Monday, December 30, 2013

30th december

my new byke pulser

Day began with good morning: Seen december 2013 blog ;Had comment from rinas Mom later by night they came and wished morning   pressing  man irritation; suguna invited for her son( syam )birthday  party ;With new byke dropped GTA successfully at her office said hi to RK sister; Scanned most of dailies surprised with Coca cola full page ads;Seen new year eve ads in burrp and zomato;

Good driving by NRN   tips too had about lights etc;Had feedback abt N9 and success at   one follow up must give diary to siraj  bhai; Drug office credit goes to  NRN,Praja shakthi diary seen met 2 guys;;during the day travel On the way seen fellow travellers postures; Greeted choudhry  boy prashant; After work had beak and discussion with Keshav;

@ RX Late debutant  ex:Radiate heavily backed out  (Ray of light ) and won; This success story gave another boost;
Manged  press sticker on byke;met pets shop near by;schumaker accident tweeted; purchased battery for cell RIM top up;Worst drink from wine shop;
Night vegitable shopping did and seen padutha teeyaga programme;


29th december sunday

Successfully handled  byke; long chat with neibour R K and interaction; The Park hotel doctor met  by Keshav thanks to his  intiative; byke effect is clearly known;
More byke exposure tips by Keshava; not attending rx proved good; forget long layoffs and belvedere;

Saturday, December 28, 2013

28th saturday!

Must thank god got up early; managed to post pending pics and blog very eleborative this time took more time;>>>ghurrr from gta for asking to get up; criticism  from her overnite local dialect;nrn could catch up with sms but Prk dint respond; missed 2 good chances at rx;

Had to buy Divam Diary vendors on  recommendation;later joined Nrn roamed here and there and finally got payment seen one digital media company;later asked them to my office by night pulser placed byke in front of  home; great moment is achieved;While NRNs chanel network seems to be continued as per his feed back;
venkatesh poked in;so narsing paid him;
Then came the real one dropped gtas sisters daugter at secbad stn darbanga express;

27th friday december;

A song at home and good response related feedback but still to improve;Rinas paramarsha later wid her dad at night;chat with opp lady and her son even responded;touch up with shreya;galli ka kuch hua kya sure; even that lambu also responded;vegitables old lady too responded;called prk and known his function;altercation about apreciation;called akka;any effect here;

Well at work one cheque got but long interaction; and siraj of water works also responded for monday; sachin met surprised to see his physical growth;during the work read wow;new story emerged of that pulser from keshava;problem at byke parking from 2 places;met southern travels known about some advertiser;ne realtor lady and dayakar;cell 9885565517; srs travels;old man;free lunch;ruby channel;; confident approach continued; tilak effect need to be watched;

Even at work interacted with security guy;ayurvedik guy  gupta9177764741;called that  beauty parlour lady;
few calls did at lakdi ka pool;dress discussions;
oops seenaiah too responded;
problem of cell ph switch off during work;
Thank god that cheque is passed by evening;

Thursday, December 26, 2013

26th dec thursday

@ RX 4 straight rx loses lets see which one is heavily getting backed up ?;youngsters and fav pls; latest 5l winners keep an eye tote centres known; even at this stage also first run won taotally a different day;
made prk to work;thanks to cell ph;
worked wid nrn ;surprise keshava met shown few points and lot of new knowledge about cable TV;
body massage/spa/etc/ are new centres;I had to stand for long time;
shreya birth day

shreya birth day celebs ;took pics;*** wow apologies;/
help neibour for gas to home;
called trade centre;
jagdamba activated;
cell phone acitivated with twitter and tweeted;thanks to gta;

25th december christmas eve day

Despite christmas i made my attempts; and had very encouraging day;
Closed one client; had hope from another;purchased data card;must upgrade to data saving on mobile;
ridicule of gta insecurity;
known deatils of that ashraf family back ground;
reply received from michelle;
long chat with fathi; encouraged;known differences;
>>fakhri activated; spent time;
motor byke of rajesh chat;
connected to syam;suneetha;nrn;bujji;
AAP jock; with galli and;
syam mama;syam son;
helped narsing his feedback also had;
encouraging thing from Prasad;
nice response from kishore;
morning while buying milk had one good guy and coffee place another;seen one ad in jyothi;
wished richa;
called rangoli;
infront of nazmi seen their placement in laptop;

entire wow seen and noted details;

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mohan Jain
Admin Organization: Rangoli Sarees
Admin Street: Park Street  
Admin City: Kolkata
Admin State/Province: West Bengal
Admin Postal Code: 700016
Admin Country: IN
Admin Phone: +91.3340071717

Updated Date: 22-Aug-2013
Creation Date: 20-Dec-2007

alexa 22lakhs

24th december post

Very promising day with many twists and turns;

Closed standard and shown him post;seen their work shop took vedeo capture; shown scooter to sekhar and paid net bill;to drug office;made few phone calls; connected to almost 40 ppl;
narsing came and requested; Met directors of Tv chaneel; had a smooth byke ride;Way back seen rangoli show room and rush new ideas emerged;

for got to bolt thanks to suguna maid servant;
night prakash issue had to be dealth;

Monday, December 23, 2013

Edge Band Dealers in Secunderabad ;Pyramid Impex International

Pyramid Impex International

 WE are dealers for Hardware tools,  PVC edge Bands,Adhesives,Roller shutter,Trimmer,Manual Trimmer.Furniture locks,WardrobeKitchens and multiple furniture fittings.

Authorised Dealers; Leitz,Dorset,Homag, Virutex, Hafele,Rehau, 


Ground floor, 1-3-17/A
Kalasi Guda.Secunderabad -500003 Andhra Pradesh
Phone:040- 64102055,040-64595152.

  • 24th tuesday adv plan

     2 commitments of drug late after noon;

    (cheque; alu;
    i fathima;)

    my eye glass;
    prk entry;

    >>pay net bill;

    23rd december;monday

    >>Continued mail chat with michelle;
    >>met nrn and did 4 calls had 2 commitments;
    field calls did had 2 positives;
    >>>vedeos seen;gained  tremendous confidence;

    scooter problem continued;??tyre
    zryot recd gvk ad;
    confidence  levels effect is clearly seen on field;

    billycry;rajesh taddinam;


    How to Be More Confident (Use this technique)

    Sunday, December 22, 2013

    22nd,dec sunday

    success @rx still need to improve strategy;odds; conquered that book maker made many friends at rx;
    nrn introduced venkanna;sing home;ghadbad;called prakash;
    white wash to nar;

    called akka;

    Saturday, December 21, 2013

    "Hai Reham" Feat. Kailash Kher Video Song | Monali Thakur, Nagesh Kukun...

    21st sat post

    no work;success at rx;still to improve; quite uneasy;
    syam called;to list out main gifting companies;

    20th december

    Voter enrolment did;domain booked for media9; came back by auto;lot of hungama from morning calls to friends and family members;took laptop to team;

    Friday, December 20, 2013

    19th dec post,20th dec';2013

    met dsr rstates with nrn had commitment;after 5th jan;
     pharmaguy for monday;
    sucess frm moosa;
    met byke guys;
    had meeting;satyam met;

    g arvind marriage pics continued

    18th december marriage reception party at pallavi gardens hyderabad

    g.arvind    thejasree; i manjula; g.veenkateswara rao;


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