok good result;5 dailies quick scan at morning;Called Singh;met Kiran his glowing shirt seen;1 hour net stint  at sadgun; Large concentration at home on GTA; sent 2 tweets;Hunger pangs at after noon noted; Call from Suneetha utterly failed to handle;changed profile in flair pens;5 news dailies scanned;heavy followers seen for burberry twitter;almost 1 hour net surf at sadgun;took prints;days id is sattvagroup;
Sunithas call for railaway cell enquiry finally enquired missed to take advantage; many hits seen;
Evening groceries shopping with GTA:
Evening some pages seen at Pedda bala siksha;Way back seen december 6 th police bandobast near musheerabad;
During at surfing seen TV channels addresses; called Singh;

4th december 2012

GTa rejection had for chicken preparation at evening;
called Mana anna jaykumar singh and chat for long time;had his feedback;called satish;
** surprising ...Ajay met at evening had long chat with him and nod from him;
**success had from field finally;2 renewals and ranga reddy moosapet;
a reporter gets good money;by NSS:
met sri janam cell; balesham;cell; 7386458408;
their needs noted;
***Finally purchased 2013 diary;achived it anyway;

Days field calls;
1.Sri venkateswara furnishings; near telugu academy;srikanth;cell; 9246877663;
2.Met Kiran;
3.Subba rao;cutter;
4.NSS;plus;5.jyothi guy;; 6.super bazaar lady;7.publisher boy;8.jay mahaaveer;
9.kalyan;swamy;sri janam;
called Satish;Had very interactive session with erragadda Prahlad;Razzak;
i must launch vetuku agaian;thoughts;
2 good chances missed at Kolkata;


3rd december

1.NRN still upset;OK: but  no responce still from him is clear cut fault;decided to go to adilabad;
2>>Met Kiran and Kishore called SRN new info noted new book release;
3.seen entire site of GRM;
4.Days rx is failure again but reduced  damage levels and time marginally;next days kolkata card took;No confirmation yet;
5.lot of info retrieved from RNI web site;about titles;
6.*** addresses of publishers were known;from RNI this is surprising information;
7.managed to read small things at HRC for tel vel;
2 hour net stint at Sadgun loaded few more profiles etc;
No income day;enjoyed paaduthaa teeyagaa at night;
before going to SRO better to post one mailer to them;is new idea for the day;

2nd december

2nd day after shok i almost recovered but NRN;Very late to Rx with chalapathi sir; Had discussions later retired;seen videos and press conference;

1st december

Quite un plesant day;Tried to meet NRNs classifed found company miss firing there due to fake name on register;Trouble followed later came home late night; New points known for  life;Fight goes on for yet another day;Not to carry;New faces and arial exposure had;
Lot of things need to be developed;Chalapathi sir guidance helped;

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