Wednesday, March 31, 2010

31 march post

in the morning R&D new site for 30 urls known.Today even dicided not to go to field work due to lot of net pending works.Again cash on hand levels have touched warning signals.I need a real break through badly.Twitter had new home page.further twitter trimming work posted.1 hour Future and past plannings continued.Seen one video and i need to be a programmer now.and learn c++.
Checked divotees list: and found this address: also reserved.
Geethalaya Exports Mr. Santhosh Varma
12, M.G.R Nagar
P.N Road
Tirupur 641 602 India Managing Director
Mr. U.R Murugasamy
Tel : + 91 - 421- 2471454
+91 - 421- 2471455
Fax : + 91 - 421- 2472662
E-mail :
another one

seen rx book:

what i have been doing for living:
1.web classifieds
2.idols selling
4.twitter promos.
7.rx making.
9.real estates

march 30 th post

Surprice of the morning is gopal gave dd of rs 1,34 000/- to be deposited in my account done it.Another upsetting surprise of the day is Univercell is is suspended but later i challenged the suspention through a email link to watch as what will happen now.No field work again.facebook id created its avery long process.
Important development of the day is scooter repair work done now scooter is ok.
Again lost coolness with Mother at home.New kerchiefs and comfort of white shirt noted.Trimmed down tritter followups and seen who followeed whom at twitter.Called jana.Syams sons signature issue.Relince cafe account activated gain.One call received for ananda nilayam.
I need a real breakthrough now.My blog seems to gaining prominance now.heavy sweating thoughout the day suffered.No income for the has so many twitter ids.


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