Wednesday, January 01, 2014

31st december

Day started pan shop guys alert and search for new calender of Itemad urdu daily  later with search at near by places found it successfully  seen listings; Paid Narsing but he is  still dis sastisfied; Hair color initiative again thanks to gta;Dropped GTA second day quite confidently later rubber and oiling work did for byke two wishes here by galli ladies;

Then joined NRN and keshav to hubsiguda seen 2 points  during the wait activated PRK and called butterfly; After returning to Narayanaguda  met Chaitayna  Reddy and known things there dis satisfied with poor response and  happenings;

During the wait scanned few pages of Wow hyderabad Deepthi Reddy MD known; Lost temper there;
Lot  of wastage of time and money known due to poor planning;Known what is DJ;Another upset came from  failure of Keshava s promise;

WOW Call received from Kamalakar ans SMS from Satyam;

Galli lady with her daughters extrance is new thing for the day;


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