Wednesday, July 01, 2015

28th June 2015

Sunday post;
All dailies scanned;5 more g plus activations; other distyiicts sunday prints took thanks to cyber cafe;

29th june 2015; monday post;

Byke started miss behaving ; met alankruta;DW ramu code and respect had; call from srivari; missed work and net;detailed to gta few things as how they are happening; posted 3 cards;bad weather continued;sridhar met at jolly;

30th june;;
With gtas funding got vehicle battery problem solved;12 plus g activations for the day;met syam amama at night;managed 10 field calls;had to leave from vooka place due to shouts of neibours; g plus codes touched 157;bekar chiken pakoda at night;bad weather continued;balaji coper guy said received g letter;seen venkateswara fishes;l 2 closings for the day;


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