Friday, August 30, 2013

29th and 30 th Aug posts;

29th aug;
Managed boring train journey with syam and kamals help Bad food anyway and poor planning; After posting pending blogs and expenses Ajay joined  with his help loaded pending pics and movies took  some prints later felt tiresome came home and retired no field work; Called satish.gandhi,NRN,bouncer came from Krishnaiah kdp; some thing wrong with diet suffered throught the night had gtas care hyper acidity and sleep lessness frequest get ups; call from kalyanje;added all k followers; call from balapu; called ramoji;

30th august friday;
Net speed is very lathargic at home; manged to post all marriage pics from sadgun;Parmesh met there;Managed to buy Rx books of pune and Kolkata; Morning good response from gandhi; rejected kamalas call due to politics; seen Et; Morning read back from 2010;Called ajay and Nrn; had butter milk; Morning Gtas babi came home; OMG good chance at RX missed; Read causes of acidity;


pics marriage contd


memorable event with Geetha attending a marriage

  memorable event with Geetha attending a marriage
 thulasamma dauthers marriage pics

 thulasamma dauthers marriage pics


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