Monday, April 11, 2016

july 2016

31st july sunday 2016;

Quickly decided to go to Nellore got ready and started this time by Venkatagiri road had nice journey good roads reached safe and retired;

30th july sat 2016

Anyway days synopsys;

New boy Siva brought 2 payouts; Srnbabu did work at Chittoor nd Dw paid for them so Ok; 3 more ads paid for somaiah for nellore; Spent some time with Manohar reddy and Koteswar rao at office; digging work did at office for few months;

Ameen met and told abt potenciality of Anantapur,Dharmavaram Pavan was also present; Eye glass missing? gangaram function hall police meet;

50 worriors plan;

Dig back further;
use phone;

j k traders renigunta rd; 73961 55868;(Printers)

30th july sat 2016;

Lord photos dream ?; 50 warriors idea;


fakriunnisa;Twitter id issue;

See payouts if any; (Boy;; 2,Lodge) (Pavan:Cycle; Interiors;)

ME; enq; 5.grocer; call srn babu;
Decide abt eenadu AD FOR NELLORE;;
Prepare for nlr trip:


2,Avoid wrong seletion; 
3,wait a decade; 
4,Dont commit;
5,Use enemies; 
6,Anticipate problems;
7,art of timing;
8,New relationships pls;
9, lot of little gifts
10,despise free lunch;

veh horn work;

nlr trip planning??
call nlr doctor; biz scho
tweet; activate swagruha sweets;

study lenivi plus Vunnavi;