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Best Digital Marketing Agency In  Hyderabad Call 9347107468
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 2016

Morning consolidation work continued from lodge;Took photos from Mahaveer after a wait; Also lucky 2k in lane; later with Kishore  and mobilysed gta family to SRO and got the work done; Dropped Gtas Chinnanna came back to lodge; (small irk some moment); laliths baby pics arrived; called raju had his response;

Call hair cut guy;
need to pay lodge;
Byke chain work;
Mumbai rx book;
cash pls;

29th November 2016; Tuesday;

 karteeka Deepaalu
 karteeka Deepaalu
 Puja mandiram
  Puja mandiram at gtas brothers house
Day progressed very well;  Small trouble had for the hot water; Had Darshan of lord venkanna  at Chikkadpally temple;Kalyan  came  gave photos album  waited at Taj  Mahal hotel later had lunch at Gta brothers house; Chat with gtas vadina,and vineela;  Deputed gta for cash at lane but failed; Few photos took from RK photo studio; Purchased medicine etc;

Paid boys Rs 300/-;Finally got   certificate  info got about  getting sro certificate is bit easier than expected;

Met Kishore had his assurance ,and called Satish had yes nod; surprise from Babu and gaja; night poltical chat with lodge boys;

28th Monday november 2016

After a 2 hour wait succeeded funds for the day chat in lane; paid lodge for 2 days 2, 500  notes in backlog; airfreshsnacks; jagantravels;veeratravels t ids into fold; twitter content for travel agencies saved; In Rx who sits is very much important; consolidated the web sites data work; met kishore and kiran; met jagdamba; Tatto; cash at bank further gone down;


27th November sunday 2016

Met gta in morning had tiffen and coffee;Mumbai rx attended; yet another losing day but new points are 3 olds have edge over 4 olds; For cinches we get 60 paisa odds; ex; suraj hyd; What happens when 2 in bunch wont respond 3 trier wins;?; Over night sleeplessnes; swiped the card again; Atms have still not functioned;

26th saturday november 2016

Rx book took no hoper today;; Importance of byke known; Recd Byke; parking ghadbad;
Try to collect cheque from bank;
Meet gta;
Continue consolidation work;
laptop 3 g;
withdraw cash;
Telma h?
Tommorow sunday;

November 25 friday 2016

November 25 Friday 2016;

Its all done; Official thing is done; satish;raju; Kishore;  kirans collegue and kalyan;  Gtas chinnanna ; gta vadina attended it; solid supprt had all ends; missed kolkataa for good;

Mumbai night races;Nov 24 2016 Thursday

Mumbai night races;Nov 24 2016 Thursday; days new points; reeled off; srinath prooved; double game analysys; sandesh came back to form; cash crunch again kishore saved it;
Pen ultimate day; Called Nrn; satish; gaja; srn; weavers times; called Prasad;
rx not to miss; Tpt reddy called; Checked Adsense income; satish met; submitted papers seen pujari; called photographer; Dillep met; cell ;70322 76771;
Kishore helped 500/-; to rx with cell this time;

nov 23 2016 wed day;

Nov 23 2016 wed day;;;
Consolidation work continued frm lodge; gta arrived and   purchased   dress; bisibella bath at dwaraka tiffens; cash levels are amagingly low ; Consolidated adata; purchased mumbai rx card; Took Notary; Purchased 2 banians;  Met kishore  known abt kirans bangkoks trip gave him back adhhaar card called chengaiah and Nrn;
fire power left on hand?

23rd november 2016 wed day

Called NRN; Chengaiah;

get notary;
Call satish;
Dress shopping;
Consolidate further;

22nd november 2016

Consolidated jd data further;Got the doctor certificate after roaming  few places; submitted photos and detected mistakes on Notary; withdrawn cash at night;


Saveeruddin prajapatham editor and others

Chinna Vijayawada

Rafi khan


21 november 2016 ;

Gta returned safe; singh called; loaded whATS APP FRIENDS PICS to blog; MAIL SENT TO  GM ABODE HYDERABAD;   None to lose from now; Take up damage repair process;
Activate 3 g for whats app;

After noon got off smoothly met gta with her to sec bad and paid; filled form later Notary work also finised took gta photographs; Met kiran and kishore; withdrawn 2 k again its a look; missed rx anyway; read yesterdays mumbai review; trainer and connections double;
Finally got back helmet;

Meet ekheera;


20th November sunday 2016

20th November sunday  2016;
56 th day in Hyd;Gta reached safe; Book makers re opened; Called rx Ramachandra; NRN: anshugrand t id took; Some more standings posted;
Yesterdays failure is haunting; But 75 shots still left on hand;
gta successfully paid tpt office rent;
Mumbai 1 st meeting; seen few videos; go bit late to rx; some solace at rx;
Another rx tote point identified; lakdikapul the food hub now surprised to see many food joints; Read Zaminryot and saved 2 ads;

19th November satday 2016

Anjalis Birth day;

19th November satday 2016

Greeted Anju; Dropped gta; Hatrick of failures at Bangalore RX last run Jockey touch is must; Took dress from gta in morning; gave gta 4 k; called manohar reddy; Read printouts on hand; 

18th November friday 2016

1.Cell phone charging;2.Morning  gta called back; 3.Someone gave Eenadu and discussion; 4.swarupeye t id; 5.Analysed past again;
6.Manohar reddy call recd; 7.Selected 4 shots for the day after study; 8.Called Satish; 9.dhobi; 10.shaving; 11.Tip; 12.stomach disturbace;

Task of nutty d;
Meet kiran and kishore;
Meet abode hotel; Bangalore rx;

17th thursday november 2016

Waited for cash near atm commisionarate in vain later at Narayanagauda SBI: Met Krishna garu at evening; day gone; Dosage crossed for nothing; gta called back and took initiative; abode hotel t id;

16th november 2016 thursday

Dashrath singh jockey 11 700 rwitc; T id manjeerainn took; Read back few years blog; had hair cut and color; Called gta;

16th November 2016

jockey zervan 7050

15th november 2016 Tuesday

  s john
 suraj narredu jockey
 ys srinath jockey
ys srinath jockey

Long ride to rajendranagar failed later on the way to zoo park to printer also failed; long session of r & d continued from lodge in 3 sittings; consolidated further; By night 2 issues papers received from printer; so 11 issues on hand now;

sekhar bhai and other friends

Me and anju

 venkat Rami Reddy
Sankyo murali
Sekhar Bhai ttd


anjali pics

14th november 2016

Importance of data card on hand known; exiting finish at hyd in a thriller who is that new one??
a; Morning had idli vada too costly; Afternoon Dosa;  Night Egg fried rice;Called Tatto guy in vain;
Rx at 3 pm missed;Commitment had from printer; Got cash luckily from ATM; 3 g  data recharge did; pen, kerchief, purchased; call from accu guy;  Call from google; Tried to load adobe dreamweaver failed; facebook ads video seen;


14th Monday 2016;

Days tasks;
 Gta; days rx?
Samaj work ; Take papers; Videos from cafe;
Consolidate jd further; other cities;
cash from bank; withdraw; enq; software;


tom plan; mail ekheera; see web site;

Yes took cash from bank;

Met gta took cash and 4 shirts later had them pressed;  dhobi came and gve him 1 pair;
Success at Rx at musheerabad; Chengaiah met on fb chat; Worked with laptop from Narayanaguda kallu coumpound;;

paid for lodge;

12th nov sat day 2016

12th  November;Saturday; 2016;

Called Gta; Satish known about his tirupati tour;  Raed 2010 blog;Had tiffen and bath and tablets;Posted yesterdays blog; failure at kolkata; threat was Fai fav long return jouney; Bookies not operated; Morning did 3 calls; Hair cuts; Avishkar; Standard chemicals; Purchased leg pads; Night sleep trouble had; other things dint progress. New oint for the day is ladies beauty parlour for JD  verified are above 200;


11th November; Friday; 2016;

11th November; Friday; 2016;

Long ride from lingampally to Abids and took room and tense
Withdrawn 2 k cash from Bank by evening used debit card for petrol and diesel;  Forgot note book so purchased one;

Sent sms reminder and had reply;
met Kiran and kishore took details; kolkata rx book purchased;

10th november; 2016; thursday;

10th November; Thursday;

Again problem by house owner and related tention irksome; Few notes left on hand have been exchanged;  met Gandhi in field work; n delight fb took into fold;
2 payouts had for the day; and dropped them to bank; some more data collected from field;
saved pics; chat with Ashwin at night; Telma H 2 strips purchased;
few more keywords collected at chennai steel; Took some prints from cafe; called printer;
10th November; Thursday;

Again problem by house owner and related tention irksome; Few notes left on hand have been exchanged;  met Gandhi in field work; n delight fb took into fold;
2 payouts had for the day; and dropped them to bank; some more data collected from field;
saved pics; chat with Ashwin at night; Telma H 2 strips purchased;
few more keywords collected at chennai steel; Took some prints from cafe; called printer;


9th november 2016; wedday;

currency exchange problem continued; tweeted; trump; Lot of  TV waching;
2 houses seen for chinnanna;

Election news watched;
Scanned 2 dailies;
key word R&D continued; purchased insulin 2 vails; syrynges;Called printer;


8th tuesday november; 2016

Gta Chinnanna arrived;paints guy failed so other one;
Luckey success story at acupressure; activated g plus of acupressure; shree; failed one other;
key word R&D;
continued from home in morning;
added Event companies;

7th November Monday 2016

Used cell phone to much of advantage after recharge almost 9 calls did; later airtel data also rechrge did;
Big haul of key word standing did in morning from home; No currency head ache then arguments; note book purchased; night heavy rush seen; again arguments at home for owners problems; Edited veduku g plus many entries;
1.Nampally DW
2.gachibowli guy; to that guy after a week;
4. hussain; dewali;
5.devi hotel guy;
6.Rdo nlr;
Important thing known again for the day; g plus map marker; g plus communities; hangouts;
Google has 70 plus twitter hndles;
 Vactaed room and reached Chanda nagar by collecting data; finally had jolt at home; Night had nice time at shailoos home; disturbed sleep;

Scanned 2 dailies;
flop at buttalu;
dropped cheques;
called gachibowli guy;
Key word standing wastely improved; success at Rx finally;


5th November 2016 friday;

Met printer at Evening; pdf covertor needed;
met narsing rao family with gta;
One sucess story; At Rx flop again but 2 more new points;
Moring net R &d did from cafe took prints but poor quality;
Met acupressure guy;
Met Flower decorators;

Followup gachibowli;
Meeting printer; 5;30 PM:
Check balance;
Narsing rao family;
Sat day Rx Book;
Major developments for the day;
Lot of R&D did from home posted all pics;
managed days expenses room rent etc; Met gachibowli guy;
Lodge took   met Narsing rao; Had one bouncer at field work thats a new lesson;
Met printer; Rx book took;
Scanned Telugu Velugu;
Prints took form old cafe;
Lunch missed it took toll;
Good information from DW; To tap service industry;
Met kiran& Kishore;

2nd November wedday 2016

  Great pic; Pm Narendra modi taking tiger Pic;

meratoyshop; vellankifoods, shantimarbles,into fold;

Met kiran,Kishore, (Idli)had good time dropped cheque;
got 2 payouts; Enquired at arya samaj; Digital vidya guy called; rx book purchased;

1st nov tuesday 2016

1st nov Tuesday 2016;

Day has progressed very nicely first being  current key word standing work from home; Later did 7 calls and had wonderful response from field best day after coming to hyd this trip even with 1 hour work; Missed to carry things to field; surprised with jd verified clientale numbers; purchased telugu velugu; New dress effect is clearly evident;

hyd winter season began but missed it;
call recd from manohar reddy and someone else;

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