Thursday, May 22, 2014

22nd may post

worked in 2 sessions;
life break thrughs listed out;
had almost 8 FP sitouts;

1 st session;
gtas set back;had dosa;

1.lanka shields;pics; latter camra cells purchased from medical shop;met his father had chat;2 of their staff;
2.letter prepapred;prints took; new content;lot of energies spent;
3.called kishore;
4.cake castle;pics took;
5.gave letter to dentist picture took;
(hungerpangs;release;hot sun;had tea;new road;
6.home appliances call;
7.segregated  earliar visiting cards;

2nd session;

1.key maker kaleef cell; 996620715
2. stamps pic;  clip of narayana guda;
4.heera moti;pics;
5.opticals new bakery inaguration clip;pics; guy;2nd june;
8.Vikas books;home appliances;
9.ias coaching centres clip;
10.SRo kwdiguda;
11.isthemall; break throughs listed out;
12.followup did to maggam lady;
13.raymonds seconds;
gas recd;told for next;
self coocking;

break throughs in life;

 nelloreone;paper;vetuku; news9;lekharitv;
apsrtc; 10 k;manabadi;forum;
check republic payout;
jana;nighantuvu;gopal adsence payout;

(dubai;srilankaone;adsence; content;geocities;)
(seenaih;nrn tie up;seenaiah camera)
srn;gta tie up;
gopal adsense;
syam and idols biz;
(Chalapathi rx backing;rx rama chandra;rx jana etc)
kranthi auto tie up;sankyo;doctor;ratnam0
Rx eat;
pen media;
(usha;thulasi help;;akheel;max india;(daring dynamics)
ajay;dw data;
(friends; Raju;akheel;satish;laddu;)
google maps;
camera pics;

isthemaal ; slow growth;

Advanced planning; 10 sittings a day;
Byke travel more work;
Ph followups;
tubing things;Camera pics and videos;must load them;
Must carry laptop plan big paying calls only;
send written post to blocked ids;
Knowledge skills;teaming tie ups;
Improve writing and spoken skills;
Big funding please;
Rx daring decicions;

google listing and yoputube presentation for business development

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Google Earth and Google Maps are two best applications. Photos reveal much clarity about your business.Google Maps is the most widely used online mapping service in the world.

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