Wednesday, September 25, 2019

my Life Achievements Future Dreams;

my Life Achievements future dreams; Refinements;

my Life Achievements

Get funding and 10 offices at top cities;
They buy emotion and not product;

1.Dream Big Conceive big things get funding with  Brave heart;  utilise Rx  Crops: Take Zaminryot 90 years  ads and Ennadu ad support; 
 build Team  @ 9 top places in AP & TS with ads  ads; & stickers; leaflets;
2.Dominate; 3  TS;  1.Hyderabad; 2.Nellore; 3.Warangal; 4.nizamabad; 5. Vja; 6. Vzg; 7.Kakinada; 8. Rajmundry; 9. guntur,
4.I must teach Digital marketing skills prepare well for this; teach online corporates;
5.Home  construction work  at Gollapalli; Tirupati visit meet all clients Nellore  visit Visit Kadapa clients;
6. Close Big projects; industry top insta; twitter; Social media projects;
7. Blog and twitter Bio  and insta Bio SEO  improved;
8.Current Tie ups; My knowledge and my confidence my sales and motivation skills Digital marketing skills;  Gta;  Ameen ji  Jana; Seenaiah; Nrn; Jayram Reddy ; Ruresh; some clients on hand; google map accounts ; DW; Jayram Reddy)
Smart ph; Jio; laptop; byke; Insta engagement; twitter followers; Tv; seo knowledge;
Top important things in life health; respect; community known;
got yes for house construction at Gollapally;
1 hour digital marketing idea;
seen global sites of digital marketing;
chetchat videos;
digital marketing course material developed; my audio; video;
lets talk videos; 25 youtubers info;
60 song videos;
Bloh Bio and twitter Bio fine tuned;
google analytics known;
Concentrate on one thing pls;
emojis power known;
whatsapp new dybnamics known;
learn from mistakes of others; 
Ankur; Oxford english;
Digital marketing is for 20 to 25 age groups;
Adsense income is dead totally;
Computer  fundamentsls known;
 Filmora got back again;
twitter ids gone;

Bill Books and color leaflets;
learn web design;  or tie up;
Increase tie ups;
Relaunch vetuku again after covid  out break;
Real life progress began with passport application filling due to education; Inter mediate success as college first;
Book reading and fitness with athletics later joining Military; visit to Singapore;
family support when iam sick;
growth hampered due to illness;
is after getting degree cirtification;

Max India  job Byke etc; Nellore contacts; uni siel as area manager;
Idols biz and big corporate order and good income;
Nt; later Nellore one; then vetuke; lekhari;
Gta; Google maps; seo; twitter handles;
rx knowledge in past 30 years;
smart ph; youtube video knowledge;
Corona isolation and related connections; jafrullah and all other relatives;
Nagarajas death;
SMS power and gopals acceptance;
Drohis sabotage;
Known market rates for digital marketing;
digital marketing course;
Internal linking; SEo knowledge;
Big set back is twitter verifications;
known importance of team at places and web design power;
twitter watch;
seen many alexa top sites;Excersice of how many pages they have;
big project jasmine got;
SEO charges are 10 k per hour;
Excersice of how many pages they have; poer of a video known;

2018 to   2019 phase 14 @ Hyderabad 6;
srscientifcics subba Reddy responded
good content needed please;
Ravi chan call; padmas bouncer;
jasminepetmart twitter and insta are inked in google;
Rama Chandra  Kadapa response;
Jafrullah support;

great content received from whatsapp messages;
Major 2019 developments;

Learnt to post blogging from Mobile;
More confidence more refined approach;
Promotional end;
Blog design developed;
Took help of google pay from clients;
just dial seo   top 10 on google capture known;
#Digital Marketing content in English and  color leaflet of 4 pages was major development of year; 10 k promotional  charges plan ;
 #Proposal letter for Digital marketing developed letter get it signed; SEo audit;
*** Niche marketing idea  emerged so quickly  covered 24 SROs google ranking  of D W  improved managed 2 months income;
Lekhari Sticker pasting Branding strategy;
Social media promotional rates known  got one big  project jasminepetmart.
SEO improved 100 catogories ; closed 50 plus new GMB added for new year

for one review got 2 k captain cook;
lekhari Sticker developed and pasted at D W  and few  other nice places this is good  branding work;
Streamlined  current 300  GMB listings on hand; 
Top contacts listed out; chronology of payouts listed; 
My blog  getting spidered more often;
Knowledge end;
Adwords set up knowledge gained  lekhari campaign buy campaign flopped money gone;
Did 2 paid campaigns for insta nutty and me;
Importance of trust and  need of regular interaction known;
Digital marketing end;

google end;

My influence with google reviews  etc;
Nearing 1cr google photo views to capitalyse ; 100 google reviews got to; 
#Continued to  post many  new reviews  throught the year and continued to post photos;
Gained  More knowledge on Digital Marketing;
Google pay, phone pay; utilities enjoyed;
Google mobile maps on and near by 11 KM radius area known;;
known appointing managers; screen shot development;

Team end;

Worked with Ajay; Kishore team; Drohi; Kamalakar; but lost drohi; kamalakar; ajay;

Human Relation skills;
"BigBoss" show points; not to feel and heart broken,
Spoken  skills  soft skills and human relations coaching knowledge to develop further;
Power and reputation improvemnt; Improved;


Some renewal payouts got by transfer; through google  pay; phone pay etc;
New keyboard for laptop;
#hashtags sticker of follow us  developed;

 67000 charaector lonf msg; few others lost ramesh and caterers

Developed hyderabadlistings  and Nlr: Tpt; Vzg; Vja  places insta; plus totalling 20 plus;
#Confidence and quotes developed with lekhari.official insta power of a good Dress.

brides.trends. rs 250/- [per post; 9603407030
rashmika 88 k;
More exposure to Instagram avoid posting  google pics apps saved pics send msgs ;
plus 20 insta ids on hand; instasave app;
personal story on  insta  knowledge;

Rx end;
Star Superior and Suraj narredu jodi wins  but i reduced  rx activities due to poor payouts; suraj on twitter;
getting calls are very tough on google  known;

*300 plus major web sites launching dates data on hand; How world progressed;

Other Team Developments;


design team developed;
Gta  completed graphic ; Her design strength  added  as asset to me; Took her help for twitter back covers and  logo Design  works etc;
Diwali and wishes  to old clients design for twitter; fb  helped respinse had from D E Prahlad; Water guy tpt: Buy n Save:
Water purifier  arranged by Gta  at home reduced risk of carring water from outside;

Sabotage  of adhesives guy and  Bajrangs sons  to takec are  of getting them signed;

Kalakeyas dialogues enjoyed;

Old songs enjoyed; movie related knowledge;
Trusted partners Value of this word;
more parties enjoyed with Kishore:
 *fan ids of celebs and photos on insta and followers base known;
Paradi effect known;
Yoga  mat and excersizes did  baghlingampally
Shifted to Bagh Amberpet;

2018  Back to hyd;

Digital  marketing course completed; 
my fitness health  improved but bykes  condition deteriorated and so eye sight;
more Hyd arial exposure;
Interacted with more new people at field;
Continued to buy Telugu velugu and wowhyd;
Missfortunes of the year 2019; 2018;

Nagaraja gollapally death news further crushed:
poor call average of 6 
Vinni marriage vit and big differences there and big collapse:
Bawa Gruha pravesham dint attend;
Pullaiah papulamma  saccasm avoided him;
Many of them have read whatsapp msgs but none respinded:
While i tried and put efforts fully still failed to save surplus money but hope developed;
No Team  no ads support managed year anyway;
No surplus money
Money went drain due to google adwords;
2 instagram ads;
Wine took away another chunk of money must control this year;
Failed to get bigger projects finally insufficieant money to  even renue domain names;
Very poor adsense income;
Poor clsings; poor Income; Money crunch at some times poor target audience;
Major breakthroughs;
Jasminepetmart project;
 Nutty delite; mayur pan house ; EVR;  Pragathi money and renewals  payouts and work of Dr at Tirupati saved;
lost team and  few contacts;
*loss of Sbi card and  unable to pay for insta campains problem;
Citywok bags late delivery  tention managed;
Kirans  non support horrible  missbehaviour  of asking  Adhaar card and mobile SIM card related episodes; 
He booked his domain name;
Rithika baldhead guys missfire:
plastic bottle guys over action;
Negative comment DW writer tention;

metalhouse guys non co operation;
Adhesives guys pressure and sabotage;  
Balaji Bajrang sons head ache; 
Sofa guys money back; late payout of pragathi;
Ramoji sabotage;
lofer Pavans non responsiveness;
Non s non caring;
tpt physiotherapist:
Dhyana sai and Sreenu Frames;
Kamalakars toungue slip; 
Ashwins  non caring mannerism;
Miss understnadings with Gta relatives;
Kattela  failure followed by time waste  episode with kasturi gopal a krishna;
nuttydelites trust lost due to blocking his number: 
srscientifics trust  of reporting;
accu guys  non support;
Some people have claimed  back their listings tpt Rheumatologist;
Starpets episode google my biz;
Onion price hike;
Wine price hike;
Bykes fall @Rajendra Nagar  lucky save due to Helmet continued pains etc; 
Kishore party  Vomitting horror;

Disha  murder case and deaths case;
Elections results; jagan and KCR;
Shah pan palace payout episode;
owner lady  behaviour of involving gta to buy sarees;
Srns calling and not meeting;
Continued arguments at home;
Narsing Raos drink  expenses episode;
nlr rythubhoomi madhu non responsiveness; 
Seenaih worst attitude;
Bhawars non response; 
Banglore vischu;  
missbehaviour of gtas chinnanna doubt;
kalyans double action;
Ramesh vzg episode ; 
over action of gts sister at whatsapp;
Uma money episode pressure to repay;
NTdomain renewal episode with jana;
WebDesign course and pressure of wordoress lady  mannerism of tutor and gtas support withdrwal episode;
ultimate aqua gooogle map marker episode;
lekhari not showing up up on google ranking;
Not attending 2nd death annivarsary of Gtas brother not allowing them to home later not attending Anjalis function;
Headache at ashok nagar bar;
Neibours nonsense managed; Another suspecious shy  neibour;
@Sundaraiah park space headache;
Tea guys nonsense;
my shout on Saree selling guy at my house door step:
Muggu gone due to Surya Grahan at door of house;
Timewasted for marriage scapes but new hope through screen shot got;
Anjali irritating attitude;
flop of small pamplet unable to distribute;
sticker pasting failure
Color wall sticker failed;

phase 13 Tirupati with GTA; tpt2;

4 years; no progress but gained google  my biz clients from Tirupati  Nlr;
Chinna over action:

2018;17;2016;2015; 2014;

Samsung smartphone and JIo  net power and usage benefits; gold chain;
Golden Senorita Will it help as status ? 
A/c comfort Ok;
GTA property settled;
google business pages continued;
phase 12 @ Hyderabad 5
2013; 2012;  2011; 2010;

NRN team; 

@hyd; @Ajay; 
Google maps:
Gta;tpt; Hyd;
GTA added
phase 11 tpt
with family members 
2009; Tpt; thulasi funding;
2008; Nlr;
2007; Banglore; rx book; 
2006; Banglore; idols;
Syam; cheng;  
phase 10 Nlr 2

2005; nlr; Vetuku; English;

2004; Nlr;
2003; nlr; nelloreone;
2002; nlr;
2001; Nlr; health trouble;
2000; nlr; NT ;N. Prabhakar investment;
phase 9  @ Hyd 4
1999; 1998;1997;
Hyderabad;  Happy homes; yogi pharmacy;  delhi pharma generics;
Mumbai company;
Astro drugs;
phase 8 @ Nlr1
1995; chennai uniseil; Manager;
1994; max india
1993; nellore;max india
1992; max;
1991; Bio win;
Phase 7  kdp;3
1989  IKFL Atp and kdp;
1988; prizm
1987 prizm;
phase 6 @Hyd3
1986;  Rx; passports;
1985;  passports; singapore; fathers death;
1984;  passports;
1983;  Hyderabad degree; Athletics;
Phaase 5 Kdp 2
1982; mariapuram; Raghu;
1981; mariapuram; uma; venkatesh; Vasu
Phase 4 @ Hyd 2

1980 hyd;  Satish; prasad; Raju;
phase 3 Kdp 1
1979; kdp;
1978; kdp;
1977;  csi;
1976;  Nagrajpet;
phase 2  Gollapalli
1975- 1970 gollapalli: Rajampet;

phase 1 @Hyd 1

1970- 1965;

Synopsys; Over all in my life education and Dale Carniegie  human relationship skills and tecnical knowledge team work  saved my life;

Failures; poor funding; my comfort zone;

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Yearwise closings


Worst Things




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