Sunday, April 17, 2016

7th Sept Wedday 2016

j lopez is poerful on twitter;

7th Sept Wedday 2016;

100;Activated Vasavi in morning; Pending  Blog posted; Pressure from Gta to get 10k; Smooth Nimajjanam  managed with Gta met old friend Parvateesham ;
Paid Office rent;  Ameen met there; Rejection reaction of Manohar Reddy noted; lot of filings did;
90;lenivi prints;collect e ads works have failed;
80; Vegitables, Razor,  note book;
70;Filing work at office continued;
60; Curries corner;
50; Siva ??
40; Pavan;
30; Twitter R&D
20; Lot of Fire crackers for Nimmajjan; route change;(surprise)
10; Interesting Ashwins msg:
Seen Gujarish movie at night;

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