Tuesday, July 21, 2015


pending g plus pics

kalakata venkata ramana

  kalakata venkata ramana

  kalakata venkata ramana  picture

 23 july 2015;foyr.com; Kamala absent so all alone;night session most of pics posted to blog;Morning spent time in organising visiting cards gain;posted pending blog posts nd took print;4 g plus ctivations for the day; closed 3 entries;few more cards collected;

24th july 2015;

noted dress makes a real change for women; 2 luckey closings of fish merchants for the day;rubber stamp received plus one more visiting cards holder; 6 codes received by cell phone;
2500/15= 116
2500.500=12 50 000

panduranga vessels tirupati

Panduranga Vessels
166, Tirupati, Chinna Bazar St, Tirupati, 
Phone:0877 222 9425

sai sudha corporation crompton dealer r c road tirupati

sai sudha corporation

Sai Sudha corporation crompton dealer Crompton lights and fans 

Address: NO 8, Rayala Cheruvu Rd, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517501
Phone:099850 97444

hotel ramana residency lodges restaurant renigunta

Hotel sri ramana residency lodge
cell 094401 09401

kalahasti visit

20th july 2015; getting funding is must;

20th july 2015
In the morning spent lot of time in organising visiting cards at home; Field work continued and managed 9 calls and 1 closing; Night  net session blog prints took; due to poor keys dropped from work; all lekhari g plus prints took and later filed them; morning called doctor,haneef catering;panduranga vessels activated for the day;posted some cards;Et; sakshi into fold;gas money given; et gave info of highly paid executives;

2st july 2015;
Worked with kamal at Srikalahasti and returned; Some new area with lodges exposure had; pics loaded from smart phone;Spent some time on visiting cards collected;

22nd july 2015;
Again worked in field with kamal and collected huge visitng cards; back at home organised cards; one more visiting cards holder purchased; Rubber stamp given order; 3g top up;morning some cell phone calls did for codes; no net day;


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