Monday, April 11, 2016

1st aug monday 2016

1st Aug Monday 2016;

Worked with Nrn met Dileef guy; Met sro night ok; Good response for ad; Meet up withTv guy; One guy from kavalai paid;

Siva dint respond well; Forgot to call Gta; Seenaiah office help had; Bramha reddy met; Saveer; Pavan absent again; new ideas emergd from NRN tie up; Temple ads Ok; Some herbal office and Eggs point met;

 Bandar Sweet new shop flex seen; 

31st july sunday 2016

31st july sunday 2016;

Quickly decided to go to Nellore got ready and started this time by Venkatagiri road had nice journey good roads reached safe and retired;

30th july sat 2016

Anyway days synopsys;

New boy Siva brought 2 payouts; Srnbabu did work at Chittoor nd Dw paid for them so Ok; 3 more ads paid for somaiah for nellore; Spent some time with Manohar reddy and Koteswar rao at office; digging work did at office for few months;

Ameen met and told abt potenciality of Anantapur,Dharmavaram Pavan was also present; Eye glass missing? gangaram function hall police meet;

50 worriors plan;
Dig back further;
use phone;

j k traders renigunta rd; 73961 55868;(Printers)

30th july sat 2016;
Lord photos dream ?; 50 warriors idea;


fakriunnisa;Twitter id issue;

See payouts if any; (Boy;; 2,Lodge) (Pavan:Cycle; Interiors;)
ME; enq; 5.grocer; call srn babu;
Decide abt eenadu AD FOR NELLORE;;
Prepare for nlr trip:


2,Avoid wrong seletion; 
3,wait a decade; 
4,Dont commit;
5,Use enemies; 
6,Anticipate problems;
7,art of timing;
8,New relationships pls;
9, lot of little gifts
10,despise free lunch;

veh horn work;
nlr trip planning??
call nlr doctor; biz scho
tweet; activate swagruha sweets;
study lenivi plus Vunnavi;

29th fri july 2016

29th Fri July 2016;

Days synopsys; Gave 2 references to boy and 2 to pavan; My followup with Rice, baby shop at night; Took prints from Cyber cafe; ghadbad at home; Called srn Babu; Ammen called; Manohar Reddy wishes and its ok now; Gave address prints to gta and shes on job; Chinna came home; Had fluconazole; at cafe R K residency affair confusing; print of Universal a/c took and given to Pavan;

28th july thursday 2016

28th july thursday 2016;

1,August issue postal list saved and took print;
2,Activated yesterday POP: and cement;
3,Enqyuire abt furniture g plus did; 
4,Coffe powder; Milk;
5,blockout started;
6,Completedjan 2016 synopsys;

27th july wed day 2016

27th july Wed 2016;

Days top stories;
Closed one POP entry easily and got Muneeswara g plus code; Boy said worked 20 calls;
checked  developments from january 2016; night activated 2.5 gb net again rs 455/- some hick up on going to Knchi; babu absent; Volini purchased; borouge twitter story has emerged;

26th july tuesday 2016

Wait a decade:

26th july tuesday 2016;

Activated new life furniture; NRN babu came again; rice pics took; met chandra; Bit tired; Avoided Pavan twice;  very hot day Heavy rain in night;
Me,Boy, Pavan,NRN have worked?
 Night Lighs payout recd;

25th july monday 2016

Morning  August issue content work did; Recd masage; 25th July Monday 2016;

Must attend  Shree lights for  payout  again at 6 PM: Attended again vayida had;

New  arranged boy file and he got into action closed one entry brought advance and collected one payout; afternoon RKN reference guy came to office;  Surprise morning ameen joined work and we called two calls; Net prints took from Cybr cafe; Took pics of ricemart; Mr Palli furniture guys g plus code received;

24th july sunday 2016

1.Fixed a/c water tube;
2.Google plus  cover can be changed is new knowledge for the day; 
3.Met shree lights shown him maps listings at night had his commitment; 
4.No change of anything for the day good afternoon sleep had; 
5.the hindu read poor plan of water during afternoon session; fish head lunch had; 
6.RKN reference call recd and saved it; news of pavan? 
8.ctr guys call at morning rejected; 
9.purchased tablets etc at morning; 
10.met Horn guy; 
11.Visiting cards segregated;
12.Had dosa as tiffen;
13,14,Activated 2 g plus; of sri nirmal and D W;
15,Posted yesterdays blog;eenadu scanned;

23rd july sat 2016

23rd July Saturday 2016;
Take initiative in establishing new relationships; give away lot of little gifts;

Govind reddy came and repaired Cot thanks to munawwer  later had good comfort; Review posted for Diamond collection;Sekhar Bhai called had nice chat a/c etc savings; Arguments at morning Tiffen centre; Activated Lights g plus;
Success story emrged with boy at field calls closed 3 entries;
Problem with pavan emerged as he was absent but solved by evening;
Purchasec ell phone charger; New problem emerged from home fron to a/c water so purchased pipe; met munawwer and his friend;  Lights guy failed again;
Sewing machine guy nonsence and RK residency renigunta also flopped; Tweeted seen makemytrip; seen blog prints of past at office; called varna musicals;

22nd july friday 2016

             Mukesh Chand Mathur great singer of his era;

22nd friday july 2016;

Days synopsys:

Tweeted in morning about Rajnis movie;Morning enjoyed Kishore kumar songs thanks to technology and google;
2 guys have joined my network one guy being very cool brushed the other boy gave them id cards; days work was really tough without any hope;  I gave training to surendra babu Met Patel hardware guy said they will be bit free in evening; GVK flex no hoper; Dw commitment had for Monday; long wait at railway bridge; Poor dress discomfort;

Pavan and new boy worked as team and pavan disappeared in night;
night met lights guy took code and pics thanks he received the code committed for next day; Collected 17 plus data; some trouble in home continued even at night;

21st july thursday 2016

21st July Thursday 2016;
rohit khandelwal mr world;
Surprised with my own energy levels for the day;

Good news from eenadu; #kabali; #Google card board camera app; Activated pavans 2 g plus entries; edited jagadeesh enterprises; Organised files in Kit bag; Gta applied scin cream;  varna musicals ad seen; rayalseema agencies ad ran; selfie death details known;
Developed sales people training detailing talk; idea of monthly hits prints to customers;

Cold noodle tiffen at home and arguments on car pic;

After reaching office pavan joined me and the Boy  boy started palying up with tricks;

Anyway me and Pavan went to Renigunta enroute shown pavan many points; met vinayaka clay guy was dis-satisfied; mariamma Pic took; on the whole known about hectic restaurant competion at Renigunta on this visit;  Need to carry water and some energy buiscuits next time out;

later seen one new hotel enroute to Renigunta and engineering colleges; Met earliar lodge listings at renigunta non of them are satisfed; irritation from Pavan throught the trip;
1.lakshmi Ganpati Hotel Chaitanya deciding person; 7207301177;
2. met rto lady;
3.Vinayaka clay cell numbers; 9030882877; 9030146561
4.Order got From D w ramesh failed to collect other cell number;
5.kamalakar called but rejected him;stand alone;
6. D K Residency; lady met; Google stickers seen; hope emerged;
7. K r bhavan reddy; son at USA;
8.Guy at balaji Hotel was not available;
9.Pavan sai srinivasam residency;

10.evening met vijay lalitha enterprises; owner number got; 9246996975;
11. met sapthagiri eye clinic  hopeful;
12.fakhunnisa physiotherapist;
13.some silks guy;

No payouts throught the day;

Pavan( give him prints) Boy and me;? Energy levels;
My calls; Varsha; ref of chandra; balaji; surgicals;

Byke horn work; id cards tags for 2 guys; 

20th july wed day 2016; power of google reviews

20th july 2016;
User reviews are now a necessity.
A higher volume of good reviews will help you rank higher on Google Maps.Create a landing page on your website that has a direct link to your Google map listing

Google reviews can drive three core areas of your business: brand trust, local SEO, and feedback. If you’re not currently utilizing Google reviews, you’re potentially missing out on advantages that your competitors may be utilizing.

Agaian morning has gone with Interviews etc but new Boy hos joined attached him to Pavan; Called sri sai Nellore;

Byke horn ???
Call nlr sri sai hospital;
scin ailment drugs;
Speed post details;
Balaji Vaccine; manasa cafe;

from cafe; Location map prints,  
Renigunta hotels prints;
I must manage some field calls ricemart opp shop;  
reference of Chandra;

19th july tuesday 2016

19th july Tuesday 2016:
Both the Fishes have died and related discussion at home and minus effect; Posted few more google map reviews;
Next market strategy must evolve; Ad response continued almost 60 to 70 calls received very promising some guys also met i was fully busy till 3 P M; 

Sunkara chennaiah death news and realted condolence messages on wahatsapp; Called Seenaiah and NRN; 

Slight disturbance at office due to by passing; Koteswara rao absence and Pavans non reporting is huge head ache;

Simhapuri and chandra provisions g plus codes activated;
Chandra  payout is recd provisions pics also loaded;
Few things arranged to home;

18th july monday 2016

18th July Monday 2016;

Night managed engine oil work plus fish pond; entire day had good response for eenandu ad so repeated it; Had places guidance form koteswar rao Pavan came very late surprised with ad response; One guys nuisance had; recd ameer tyres and activated it; No field calls for the day with ad response and interviews; gave map prints to pavan; night added few more map  locatations to list;
points developed for interwiew;

shaving pls; Enquire lights g plus code; Use ph;
Pay and repeat Eenadu ad; 
ad response to face;
do survey 2 ;
Engine oil; horn work;
Cot work;
Some field calls; try renewals;
Balaji,varsha,Nabee,Cafe manas;
The Hindu,Et;

Team power; Ads power:

Tell survey power to Pavan;
Continue content and data consolidation work;

17th july sunday 2016

17th July Sunday 2016;

Had nice Dosa and chutney in morning;Activted Ricemart code at morning edited data further; Anthima Theerpu prasad birth day; Munawwer called;  ashwin, chinna  responded on whats app,double entry problem of fancy store;Scanned Tel Velugu quickly;

Ricemart payout recd quickly, With that Eenadu ad given for Monday; pavan met at office and gave one ad later activated it in night; Seen Dharmavaram Vysyas directory and ads in office visited Fortune Kences  hotel seen Rudraksha show; singhs call?

Continued and retrieved population data from google map marker at night ; Had disturbed sleep? Dosage slightly crossed for night; dandayatra is keyword for the day; had chicken curry;

16th july satday 2016


Big team; needed; ads and ads and only ads only can save;
Msg sent to Ricemart; Munawwer; idea lady;
16th july sat day 2016;;
Belt problem solved; managed 8 field calls; 
madhurai trip evolvd from office;

20 data consolidations managed; Visiting cards on Pocket;
Started content work for august;
prints to retrieved for  Pavan;
To Be  like google only online domination;


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