Monday, September 10, 2012

MY horse racing Failures

culhane vijays f(last time winner)
1.azkynthos(not winner) trainer,3.cent percent(not winners)
4.Ranthambore(not winner)
6.vijays champ(winner)
7.rising power(w)
8.silver silver(b)
9.spirit of mercy
10.agnibaan(became rd)
11.brunello(last time winner) symphony
14.borsalino(lost by short head)
15.lughting eyes
16 attribute(became third)
17.chemin defer(became second)
18.ocean and beyond(became trird)
19 volterra(3)
20 smart strider(#) strider aquired taste(lost by whisker)
23.pune with nrn;
24.wings of glory9boardout)

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Standard Trading Company Hyderabad

Standard  Trading Company  Hyderabad 
 scientific equipment suppliers in hyderabad,

Chemical Dealers
Industrial Chemical Dealers
Hospital Equipment Dealers
General Chemical Dealers
Scientific Equipment Dealers
Laboratory Equipment Dealers
 scientific equipment suppliers in hyderabad,

Standard  Trading Company
Standard  Trading Company Hyderabad

 Off: 040 – 24751931
        040 – 65501377

Standard  Trading Company
Authorised Stockist: SD FINE CHEM LTD.,
Dealers in : “Galaxo” LOBA, Fishcer,  Merck, Chemicals, Glassware,
Borosil & Vensil Plasticware, Educational Hospital, Industrial, Scientific
& Lab Equipment
Standard  Trading Company Hyderabad
Standard  Trading Company Hyderabad

Spl in:All Industrial Heavy Chemicals & Imported Rare Chemicals & Detergent etc.

 Shop No. 4-3-560/B, Andhra Saraswatha Parishad Building, Tilak Road, Hyd – 1.
Standard  Trading Company Hyderabad
Standard  Trading Company Hyderabad

Standard  Trading Company Hyderabad
Standard  Trading Company Hyderabad


Other top Scientific Equipment Dealers 

scientific equipment dealers Hyderabad
Cassia Siamia Technologies Pvt Ltd
Plot No.18, Mahalakshmiipuri Colony, Yapral, 
Hyderabad - 500087, 
Near Ramakrishna Talent High School 

 Matchless Traders tilka Road Hyderabad

Top Surgical dealers in tirupati

Verendra surgicals tirupati

MADUPU TRADING CO., hyderabad poultry and veterinary dealers

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Dealers in :
Veternary Drugs, Hospitals, Poultry, and Dairy Equipments
& Pharmaceutical Distributors ric.

4-3-560/A/1, Andhra Saraswata Parishat Buiildings,
Tilak Road, (Boggulakunta), Hyderabad – 5000 001

cell; 98483 91774, 040 24055065

Contact Person mr Kovoor .Santosh Kumar 
Business Hours to 7 PM.