Thursday, February 16, 2012

new stickr

new stickr

17th feb

mcl; satur day rx book;
water to home;hair cutting;
photos scan;

16th thursday

Morning confusion over dresses out side; fan air is clearly known; Sudden decicion of going to Golkonda sro office very longway traffic of morning and scooter trouble exposed manged around 30 stickers this time;gave for pressing;had idli and upma this time;strain on long travel noted;Lot of new entries have emerged;Seen police web site at afternoon;Morning managed new stickers design my heart ploundered at nice look of it and got it mailed to my email sticker design further improved;
Enjoyed success at rx a rare 3 wins but need to ;night gta came back;golimaster failed;

phone numbers of police stations in twin cities of hyderabad and secunderabad

please go this link all updated numbers


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