Monday, March 31, 2014

31st mar ugaadi day: Sunday:

 Called satish and govind rao but had poor response;Scanned Vajram and read 4  more news dailies; lord Shiva strotra chanted on reading Vajram; Shanku guy came  had water and blessed;  With Gta had quick visit to Ganesha  Temple near RTC X roads felt very happy with decorations there Raju met there but cant trace him on return hunger levels had to sub sided with prasadam nice one ;

After coming home   received Telugu  message for Ugaadi  from Hitech Nazeer nellore very interesting forwarded  same mesasage to few of friends good response had from Bhawar many dint respond; dropped Gta she came back with her pay check introduction had to her collegues; Neibourhood girls were dressed up for the festive occation dress plays a major role and its proved again; kamal called and gave hope of one ad;

 Due to heavy heat remained at home;Nothing progressive things are heading forward  added to the fury is power cut;  Things started changing with Syams msg; Later Satish gave feed back; Called Babu x roads he gave some promise;

Night tremoundous work did on reserving blog ids name surprise to see many of them are  were available i may neede very long time planning for them to make to my benefit; Called Prasad he failed to come or even reply me; Night Cheng called late and rejected his call;

Over all candidates of election knowledge and constituency vise candidates profiles exposure had for the day; Told neibour to get leaders surprise contonment MLa info; Nice thing of the day is reduced inkae marginally; How to win in elections tips read in google; narsing came but dint disturb this time; This time had helping hand from Gta for new id for google;

TDP guy Koteswar rao and Software guy dint lift the call;

30th march tarbuja near prasadz cine plex road

Night on gtas feeback called mama had some hope; another set  back at Rx this time close 5 th pls; entire lections  and winners scanned of MALS ;


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