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Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 2017

MONDAY, MAY 01, 2017

30th April 2017

Epaper ads saving work continued from home; Yet another surprise Pavan brought another payout even on Sunday; Hottest day again; House shifting talks have agrravated at home

3 g top up;
Monday May1 st 2017 laning; 
Try remote sencing;
sms planning; 
Bhargavi home shoppy;
AAkash;Loka ads;
MR ads,

meet sai krishna;

Eye care opicals;

29th April 2017 saturday

Even more hot day;Morning continued ads collection work; Pavan met and gave nellore payouts;
managed 20 masages for the day;
Retrived and posted new  developments;
No field work;

Attended Dasari Siva Sankar Hari Priya marriage  a big hit missed photo oppurtuniy; Met  Villageres etc;

Recent Retrievals;

100; SMS messages reminders 25 and counting;
90; Pavan into action;
80; Blog Trimming;
70; April eeads 150; alt images;
60; things to office and eenadu 2017; 2016; 2015;
50; Vetuku 50 ads in 4 issues postal power used; (new designer; madhava improved;)
40; Blog Fr.
30; free, files so far in blog identified;
20; whatsapp; images effect;Ash;
10;Life partner content;


27th April thursday 2017

More g plus codes only can save;
Try remote login strategy;

To Reacharge sms for reliance;
Buy Telma h; odonil;
 sent whats app msgs to;

1.Raghu photo;
Activated sonalika;
Blog posted;


26th wed April 2017

new bag

Owners came back had trip chat with them; Balaji came and gave wedding card and known n about  Gollapalli sanjeevulus death; veru late to office just did one call of sonalika took cheque and dropped it took pics and video; Heat and low sugar trouble  later to be taken care in future;
 Pavan gave one idea of sending messages; Unable to to retrieve ads from net; maples failure; Attached pavan eves;

Edit maple;
grab ads again;
Attach Nirmala Ramaiah to Pavan;
TRY Design board for office;n
Edit Eves Beauty timings;
Call sonalika;

MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2017

25th April Tuesday 2017

25th April Tuesday 2017;
Morning ads saving work continued from home;
Scanned Eenadu ads of 2015 from office thats the only progressive work for the day;
No field work in both the sessions;
Pavans success story continued;
Brought things to home;

24th April Monday 2017

Music enjoyed at home in morning;
Un easy in morning due to hunger pangs gta saved it;

Ashwins pic was a big hit for the day on whatsapp;;
Future; 3000> 3000 90 lakhs calculations;
Reached 10 000 blog posts;
Pavans success story continued;
Pavan and Sri Nava jyothi ; Marvadi Bhojanalay payouts got later activated it;
Maple associates failed their commitment;
Worked on Eeanadu  2015 from office;

24th april Monday 2017

Maple evening;
use ph; TNR 7 color boutiq; gangaram;
See Eenadu ds in office;
Further consolidate FR at home;

Sri nava jyothy;
Tour plan;

23rd april sunday 2017

Blog further edited from home; collected ads;Fr file further developed; Past analysys;
Pavan called; Bad chicken; No Kaaju?;
Use of tech and things analysed;
SEO tips; alt image tag key words;

24th Monday April 2017

usage of technology  and things;

Internet ;google search; g plus; Blogger; adsense; wikipedia;
Smart ph;
laptop; 3 g  EEnadu  e  paper ads; JDVF; music;
Vetuku; postal power;
office; storage; telvelugu;
gta; byke; gold; looks;
cyber cafes; prints;

SUNDAY, APRIL 23, 2017

22nd saturday April 2017

FR further improved from home and ads collected from cyber cafe and at office also few things have organised; Used phone to benefit Sonalika; pavan; few calls did on field also managed in hot sun SR has fetched hope emerged from maple leaf; At family end sai Prasanna baby delivery information and Chinna call; Arrnaged honey and Nimbu to home; kamalakar called; Blog is looking very nice now;
2 sit outs with Pavan bouncer at Khaja; Reading room ad seen in morning;

 Neibour hood girl chocolate request to new home was surprise news; Seen IPL mtch;


22nd April; 2017

Laptop top up;
vetuku 2016

Web designer guy;

***FR consolidation;

Use ph;
Nava Jyothy;
Sri Hari Vaibhavam;
Diary treat;
Yoga prabha;
MGR Mall;
Chenchu lakshmi;
That reading room eenadu;
Pavan; Handover prints;

FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 2017

21st april 2017;

Day gone without progress and field calls;  by evening it rained and colled;
vetuku 2016 retrieved anyway;

Rejected webdesigner followup; malli setty;

vetuku 2016;


20th Thusday April 2017

I can advertice vilekhari blog now;
By sending paper by can fetch really;
Added  2 posts of content for may issue;
Vutuku 2017 ads updated;
Morning Fr consolidation continued; Bala pulliah came to office;
got 2 payouts tiruchanur; pavan;
used cell ph; called coaching centres; 2 codes recd tiruchanur; sadguru;
Prints took from cafe; Ghadbad;
called vinayaka;

19th April Wedday 2017

Fr file vastly improved again at morning sitout from home; Health trouble and work suffered web design guy cam to office; Summer is peaking;
Pavans contributions began; 2 g plus codes Sai Padma; Madhu furnitures and 2 payouts recd; Songs enjoyed at office; Immedite editing at Google also known. Long wait at Manaohar reddy read Srihari Vaibhavam magazine;
Owners Sri Lanka trip;


19th April wedday 2017

add thulasi content; london pls;
continue Fr

prints from cafe
Mallisetty handicrafts;
home applinaces guy and kakinada;
days ipl;
buy paste
go early and use ph; see old vetuku may issue;
Call coaching centres;
pavitra bhandam;
TNR; Call Biruva guy;
call sri hari vaibhavam;tnr
use ph;a khaja;



18th april tuesday 2017

Intelligent way of living;
Further consolidated fr from home in morning spent really very long time kadapa maps entry was surrpise; Biruva followup; Positive from
Dry cleaner; Shilpam payout; Sit out with team at office; ( me my field calls madhavi mini mart ; sro;biruva; Pets,
pavans followups;  Stomach trouble; tarboose; severe  Body pains?

MONDAY, APRIL 17, 2017

18th April tuesday 2017

add thulasi content for may issue; see last year my of vetuku;
Scan EEnadu;

17th april 2017

Very hot again during the day;
used ph called maple; dhyana sai;
Fr (first rank post) work did today; Sri hari vibhavam; pavans interaction; K M payout are the prime stories of the day; used ph; followup with Biruva guy;

17th April Monday 2017

Call biruva guy at 8 AM

Go out early;
Plan for eenadu ad;
Scan EEnadu ads at office;

Use hone; Vinayaka;
My calls;
Coaching centres;
get Milk; Colgate;
May issue content;

16th th April sunday 2017

Days Flash;Ask with colour leaflet;

Huge developments had for the day used entire sunday to consolidate futher; First being created page for web design and posted for entire Andhra, Telangana districts with the help of Gta edited it agaian in afternoon took long time for this; Evening saved many ads and retrieved old clients data from cafe; Chinna and Balaji and Ashwin interactive whsts app Chat had; Elite friends list of life analysed; Visited office and scanned entire Telugu Velugu ads but stink unbearable there; cheacked at IPL sponcerers at night;


16th april 2017

must have people to work;

100;continue to use mobile call vinayaka ; loka ads stats;
edit alankruta;
whats app; chinna; Balaji;
90;see mallisetty handicrafts;
70;Get bags from office;
60;Eenadu ads;
what to be handed over to Pavan? list out;
7 colours;
satya mess;
Sadguru;vet 2 parties;
edit alankruta;
mail to parha; hindware;
Whom to followup;

15th april 2017

Days findings; There were very less ads and staff;
Closed one anyway; Marvari Bhojanalay; 2 codes recd for the day; nlr catering and Biruva guy; used phone finally; Bouncer from Paints; scanned one year; Tried to get ananda Nilayam from sekhar bhai mould to make i new idea; called pavan; nippobatteries t id is me;Called Ramkumar; whatsapp chats continued;

One webdesigner met at office;

FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2017

April 16th sunday 2017

April 16th sunday 2017 ;
how much it will consolite further;

15th april saturday 2017

Use ph;

Whom to followup list out;
Meet Rayalaseema ruchulu;
shree tailors;
Sharpen up again;
tpt lenivi;
List out whom to followup;


14th April Friday 2017;

Arguments at morning; Mor Eenadu ads analysed;
Jolt from Hemadri new idea merged; Met munawwer

Laptop net top up did;
Purchased; telma h;
Met Nellore paradise hope emerged;   met K m; Pets;Transfered few more things to office; Cleaned office;
Sweet masti met;

Pavan responded;
baba saheb amdkar 
see sweet magic;
Nellore paradise;
nveen dental; RNR;
Edit dr nagamma;
Take prints from cafe  of whom to followup Train journey;;

Retrieve current eenadu ads again;

Add pavan to

13th April Thursday; 2017

1.Morning retrieved eeads from net;Out of  Telugu Velugu 55 issues i have 51 on hand at office; Telugu velugu organised at office is a good move for the day;

2.Pawan was put in work and said did 5 plus calls sit up with him and also helped him relaxed in eden park long wait;

3.Seen K K function hall amid heat; Om shakthi; supplier; opp mini mart; tried to meet shanmugam decorator;
Calls at field;
4.Eve; nainar gopi; Munawwer khan; Hemadri; famous dry clean; cash withdrawn; Milk to home;

See Tel vel;


12th April Wedday 2017


load RK shields; shree;JAI SANKAR EVE;
shree dresses;
See enaadu april; May
Edited Train jouney;
Sonalika g plus activated;
Activated Narayana catering;
Paid Electricity bill;
Night jai sankar paid;
Pawans re entry


11th April Tuesday 2017

Morning  fire of papers near home;could not not mobile to the benefit; Sabjan payout recd; closed sonalika; Met jaisankar;
Gave paper to hemadri; met sai krishna got commitment; counter telugu velugu at office; Train journey analysed and posted;
Night had hair cut;

dumper consolidation did at home;
Edited KCMR
Loka ads file stats;
ad Rk shields nlr

MONDAY, APRIL 10, 2017

10th april Monday2017

Heat wave continued;
Spent long time to consolidate blog from home; failed to pay Dish bill; @ sucess stories for the day but had to wait for long time at Sri Balaji agencies; Mat sabjan; DW;
Took Nelloreone old issues to office; Cleared few things at Home; filing did at office; Kings x1 punjab ipl match watched;

FRIDAY, APRIL 07, 2017

10th April Monday 2017

10th April Monday 2017;;

9th April sunday 2017

9th April Sunday 2017;

Consolidated Eenadu  data  further from home but still insecrity continued;;
Shopping did under hot sun some kind of weakness;
Had Prawn;
Days IPL match  seen:

8th April saturday 2017

8th April saturday 2017;

Activated syam embroidery;
Activated Mayura hotel; Sree sadguru

Hair Cut; shampoos;

plan sunday

sri balaji;
jai sankar;

7th April friday 2017

100;Took Telugu velugu to office;
90;paid rent; new paper;
80;winding up plans of Munawwer? for got cell there;
70;30 k to get from field; dont ask help;
60;Lot of pushing work from cyber cafe;
50;Seen good traffic for 2 days?
40;Adv planning to do;
30;Tower every hour;
20;seen IPL again;
10;Self confidence pls;
5;Horrible heat managed field work;
1.Gave vetuku to siva sankar caterer got his commitment;
2.Candys; Paper given;
3.Met Sarees chowdaiah;
4.Gave vetuku to Sabjan;
5.Kept paper @ Naidu;
6.G K Ramu
7. Gave papers to office guys and filing work did; 2plus,2 plus 2;
8. Closed Mayura fast foods;
9. Gave access to vasthu guy;
10. Luckey payout from Syam embroidery;

6th Thursday April 2017

Reached back Tirupati; Took rest in afternoon; Power hickups faced; Evening Recd Gama payout google letter and sticker help is new thing for the day; cash withdrawn and paid house rent;  Recd vetuku by bus; seen ipl; match;


5th April wedday 2017

Sri Rama Navami day many msges recd from whats app; posted pending blog posts from cafe; Caterer g plus activated ; Uneasy due to over night sleep disturbance;

3 rd April 2017

Reached nellore by byke safe hot sun from  naidupet; DTP work completed from new DTP guy much less price; Called ram kumar; Dat collected enroute; Got income from SRO: Met seenaiah; Called Rx ramachandra; missed night Insulin dose;

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