Thursday, November 26, 2015

31st january 2016 Sunday

Gta arrived; posted pending blogs; body pains have rocked;
There are only few calls left at Tpt for feb issue;

Go out and get printouts;
Download content;
Complete DW list; FP:

30th january 2016 saturday

Peak reached peak with Sri lakshmi events Ok; and met RKN doubtful exposure and long time wait; Met krity collections; Called caterer; Gave letter to Sneha decors; Morning  two of 3 gs had to be activated;

final touch at Pasuparthy too confirmed; evening no work NRN left  i organised calender cuttings at home;

29th january 2016 friday

Got  to a flying start:

 Camera guy said Ok followed by Pavani ent;Lavanaya initially was not there; Gave letter to saikam;checked with DW; later met vavanaya long chat there;Tried Sapthagiri; Gave letter to annapoorna;

Eve  Gopi gave order and Andhra prabha calender;Night met doctor  J s Reddy; gave letter clarity opticals and Universal ac;

28th jan 2016; thursday:

days synopsys;
200  D w data saved; got renued due to Gtas funding;  rent hike problem began at home; Byke front tyre brake set;
*renewal got from raunaq enterprises; 
days cals include;
1.jeweller kajal; 2.p jain jewellers;3.Saikam; Cloth store; called KSV: jana;4.scientifics letter; 5.vasavi agencies;6.raunaq;7.sri balaji ent;8.Letter to sapthagiri; 9.andhra surgicals; 10.pasuparthy silks; 11.gopi; 12.lavanya group;
Disagrrements with NRN over a comment; razor and paste purchased; print from cafe took;

Days Top priorities;
10 plus calls;
Domain renewal; DTP to begin; Byke repair; (razor;paste)
(Commercial tax; Pharma;)
Incoming calls GTA top up;
 1.Matrutva; 2.Lavanya;Retrive 3.Nainar gopi; universal ac; saikam; sneha decors; amara fashions;seasons mall;Pavani sanghvi jewellers; andhra surgicals; singvi jewellers; vooka;
sri balaji;
p jain;scientifics;
dr j p reddy;
russh; ravi neuro;clarity;
ravi alahari ID card;


Maid will come at 2;30 PM;

meet Sri balaji; few more cuttings pls;
DTP and content;

27th jan 2016;Wednesday

Field calls did;
1.Journalists meetup.
2.Sapthagiri electricals(No printout on hand)
3.Ganesha ele Success
4.basha Tyres
6.krity Collections
9.Sri balaji Ent (Tom Eve)
10.loka ads;
 Prepared cutttings with NRN: at home called gta;

loka ads payout;
DTP guys;

26th jan 2016;tTuesday; what a day;

Surprisingly insulin bottle dropped when checked with bank only Rs 200 was avaialble  chemist was nice :ok took dose :tiffen sponcer from NRN;luckily ponnala ravi caterers payout got as savier for the day; with that activated 3 g ; and also purchased 3 kg onions and fish; Gta arranged maid to clean vessels;

NRNS tips had for for vetuke issue for some occations and special issues;
fishes guy gave one add;

+commitment got from Loka ads for next day 1 pm;
luck for the day RKN met on the way gave appointment;
tried for DTP guys got two of them;
Recd bank details of castling it;
Known about sound of byke brake rubbers;

25th january 2016; monday

Called NRN,Seenaiah; Activated surveyor;  Some data posted; searched for Regalia ad in vain; Tried pottem but failed again and gas guys; near s r o DW success; Gta gone; activated kwality surgicals; Byke chain spraket got ready finally;
katora; pattudala;
RKN,BALAJI ent , pos homoeo;sneha decors;
Loka ads payout;
pottem payout;
work with NRN; hospital;
other big calls hospitals etc;

24th january 2016 Sunday

Got up early; activated Nainar Code surprisingly code is still working; names List work  continued; Biggest success story of the day is seen back issues of zaminryot listed 90 of advertisers; Met raja ram caterer gave letter; Took printouts of xerox Pen Media Forum;
Days plans;
Identify DTP GUY;
see zaminryot back issues;
Rishikesh naidu;
One big call;
Monday plan;
Take xerox for pen media printouts;

23 rd jan 2016 saturday

As per plan Visiting cards of "VTK" got printed with by line; Morning "renewal reminder and request letter work completed and printouts took; Even more powerful now;
calls did in field;
1.Met  MK Opticals
2.Loka ads; Monadays commitment had;
3.Nainar gopi
4.lavanaya Naidu surprising response;
6.Sri furniture payout got
7.Modaliar payout saved the day;
 Morning called seenaiah,NRN,

identify dtp guy from TPT
loka ads; few more imortant calls;
vetuku visiting cards; 
take print out from vetuku letter pad;
Fp pls;

22nd jan 2016 Friday: return to TIRUPATI

Tough night sleep  longing to go back to tirupati :Morning vacated komala regency lodge took bus and arrived safe to Tirupati; activated SGN to  G lus maps posted pending blog; had chat with GTA known about her trip to Rajampet and home affairs: NRN called;
Arranged travel things quickly; late to market has fetched two closings;
Prepared renewal reminder notice and covering letter for vetuku;
purchased leg pads; Bata chappal;

her Vs my contributions;

1.+++4 g;speed up;
2.+++New tyre; yes good;
3.massage; repair; wasted;
5.koti marriage dresses;
6.Food; washing;coffee;
7.shailus dress; srujjis dress and gifts ;
8.80 day stay at hyderabad.
9.her family;anjus profile pic;acceptance;
10.Tickets and byke parcel to hyd; rent at tpt; phone;
13.luggage shifout from hyd; 
14.leg treatment; insulin change;
16.laptop;; 18.ring; 19.dresses;;
21.table; 22.cot bed; 23.Tv;
26.eye glass;;
28.pen media;
29.paaduthaa teeyagaa;
30.padma marriage contribution; ph training;
32.whatsapp group chat;
33.good writing;
reptile;arguments;Tv;phone chats;smart phone;nagging;snoring;
vegitables; and other maintainance;
adsense money;
Hyd life rents;

21st jan 2016


20th january Wed Day 2016

20th jan 2016;

With the help of NRN sumitted bills to Municipal office   and krishnaatnam port; 2 paper scan managed in the morning; 2  G plus codes Geetha lights & electricals activated; Vedalayapalem food  guy gave payout but suffered with stomach trouble; 
Met S S Caterers and engineer; Received  Vetuku bill books in morning; called gta and had chat with Mom and Akka;

19th january Tuesday 2016

Had hair color at Lodge; Posted Blog; called gta; 2 dailies scanned;

days goals;
fp; eenadu ad; get codes;
Dress press; continue list work; fab issue content work;
Days Income to manage;; Get bill books;'S S Catering; Enq bank;

18th januaray monday 2016

Monday started to nellore  reaxhed safe took lodge; Straight to Bank later to work; closed kwality surgicals; met manava kalyanam sudha and Reddy later prepared New bill books for vetuku; had lunch with ramireddy;
Postal consesstion has arrived with 5000 copies ths time; SRO and khadi textorium payout got; Met subhamasthu with team; Rim top up did;trouble for pressed cloth; Followup of florist did;

17th january 2016 sunday

Contacts list work rogressed at home; NRN successfully collected payout;arranged chicken at home; Ha garelu chicken; Night met jana had chat;


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