Friday, October 30, 2020

December 2020

1st December 2020;

Took Hyd payout of Suraj;

but had to climb up sent 50 messages to tpt and other clients; ph call folloups gave hope 3 commitments got, RX confirmation got bit later for kolkata suraj  mount  later surprised with his 3 wins; Incoming calls continued but no use;

1.Eves beauty

2. Secret styles. 

3. Alankrita have commited;

Activated Ameen; created his is and package;

Called psr kalyana mandapam ; Suraj won another 3 mounts;

2nd Dec wedday 2020

Morning tention of gta on Bhaskar  Rent payout;

Davangere and secretstyles success stories and another hope from Mumbai; incoming calls have reduced;  Another hope from Humanhair; No use of buying Original vel due to small font;Sent Ameen bill books; had dosa near Narayanaguda; One ref got for web design;

 lot of accidents and tiger attack news on tv; Seen few of due dates with payouts received;

3rd Dec 2020 Thursday; 

humanhair payout recd by evening on followup; played  a lot with neibourhood children noticed posings; helped gta for veggies; Owner took milk; neibours request for alugadda; chinna  asked my address for nomudaram;

Took help of old auto guy and despatched;  Waste visit to malakpet strain; Recd secret styles photos and loaded them;Nose blockout inhaler purchased;; had good doasa at home morning; At bangalore flukes ruled; Byke condition worsening;

 recharge of  laptop airtel did;

4th dec friday  2020

GHMC election results day;

call them tpt clients; incoming calls; update whatsapp;

kolkata rx card to see on line; web design guy of gachibowli;

5th Dec Sat 

rx plan; watch Track work;

6th Dec sunday 2020

Mumbai Rx; my investment;

7th Dec monday pfizer vaccine;

November 2020


 1st Sunday November  2020;

Dosa as Tiffen good; Arranged things to gome; Again made  a visit to begumbazaar had tie up from Agarbatti guys and  Paris perfumes even on sunday market was crowded; Kasmiri Apple is a different one ?; neibours Childrens noise; kavyas cry;  Skipped Bangalore Rx;

 Monday 2nd  November  2020;

Another one machine  and gone met owner again gave  money for  extra covers; loaded pics to google maps and catalogue; purchased Small  cat teddy bear  near  Barkatpura and played with children;  Kurnool guys interaction had for machine no use; 

3rd november Tuesday 2020

Got up very early and made a trip to Begumbazaar now riddle is solved arial grip had finally; marwari ladies Puja seen; Collected Data later retrieved :  Had chat woth Bhawar;

Biggest highlight of the day is sending 40 reminders to Tpt clients got one yes also from Golden pearl; Evening had tie up with pickles lady from  Chandragiri;

Took rest later at home; played with children; Added few more images to catalogue; few incomi g calls recd: night shopping did with gta;

4th November wedday 2020

Unexpected Bouncer from little girl later turned back again; Gave back gta money;  Met wigs shop; Pending byke engine oil work did; slept in afternoon; Met chandan stores; Amman crockery;  Incoming calls continued; Ajay gave one reference of name change advocate;

Thursday 5th November 2020

Kept my ph numbers for few of my videos;

Night seen Handicrafts display near YMCA; Durga slept on my lap; Data collection work continued ;For readymades info got of Ramgopal pet sec bad; Tea powder bulk prices known;

6th November friday 2020

Data swelled again; stomach trouble; By night success got of 2 ; Met rx Musheerabad helped Ramlu; Night purchased Rx book; pickles Renigunta enquired; played again with children; Gas came; Morning Ajay gave some ideas of 1000 vendors ; Another veg shop seen on the way to Narayanaguda; Begumbazaar shopping video on tv5 by a girl  seen;

7th November Satday 2020:

Stomach  problem  and energy trouble throught the day; Cash withdrawals and managed sendings but with bit heavy  strain finally those 10 extra sheets issue solved  by gtas alert;  Lord Franklet bet missed  missed but seen outside private betting mobs near malakpet course;

Failed to receive calls but saved most of numbers; coco cola sold less in 1 st year is a good motivation quote;

8th November sunday 2020; 

Kept busy throught Sunday;

Morning Dharma called and had chat Edited past Blog posts ;Gta vadina came home spent some time : More close chat with neibours;

Seen Pelligampa video by another youtuber  Anu messaged her; Played with children sentiments again; That pintrest images ranking needs to be worked out;

Contributed to gta home power bill; pelli gampa calls came and edited price and kept link in whatsapp; data continued to swell; edited november blog posts;

9th November Monday 2020;

Whatsapp payouts details read on paper; gta managed home cleaning; 1 new one got to home; walked a bit; Delhi call hope; yadami guy got introduced;  Data gained again;
Byke horn trouble fixed; visited child club keywords known; pen; Tablets; pickles purchased;

 Bypassing strategy of keywords to be workedout for me and clients;

 incoming calls enq needs to be checkedout; byke horn issue; Banians; 

Add descriptions;

10th Oct Tuesday 2020


Visits to Bajaj Big tv and mobiles: Brown bear and Born babies;  Data gained; Few calls recd in evening ; seen few videos on adwords; few calls recd for pelli gampa; Big headache averted with child; one enq generated for Bangles; Night had Samosa; purchased human mixtard  10 insulins; Checked which catogories vendors  are participating in adwords .

Enjoyed  ipl finals cricket; poor dinner and slept;

11th Nov wed day 2020;

Days biggest  addition at home power is aquatium  fishes and Tur tur sound of girl 

Another one gone but amid arguments managed auto guys strength power but forgotten their names; Data continued to swell Ahay and prahlads calls recd; Kumar shirsts shopping did with arguments; honey and Ginger powers known; Evening shopping of vegitables

12th nov  Thursday 2020;

Entire day spent at home; Evenining big surprises have happend; Diwali lights; ladder; Tea bottle; shopping did; thats 50 times growth; Plan to grow 100 times ;Banians; lights;

13th nov friday 2020

Played lot with children; Another one success story; jio top ip did;Data on hand continued to swell;

14th Mov satday 2020

Petrol; Needles purchased; jilebi; 

Lot of whatsapp consolidation exchange of Messages had; Two people remembered me Suresh vja; Mama; Felt bored in night;

15th November sunday 2020;

Unable to stand and Eye sight trouble continued; first run upset in Bangalore rx stunning upset; 
Troubled night sleep;

16th November 2020 Monday 

Plan for 100 times growth ;  Two good quotes recd and circulated: evening ordered for Skyfruits;ok had unexpected  2 fold growth for day hope  gained from 2 big things and mamas guy s respect had: Durga mom confessed;  Met Aquarium guy and purchased nlue color anti fungal:

Night called cheng; Bawa; Nrn; Nrn khel khatam; called  accuguy for cupling therapy; neibourhood boys repeated disturbance;

that cupling therapy;

17th Nov Tuesday 2020;

3 neibour hood children came and played;  evening made a visit to Begumbazaar and had Bangle market exposure thats new hope;

Rupture with Sakshyam guys and expel and within few seconds another argument at home; One lady called from north India

18th Nov 2020 wed day;

Called Aajay;  depression due to instability even after so much of struggle;

Lot of things need to be procured due to away yet managed money played a major role;

Gampa and roti machine calls recd but no use; Pant and rx book and ashok nagar ph got;

 bouncer with lodge guy at evening;

19th nov Thursady 2020

Arabindo pharma  call  is a new hoper; for bigger one mock race of suraj ashwa brava is new hope visited Malakpet ;  To plan activity well in advance missed Trevor at 50 kg market;; one new rx coverage web site info known malakpet khairatabad centres visited; came back home; north Indian lady sent ; Had Mehfil Biryani; Ghmc news seen; calls continued;

20th Friday Nov 2020

Sent Varanasi reply ; Ajay gave another wooden machine reference; no money on tote;

Bangalore rx book purchased no hope again; gta goes to her Chinnanna;  Bigbouncer from a lady another bouncer from useless fellow ; lot of traffic recd  but no use;  Safayi lady bad looks; Durga dint support; called murali later stock position known; Met fishes guy trump card issue;Vari gaddi packing; new box plz;

21st Nov Satday 2020;

Dropped Gta @lak di ka pool;  both had tiffen @ ymca;

Gta gone to her sister; played a lot with children in morning, Spent lot of time with Bangalore rx betting  synnergy missed ;  incoming calls continued;

22nd Nov Sunday 2020;

Fish shopping did; 

Calls continued still that local issue prevailed; One unethical approach by a customer remidy noted; call from usa recd; kept busy throught; Neibours abuse; ghmc details read at wikipedia;

23rd Nov Monday 2020'

1 luckey sales;  incoming calls continued; Played with neibourhood children  again; i must be a nice speaker  pls; 

Freedom oil purchased; 2 sets of needles purchased; Odonil purchased; Rx results seen;

Big machine of Rajkot price known 3 lakh;

Confution about future; Heavy soud of music by owners daughter in morning complaint made anyway; Shankaraiah mama call recd;

24th Tuesday November 2020;

Calls continued some hope gained; stayed at home wholeday; Gra lost temper; uneasy due to skyfruit tablet read side effects; varanasi lady called;

25th Nov 2020

Called yadami suresh;calls continued but no sales; Nice masala mirchi; One commericial machine  info got; and talked;


26th Thusday November 2020

Managed 1 sale but too big expences no worries anyway; 

 called Madhu; NRN; Seenaah; narayanguda compound drink ailed;

27th Nov Fri day 2020; 

 Pandus issue continued;

one who sits and wins that will counts yash narredu; Chnces missed in Rx retrieved and listed; Visited Malakpet HRC and watched situation; 1 bouncer recd for high cost; Eye sight trouble continued;

28th November  satday 2020;

Amazing blaze to away lit of energies but new co solidation of already ran  where yo bet outsidecontact gained;

29th sunday nov 2020; Trouble at home for poor uoma and it took away all spirit; Attended rx  suraj mount betting fid but its co firmed that theres no money in Tote;  Akshy kumar riding power confirmed; 2 more pics sucessfulat mumbai.

30th nov monday 2020;

Total Rest at home; tote betting is utter waste th

ing time to wait for payout; rx rd on missed chances  further enhanced; roti machine calls continued;

December file ceeated;