Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August 2017


21st aug Monday 2017

Teja spoeken eng called back;
Met one sweets shop;
Lakshmi Narayana kalyana Mandapam g code took and activated;
Unable to visit office;
Srikalahasti jewellery shops seen; sunil;
met munawwer;
Met ricemart;
zaminryot entries posted

31st Thursday August 2017
Improve goodwill;
Pavan ayyappa;
edited Mallisetty;

Worked with pavan got cycle payout;
met one sewing machine; Grocer;
Kaal Jeweller;
 Met mallisetty
G plus activated for Bhargavi Book shop;
Airtel post paid activated;
 brought home Oil etc;

Visited office and visiting cards filing did Called Kadapa saree shop lady Ok;

Pavan joined and good discussion had with him small payout;
Again msg sent to to  Kishore Rm;
Again initiated with airtel for post paid;
Small top up in night; Dress press managed;

29th August 2017Top Categories in morning posted; print;

Sept renewals prints took;
Taj card took lady;
balaji jewe mart tried;
Success from ponnala for the day;
Purchased  needles and Rice purchased but seems to have been failed;
Check Ganesha festival ads;
Airtel post paid activated;
ph calls;Nil;
sms; balaji j mart;
tell sweets guy;
population stats
arh diabetics tirupati undi;

28th aug monday 2017

bhuma brahmananda reddy

Spent time with Tv9 On Nandyal  election counting at home Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy win; Later Vasant Bhavan success at Tiruchanoor rajaram sreedhr; Met pokala and photographer hes dis satisfied; Met jana enroute; Afternoon session Rajaram catering paid my whatsapp followup goodwill helped; quite uneasy throught?; Yellowpages Idea has emerged; No noon indu; pavan absent?

Visited office activated Taj catering and claimed Ram thulasi; Visited office ABC news paper seen. New Pen Note book Net prints folder; Cell ph top up and vegitables to home; Night top categories listed out;
27th august sunday 201777308 10126 infi tourism tirupati saikeertana nuero & cosmetic clinic tirupati ledu;

activate taj catering;

26th AUG saturday 2017

Unexpected things of the day:

uma called; Tommorow ganesh nimajjanam at tirupati;
managed tweet;
Pavan joined for joint work;
Sekhar Bhai met at coffee corner said 600 whatsapp;uma said 260 members;
8 of zaminryot content;

Called Rajaram catering shreedhar ; Monday;

opp sun shine Dr bandaru Usha Rani 9542615221
Kala Digital studio;
Dr hareesh;
Taj catering said ok;
Called Rajaram catering;
sekhar bhai met;
met golden pearl took pics and content later mailed to jana;
Morning tied to meet Kamalakar;
Visited office had discussion with Koteswara rao took tenali times;

closed sweets;

25th august 2017 Friday

 2017 Ganesh puja at home


Dodda puram street Ganesh

Ganesh   Chaturthii wishes greetings to all of you 
Vinayaka Chaviti day: 3 dailies and 70 ads seen; whatsapp wonder messages; Late Tiffen and body pains; Kamalakar called;
24th august Thursday 2017
mgr mail forward snt to jana;
Called Ricemart Kishore;
Trip to Kanipakam failed;
Rainy day weakness continued;
Vij Bhaskar called back;
Srikakulam, vizianagarm maps entries work started;

23 rd August 2017 Wed day

anjanakesari t id; g plus; Sudhakar med agency g plus code recd;
Seen renigunta airport road; 22 Kalmandapams in SKHT: seen topography;
Heavy back pain;

22ND AUGUST 2017
Pavan Electricals activated;
Indian sewing machines;
Sent 8 SMS;
Usha opticals g plus;

21st aug monday 2017Amavasya day;
Rice mart;
remote log in;
Call teja spoken english;
swimming pool;
Consolidate ledu file; nishkama;

marriage bureaus in tpt 20 plus;

20th Aug sunday 2017

Arranged chicken; scanned 2 dailies

swimming pool;
Consolidate ledu file; nishkama;
Zr; rx;
overan sr;
Arranged chicken; scanned 2 dailies
swimming pool;
Consolidate ledu file; nishkama;
Zr; rx;
overan sr;
siva sakti marriage bureau  bangarupalyam ledu
sivasankari marriage bureau chittoor l
sri sumangali  marriage bureau  chittoor l
govinda quick marriage links tirupati
vivaha deepika undi

19th sat august 2017
Sold old dailies; Arranged few things to home; Posted pending blog postings; Deleted ph numbers in vedeos; Cloth Given for pressing; Trip activations analysed; Beerakaya; edited map for convention centre; Pavan g plus activated;

Attended office one magazine got organised old dailies; Pavan brought one payout but i lost temper; Cheque dropped;  Mobile top up managed;
18th August friday 2017

Quickly updated tour data;  Met Pokala; Ricemart Kishore; jana shareit; pavan met; evening got pokala payout so paid office rent;
Laptop; Cell ph missbehaviour;
17th aug  Thursday 2017
Sleepless oevr night; Attended marraige dropped Bhagyamma vadina took rest; Evening started to Tpt  and reached safe;
16th August  Wedday 2017

Satarted early to Rajampet and reached safe; Bujji and gta joined later; Workd in rajampet Ok collected ome jewellers data; marriage halls are busy; Night attended reception and enjoyed orchestra;

15th aug  Tuesday 2017

Met Mayuri  Vastra  Nilayam and activated   Gplus; Home needs  G plus also activated; Pavan called; Called gta lost temper ; Chinna; Krishnaiah; Uma; Chappal repair done; 
Cell ph 4g top up did;

mudrika plywoods kadapa ledu
kotari banian  kadapa
s r convention hall   rajampet ledu
vajram function  hall   rajampet
vijaya durga lodge    rajampet rhythm baby world kadapa  ledu;
d r s residency rajampet
sri sai home needs  rajampet zonalinfo
Home centre;

swagath residency kadapa 96 r
raja studio kadapa Photography studio in Kadapa, India
datta sai lodge kadapa
pvr studio  kadapa
padmavathi lodge  kadapa
Komma Super Speciality Hospital
veerabhadra shopping mall kadapa
noor electronics kadapa
asif khan opticals kadapa

14th August
Nagendra ceramics failure;
managed tweets;

5 g plus activations; 4 from new cyber cafe;
1. Sudhakar Med Agencies;
2. Sewing Machines;
3. Usha Opticals;
4. Naresh Jewellers;
5. Ayurvedics; got cheque;

Hair styles survey;
Added google data to some more  categories;
DW 20 data collected;;
Night Lights survey did;
15th aug Planning did;
3 new  Roads;
Took jet mat
Days Calls;
Rice Guy;
W world;
Dry cleaner;
Cloth guys 2
2 florists;
Paints; Pesticides;
zabardast; saloon survey;
janatha med
DW data;
Sewing machines;
nagendra ceramics;
dress wah;

13 th august sunday 2017

Some more data collected from field; Uneasy; surprise airtel data vanished? Had sleep problem over night;
12 th Aug Saturday 2017
Called Bujji in Morning; Met Badri   known things from Praddatur guy;Morning some data collected from field;Luck G pullaiah renued after some jewellers in  calls at Y V St; Seenaiah called talked with Kamalakar; Challa failed again eve; Evening Krishnaiah met; some entries data retrieved from cyber cafe in evening; had chat with hotel manager;
11th Aug; friday 2017;
segu uma maheshwar

Had lunch at Jafrullah Home and dinner at Umas Home;
Room shifted to down;No closings for the day renewal from Sekhar Op;
Poaka called had word with photographer and that nice;

Managed airtel top up; Morning Devuni kadapa area seen; Life pharma failure and so Mohan; Met Challa;Rajampet Pavan electricals g plus activated and thats it; SMS sent; Took Xerox of byke papers took;

10th August 2017

Jafrullah met and had nice time; My own inititation; Looks like all is gone; Met Meenakshi hotel; Byke parking is a problem; Bath Room light is another head ache;Thanks to the afternoon sleep; Gta replied to msg; Closed one opticals; Met Challa; Visited rly stn;Rangoli flop story; Dw Old man flop again; SR no use; Cell battery problem; Missed BP Tablet; Roamed around under rain in morning had Coffee; Tea; Upma; Seen nabikot; Ravindra nagar areas; Some data retrieved after coming to Lodge; Called Akka next week sankaraiah daugters marriage; Morning took Xerox of kadapa prints;

Just managed yesterday; Hot in the night;
Scanned Eenadu in morning;
Thank god Laptop is working;
9th Wed day august 2017; Byke trip to kadapa

Suddenly decided to go to kadapa and reached Safe enroute Rajampet very sratinful journey rain on the way  took lodge in YV st and roamed around the city;
 Bambo forest on the way to Kodur

Bambo forest on the way to Kodur

 Had tea at Dhaba slept on Cot

sro office Pullampet 1864
8th Aug Tuesday 2017a

Had Tea Buiscuit near office ; Managed SMS top up and sent few SMS from office;

1.sent sms to Ricemart;
2.Swimming Pool;
5.Balaji Jwe mart
Weakness still; Unable to sleep in after noon;

Raksha bandhan day 2017
7th Aug Monday 2017
Tweeted; called  DW Chittoor he still not recd code; Called swimming pool guy  no use; Called Pavan; Trouble in down found at night; Hope of  145 t followers daily; Only success is from  SR; Zaminryot scanned and saved 2 ads; Few reviews posted; Internet from 10 yerars now article read; Fifth day no double usage;
Petrol at night to byke; How to staop alchohol article read;
Out side raghavendra swamy songs and ali SP Balasubramanyam TV show seen
5th Aug saturday 2017
Completed entire AP; Telangana map listings;
Tweeted; Shanghai g map listings and hong kong listings seen;
Met  stars aqua Water plant and swimming pool;
4th August friday 2017
Pain and weakness still continued;
Maps work of Adilabad; Vizianagaram; Srikakulam took;
Web Guys have called to attend at 11 AM;
3rd aug 2017 Thursday
nene Raju nene manthri
Nene Raju nene manthri

Spent mostly at home maps data of Mahabubnagar; Kurnool; Anantapur  Ongole seen

2st aug Tuesday 2017

Stock P;  Health trouble day Unable to sit on byke; Pavan too flop;  Managed the days expenses  anyway; Met Reddeppa Naidu brother in law on return; Shakaraiah came and gave his daughters marriage card; Night purchased Swathi weekly;
August 1 st; Tuesday;

Posters work continued; Meetup with Pavan twice; paper bill paid; Purchased Telugu Velugu and read it at night;