Sunday, February 22, 2009

visiting cards

21 feb post

Quite unexpectedly very sucessful day! the one started with next room guy wishing me then followed auto guy then tea shop guy laundry man that laxmi srinivasa followup success noted after jaybal joining me he gave one offer of visiting cards.ankama rao still irritating and very slow and met swamy while sitting at web cafe narada executive came and lost temper but gave 4 plus one ad in Jyothi..and Umapati help seen and met thulasi at chat she left so suddenly i was dis satisfied.met Munawwer after spending some time there went to bhimas and gave 3 lamination and had to come back for those boxes.ngur met on the way and asked his support mor to that naguluri activated ramu and another person murali moahan.

purchased 5 news paers and analysed all the content and cuttings also seperated.
scanning works continued inr,veduku bill,Murali and his daughter letter pad of vetuku,sri balaji photo frames etc.todays writings include malli cafe guy and jaybal.

Ghantasala songa effect at wine shop Syam met and at eve net domain control things edited and started mailing work of to pharma companies. what if no one responds thru this activity also to note.mor rama murthy called.mor varadarajan also followed with jaybals help another point known cell phone edited few numbers deleted.big auto guys help took another failure is coulnt handle some ones question at koneti katta.why was that stomach disturbance i think i musr plan to eat at decent places.
very speedy evening works unable to handle time and i need team very badly thats how day ended.


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