Friday, December 26, 2008

earla devuni naidu

One of my friends in nellore

My openion...always talks about big things seen helpful to friends and others at some times but bit sarcastic makes full use of phone. this velama guy is from Visakhapatnam  Narsipatnam i have seen him doing water purifiers business, I N G vysya insuranse,in health care biz by his site i dont know what happend to this site? 

currently he is on way to launch a real eatate project, staying at balaji nagar nellore. he says entire south india is his home town.
his email


this guy is my friend since 2000.very smart at selling trying to be an anchor he knows photography also and he is lic agent.he gained much knowledge from gandhi in the field of anchoring.
he is married and has 2 children.he has interests in singing.

my friend gandhi introduced this guy to me when i launched he gave a selling tip there that clicked.when i was selling chantings he soldsomeboxes and when wanted to vacate nellore office i gave most of the things to him. i gave his residense address for that hdfc bank also.he went to bangalore to deliver ananda nilaym idols. recently thru him i got large data of prarapa people.

his email his cell:9885342958
i will up date more about him soon.

Chat with Jana in 2008

janardhanc2k (12/25/2008 5:14:45 PM): yes It's done. You can chek with your current email,

Again missed laxmi srinivasa he says friday effect then to dr utthama hotel ratnakar said he will help.syam called but voice was cluttering so i said no lost temper with edn on phone to be careful next time out. at after noon checked old diaries of 2006 important more working hoursby others.almost 3 calls for that chirus prarajyam theme song for the day i attended sai patham hospital guy.

in the morning met Aruna murthy he wanted small idols,to Nageswar rao he said "rahukalam" from now to be careful who is this kodur dilip kumar reddy wishing Anam viveka? his cell: 98853-42435.
his flux spectra :99085..? to net scanned images of satyamand ed naidu

Thursday, December 25, 2008

my events from reverse of the day in 2008

Heres is connies message...stardusterconnie (12/25/2008 5:33:59 AM): Please dont send me your daily diarys, I like to hear from you but I don't want to recieve your online diary, okay, Merry Christmas Rahul I do pray you have a wonderful one, your family also......

ohh no one is really interested in my life story too??

inr met>> meaning of convener is "sandhana kartha". unusual event at bliss net r r st that beautiful "kerala girl" net guys chat and things at notice board noted......received one Ananda nilaym from subramanyam but still thre is lot of communication gap noted.
gowd bar again ...rtc buses watched...syams call noted recd payment from vyjayanthi...met samsung ..guy ohh that beatiful tv..and nageswar rao his friendly reception noted again hope noted asked me to come next day very promising day really.

vacated lodge

Monday, December 22, 2008

monday post

hi this my best friend connie pic she is from usa we have been nice friends since 2000.

connie mills (1/6/2009 7:19:36 AM): I am doing good how about yourself? I don't write public diary, thats something I consider to be personal and do not share. How was your Christmas and New years, ours was nice, New Years we stayed home ate pizza and watched T.V, christmas I cooked turkey and ham also the trimmings and had company, we had pork and saurkraut for New Years, good eatin'

Saturday, December 20, 2008

20th saturday 2008

Got up late slept at ed naidus guest house got up late due to that over dose of Alchohol pressed up to go tirupati after reaching called janrdhan syam ramoji then came to this net blog posting.

i started collecting pictures of friends jan
ardhan and ednaidu gave already.

seen this blog

Name: K.Ramani
UBI A/c Number: 343402010001849
Payable at: Venkatagirikota (Branch).

Thursday, December 18, 2008

18 th thursday@ nellore

got up at 4 am heavily pressurised for large luggage and stock laminations of sai agencies and thats my first success in laminations had to be devlivered so by 6 am called vasu boxes guy with his help got to rtc bus stand by auto nellore-kavali bus with all 10^10 boxes reached nellore by 9.30 am while travelling read entire diary of last novenber in bus and slept also.
after reaching nellore took room paid advance at the same nanada lodge expences are mounting up un knowingly??purchased recharge coupon rim for 50/- took soap had tea then had face wash with lot of stress went to sai agancies before this i transfered 1k to jaybaul (a.d jaybaul at karur vysya bank ac number 128915524989 )and delivered him 10 boxes.i was tired much i dont know why was it ok again i had tea then to laxmi srinivasa realtor but nageswar rao wasnt there so came back and purchased new chappal at bata showroom long pending one on sales man s suggestion but pain in the foot was still there and tht slippers were not that comfortable.

call from siva laminations guy and also syam evening bramha reddy met on the sai cafe both went for marketing and he guided me to tap venkata ramana arcade.
at about 1 pm i went to cafe and edited last 30 days happenings that gave nice satisfaction.

i want to express every thing as whats happening in my daily life for accelarated groth i was thinking were to improve some things falshed in my mind.i rang to naguluri lodge at tirupati where i dint tell them that i wont be coming back for the between janrdhan called me and alsed me to catch up later.

while crossing radha mahal at nellore i have seen huge rush for new movie of Raviteja neninthe mostly youngsters quing for tickets.

i had to wait for the chinku at sai agencies for long time finally at 9.30 pm he settled amount that brings me firt lamintion sucess story.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

titanic script

titanic  Movie script sen by by sean


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