Saturday, April 23, 2016

1st October Sunday 2016

1st October Sunday 2016

30th Sept Friday 2016

30th Sept Friday 2016;
Read et; eenadu;

No otherway left on hand try to get few renewals;

 google  adowrds key word R & d did; Started to field work very later added to it is surprise holiday govt; 1.Met Kishore; 2.met swetha; 3.antiques guy; 4.mananan; 5.retrieved vetuku1; 6.callede satish; 7.Nrn; 8. Met nutty delight; 9.chappal purchased; 10.Met chengaiah stage dynamics event spirit new area exposure traffic problems; 11.seen file on hand;

29th sept Thurday 2016;

29th sept Thurday 2016;

God is great had 3 success stories for the day; Dust and stress in return journey needs to be checked; Complained and requested  most of them about the incident about the back stabber most of them said will help; satti phahilwan dint meet; Morning and evening seen 2 ghadbads near home seen youg boys hitting  one boy;

28th sept Wedday 2016

28th Sept Wedday 2016;

Whatsapp msgs sent; Read eenadu; namasthe; mailed hier; wished owner;
thank god unnati silks has huge twitter following; activated yesterdays g plus; arranged few things to home; nuttydelite; gudur hotel; phav bhajji file; called singh; satish; seenaiah;ramireddy; one luckey renewal saved days expenses; dropped cheque; received online pwd;

Its all over bastrad has eaten all; stamp; God is grt;
again spent rs 150/- for stamp;
City exposure; Hyd is too big theres lot of money.

27th sept Wedday 2016

27th Sept Wedday 2016;

Covered kukatapply;Tarbund; secbad; trouble has further  enhanced; i much on the gear now; No noon indulgence; 79 years presense of DC: last year 88 day stay at hyd analysed; Gta enquires abt computer course at aptech;

Ranigunj and 5 calls there;
Erragadda; 3 pm;
Plan printing blog;
Call satish;

26th sept Tuesday 2016

26th Sept Tuesday 2016;

Morning read back last year stay at Hyderabad; with some kind of insecurity to field workThank god good opening day at Hyd; Hick as some one is using my name covered ranigunj,kukatpally,Begumpet points;  300 New visiting cards got thanks to Kishore;  Two renewals recd anyway; Jhatka  Chikkadpally w shop; Ols faces near kiran shop renewed; 15 locations at ranigunj have identified; On return from work dust and traffic problems are main things;
 4 sons of Ibrahim;


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