Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sept continued

27 th sept nothing worthwhile

28th darsara day celibrated with seenaih and friends.night discussion with saveer and narendra.

29th narendras tip success:gave back kamalakars fan.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

sept continued

25 th sept;again going to seenaih shop saved for the day.with giridhar reddy to bsnl and civil supplys oofice and success tasted.missed evening work.

26 th: with giri again to podalakur area but failure noted.called ramoji and sankyo.much expected payment from dr failed but surprisingly surendra came in evening and helped.support from giri is new thing for the day.falure at golden electricals and seenaihs boys bouncer.heavyness at podalakur trip.night to movie eenadu gave lot of kick.

Friday, September 25, 2009

24th sept

yet another rescue day: this time by madina watch company and a cell phone company.twitter work mostly consolidated.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

23 rd sept

Surprising success at hotel riyaz did few calls at market and retired at morning from work. met dr uthama hotel.afternoon was very hot seen movie adavi a boring one.
consolidated twitter with few more ids.chalapati gudur called me.eve slippers purchased.
overall ok day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

22nd sept

another succesful day unexpected: as usual i went to market but a try at aruna gave sudden unexpected result then a great releif for the day.evening also 3 payments got so full succssful day.also consolidated twitter work.night inr khaleel,radha krishna and jayram reddy met. hope is from Milan show room.
night had nice sleep but morning had some problem but much better day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sept continued

19th at nellore: at evening kamalakar met suddenly and with him to dr utthama hotel and things follwed.

20th sept; morning got up quickly started to tirupati by bus.met kamalakar with him mostly and started to chennai sunday being closed most of foreign exchange.dropped kamalakar at air port.

21 st sept;

i was at chennai gave send off to kamalakar to koulalampur.most of the market was closed due to ramzan.maorning walked a long time to guindy purchased rx hyderabad book.had tiffen its too costly.then started to nellore by train heavy rush in pinakini express noted.

Friday, September 18, 2009

17th sept

Without any planning stayed back at tirupati.morning call from mom ,mama,akka.morning to janas home and his developments at prarapa party noted.afternoon 1 hour net 2 new twitter ids blocked.

Major development for the day is meeting chandra and knowing lot of information about heal care etc.after noon call from sign inn sreedhar.night met ramoji and discussion had.new point is start late for drinks.

18 th sept:
morning suddenly dicided to go to nellore by bus.comfortable journey.heavy heat for the day.no byke on hand but managed morning work.met seenaiah gave him his chair.mor 2 success order nod got.after noon to kovur by auto.satyam met he gave new confidence.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

13th sept

sunday:13 th sept

quite unplanned sunday! almost spent with kamalakar,collected nearby visiting cards.problem with kamalakar at night then to movie mallanna again.

14 th morning work :met dr uttahama,2 computer shops(bens,sv technologies) closed but this money was not at all sufficient for the day.

15 th sept; mornbing jolt from kamalakar for fan,see how collegues help turnout morning met arfi at seenaniah shop and things turned for the day with income tax and sub registrars meeting and evening with multimedia guys payment.
Visiting cards printing work compleated and decided to go tirupati.at net seen set alight vedeo and magadheera songs.uric acids details seen at net.
night sleep disturbance is very disturbing.

16 th; decided to go to tirupati by byke via gudur and naidupet. via met chalapati rao and nicetime spent with him.with heavy travel boredom reached tirupati and met jana and ramoji.night disturbed sleep due to mosquitoes.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

sept 11 th

morning field work at chinna bazaar couldnot yild anything.but continued traials and padugupadu gave result.to kovur dint fetch anything.

evening updated dr utthama web page at sign inn scanned and loaded page.night to movie had vry much difficulty in sleep.

12 th sept morning tried to go to gudur ara but stopped in the last minute.continued at town but despite hard work no result.with kamalakar to kovue brought fan.

Friday, September 11, 2009

sept continued

8 th sept,today i tried to book arders at magunta area marble guy and kiddies booked.not much of any record for the day??

9th sept.
leg pains continued.payments from srirama.traffic ranks further gained.at vedaya palem hanuman and one auction hall booked.

10 as i was unable to walk i decided to consult doctor so i went to narayana college and met doctor blood samples given uric samples shown normal doctor priscribed some medicines.at night met ajay and kamalakar spent time with them.followup at dr uthama was succesful.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

7th sept

field work gave 800/-.purchased binde for water.wash did.follow up of dr uttama did.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

31st august and september

after a boring sunday monday:

evening met goldpalace ang bharat gav but with so much of dissatisfaction and complaint about old adate at nelloretimes.rainy day with seenaih cot enquiry did very painful legs?.morning mosquito net for room purchased.dhintana blcked and added few ids with that id.

days markt collection is 900/-.uffered with cold.morning dtp layout work did.dtp od ad idea was successful at gold palace.

1st sept;
Rain continued.ut my attempts continued and success got from arcade and murthy sports payment print was needed anyway.dtp of vetuku work continued.morning purchased new rubbr slippers.night kiran mt and he gave ne hope for visiting cards and laptop.

2nd sept;Morning unexpectedly kamalakar met and with him things changed.quickly managed to fininsh dtp work and folloups and news parint etc.decided to print paper.settled dtp amount.
ith kamalakar to allipuam and then followed to tirupati.head ache of kamalakar noted.after reaching tirupati met ramoji and discussed.called home gopal lifted.at tv missing story of ysr.

3rd sept;
night sleep at ome gave some satisfaction.nws of koti suffering with fever.gave him volini gel;seen visinting cards of old.read diary and city was closed and no night dinner.ysr death announced so hole city was closed.
met ankama rao and read suppliment of sakshi.

4th sept;2nd days ysr death.akka reached tirupati.after having tiffen i headed for nellore again with few things.reached back to nllore travel unabl to bear with travel starin.nroute rx jana and jana called.padmakar met at night after drinks.

5th; 3 papers read at morning.unabl to bear hunger pangs.to follow ysr diet regime. quickly wrote eview of last 3 days.money is fast depleating. vtuke issue print was not upto satisfactin.morning distributed paper settled senaiah dues.boys helped to fold.decided to buy water to room can.seenaiah gave stool
after noon seenaih gave stool.
morning success came with swarna palace.

6th sunday post:

as usual very boring morning even with 4 dailies.hot chase listed out an slept at morning.slighttention at money depletion.to field and distributed vetuku to evershine.met padmakar he gave new ideas.

afternoon slept at room.evening kamalakar met and he gave one web site.night riaz biriyani had.purchased new bed to room.night dinner of riyaz hotel.disturbance by someone.at net meghainfra new id blocked.


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