Wednesday, April 01, 2009

31 st march post

As most of the parties annouced their candidates there was almost rebels war for all the parties.Election campaining gets more focussed now with all party people canvacing.
Venkaiah with huge crowds campained for prarapa at madhura nagar.Morning i went to muralis home and my home and told for room.Shabarish came back and asked and jana and muarli went to maduranagar before that That lamination enquiry did at Lavanaya.11 mailers almost focussed ad guys and 20 stamps purchased for the day.Muralis typing of addresses was interesting.Strong flash of caturing entire big ad guys.reduced news papers to eenadu.Gopal Koti akka mom activated.Muralis calmnees effect.
Eve bag guy vip big show room and Bhimas restaurant muni Subramanyam activated and in mor jagan also follwed.Vardarajan said on 9 th some one is coming.mallis lamination of Sai bab was interesting but compleated that task.


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