Tuesday, October 01, 2019

October 2019

1st Oct Tuesday 2019
Met Hema in morning: Told him about developments;
Hema video created;
Met yadav  spent long time with him Sulekha  power  and comment power; Tried jasmine; Seen aquapet 
Jasmin mart inside; eve Hind travels closed met another Travels near by;
Edited life story again;
Collected 12 market Data
And retrived; Added few more domain launch dates;
Gents and Ladies Tailors jdvf data collected;

Oct 2 Wedday Hyd Derby;

Tweeted for hyd printers and Nutty;
Lot of linking  of my clients  did for the day;
Heart burn again for poor income;

2nd Oct Wed 2019;

Mostly spent at home;
Gandhi Jayanthi lal bahadur Sastry Jayanthi days observed;
10 of Stationery  jdvf data collected;
Seen many  videos of Ravikiran tech Telugu lot of knowledge had;
Blogging is still  good;
Syeraa release day  read more historic content;
Soni Rajesh video seen;
Chengaih called back;
Gas trouble and money crunch related arguments at home:

No doubt day further improved with YouTube knowledge;

Hyd derby cancelled; Seen managers names on web site;
41 categories of jdvf on hand;

3rd Oct thursday 2019;

Mor  blood sugar level was  238;
Heavy leg pains suffered;
Seen Broture design tips at morning good exposure had:
Eve rain spoiled work;

Hind travels entry posted:

Morning suffered loss of jdvf  posts  forgot to post for the first time and related disturbance:
Evening managed to retrieve 50 cell numbers; few entries were without maps listings and land lines that's a new hope;
Seen jdvf prints on hand;
Attended park after gap;
Deposited cheque at SBI;
Confusing after coming home:
10 of Dance institutes jdvf dats collected but failed to save on Blog;
Night met Kishore:
Few more launches added;
Byke Battery water checking did;

4th Oct Friday 2019;

Citation importance noted; post in as many sites with address and  with ph number one needs to have authority on subject:
I must have trusted parties on my hand and more people and traffic affiliate video seen;
Finally prints got binding work completed book on hand;
New strategy evolved first identify jdvf location then meet them;
Lot ads seen in Eenadu but failed to identify maagaani shop;
Had ok nod from Jasmine for monday;
Closed ultimate aqua and activated google;
Got paid at Hyderabadiorinters and also has yes for web site and shown them progress;
Morning shifted park seen yoga there;
8 msgs sent one guy got annoyed;
Few more web site launches added;
More about Google maps  issues known;
Removed my cell numbers from other listings;
4 calls and 9 data;
Maredpally area exposure had; Seen Asian carpets outlet;
New video guy videos are very interesting:
Purchased rx books; Trimmed insta flowed people further;

5th Oct Satday 2019;

No field work;
Major development of the day is watched jdvf address book for long time;
Scanned Zaminryot;
Another confirmation got from Rx
Pepsi Shroff trained second run of life win as Favrite;
Lot of  domain and hosting related knowledge got from Ravi kiran smarttelugu  video channel;
Gtas computer trainer  came home
Computer installed at home; Electrical earth problem;
Defollowed lot of followed people at youtube;

6th Oct Sunday 2019;

Spent some time to  watch Ravi Kiran videos; Most of the Sunday at home;
Earth movers data saved;
Unfollowed insta and youtube;
Night party with Kishore and he refered his client too;

7th Oct Monday 2019;

Morning met Events guy some hope got
New hope got from Jasmine pets handled nicely met his son;
Met Hema guy in eve;

Weakness throught the day;

New idea emerged as top people in each category projects to get;

Ravi Kiran videos; Audio of voice of Naren;

Dasara guy seen; Sent almost 20 Darara wishes  buy n save Madhu replied but missed content Sreeshine sent  nicely created wishes ;

8th Oct Tuesday 2019;

Dasara day arranged flowers oil etc to home;
Tweeted mist of the projects;
Spent some time scanning collected addresses;
Activated Hema google:
Seen adsense crash course video:
Unfollowed few more at insta;
Seen few more videos of Ravikiran:
Collected 10 Jeff of Event makers;
Linked Ultimate Aqua to maps;
Sent Dasara wishes images to few more;

9th Oct Wedday 2019;

Next day after Dasara most of shops seen closed;
Morning booked geethagraphics.com
Biryani from Melfil parcel had for lunch;
Tried to meet GJR but closed on the way back seen another hotel;
Lot of research on godaddy did to block a domain name;
Some thing went wrong and rankings of mayur pan and hyderabadiprinters lost;
Met jasmin got cheque;

10th Oct 2019 Thursday;

Days proceedings have gone out of hand with kishore call to attend meetup had to rush to road no 12 Banjara hills seen traffic ; Ultimate Aqua guy called;
After coming back had to go to icici bank to withdraw money attempt after long wait  flopped so deposited cheque at SBI Narayanaguda;
With this activity lost cool  and day sopiled;
Kiran booked domain name sent pwd and log in so called jana to develop site:
Evening collected some jdvf listings ph numbers;

11th Oct Friday 2019:

Spent lot of time to retrieve top listings from every major category and this work gave me satisfaction and confidence;
Amit Twari opened another quick door to set up adwords this another luck for the day a real confidence booster;
Called Kiran he said for mondau;
Called GJR; Called Hema ;
Evening took Gta to hospital this work gave some relief;
Days hard luck story is Dish got disconnected;
Night sketch pens purchased and marked top 100 listing this is another booster:
Managed Tirupati linking work;
Top Biryani hotels in Hyderabad known;
Wowhyderabad and Rx books purchased and scanned them;

12 th Oct satday 2019;

 Lot of them have moneys to spend for justdial;
Open a shop and do biz;
Many tweets sent  and also seen good videos on Mahabharat;
Major progress of the day is spent long time to collect  top categories  listings of jdvf work from home further consolidated data most of top listings data is on hand now.
Solved Dish problem back to Tv watching  Ok;
cheque not cleared due to second Sat day poor cash levels on hand and insecurity poor planning  is visible;
two pics won Debutants as favrites but missed to back;
Jolt from Hema  even after  followup failed;
Met  big mirchi  guy  he asked to meet at after noon;
13 th oct sunday 2019
known about departments in movie industry; seen videos on godaddy configuration;
Hema payout cleared; So arranged things;
few more launches added;
14th oct Monday 2019;
Day planned; paid Power bill;
kishore called;  i called kiran;
Mouche color had shaving;
leg pains alarming;
Eenadu one ad  of Gym seen later tried to meet; few catogorieas added; seen new  top 100 addresses and took prints; some kind of uneasy;
Field work did  8 calls met and 12 data later retrieved data;
By night chi got cleared that's a big news I must relax and take real break and think positive; Trouble at home for mis behaving food; Seen Bigboss at night:

15th oct Tuesday 2019;

Attended Kishore sponsored Arambh conference at Marriot good networking exposure had power of English communication skills known; Aging and mobility fitness problems are clearly evident; presentation skills and language power;

Managed field work did 9 calls and collected field data; Good exposure of Ameerpet area and shops and some institutions;

16th oct wed day 2019;

Mostly at home developed back cover work and logo for Jasmine pet mart loaded insta photos;  Rich haul of 630 jdvf data known again;
Night good amount of Amit Tiwari videos seen;
Fixed appointment with Ameerpet institute for wordpress learning;
Initiated parties to meet work:
Felt very much tired to continue work;

17th oct Thursday 2019;

Morning attended Ameerpet wordpress institute very stressful journey found it anyway;
No work day; New brochure 4 pages layout developed;
Seen addresses of binded book;
Seen many of Amit Tiwari videos again;
Met Savouries guy;
Learnt as how to claim google listing;
Worked some time for jasmine;
Citation did for geetha graphics and jasmine pet mart;

18th oct friday 2019

Worked on jdvf near by places list good confidence got:
New 4 page brochure developed and  prints got;
Met 8 calls at field fee data also collected;
Bake engine oil filled;

19th Oct sat day 2019;

At park small excercises did and gave good replies to WhatsApp ppl;
Many tweets sent for the day;

2 hickups at home returned 5k to Gta:

Lot of time waste at evening;
Need professional service;
Broture design further improved;
 Seen classic layouts;
2 areas survey did Begum bazaar area looks to be very potencial;
New content sent to many people and saved it;
Met Kishore and team;
No income days continued;
Some jdvf areawise data added;
Positive had from pragna; and jasmin Aqua;
Area wise data list has hit 100;
Changaiah called; Tnrtc bunch contd; power cut at Xpressdigital;
Night  C Chanel ads and music seen;

20th oct sunday 2019;

cofidence got after survey at moazham zahi market;

Hickup started at morning  at home no Milk no  news paper no wishes ;  So got out of home did survery at Begumbazaar did  had upma and tea near lal Bahadur stadium Irani hotel  known about Tent houses street ; feel khana area known rajdhani hotel araea and auto parts dealers street;

Hyderabadevents twitter back cover design  seen and shown to gta;
water low levl  at home?
Had Biryani at Ghumaghumalu;hotel at SR nagar;

Met chengaiah ahd nice time with him;

Added some more data to mobile; Damana Kanada;
jdvf collected data further consolidated at blog counted 148;

21st Oct Monday 2019;

Closed Swathi swagruha and activated;
Met SVS Cloth store:
Edited broture again;
Got back pen drive;
Met Sofa guy and oil guy;
Night retrieved current situations of google;

22nd Oct Tuesday 2019;

Surprise Kiran launched his web site;
Amit Tiwari video seen sent him msg;
Morning to park again slight excersizes did:
Escorted gta to Hospital hick up strain and lot of time gone forgot watch and eye glass; big business of phisiotheraphy;
20 New edited color  broture prints on hand now centre folding knowledge;
Met Kishore;
Called Suresh Vja;
Ajay met;
Closed Famous Sofa but hick up again;
New hope from Mysore Ghee;

23th Oct wed 2019

7 field calls managed;
Double indulgence;
11 field data collected retrieved their details ; 
Jio data over used?
Itching body;
Loaded Swati swagruha  pics;
Insta following trimmed;
New area exposure had;
New idea of top review categories to memorise;

24th Oct 2019;

#kcr confidence after Huzurnagar win;
Morning known abt Sreemukhi  1 million followers on insta 50 votes and others;
Known abt C prathap Reddy Apollo fournder  and 4 Daughters;
95th day of bigboss show; many tweets sent;
Retrieved top ranked rated google data;

Arranged vegitables to home :

Maagaani Insta  id blocked posted entry to blog;
Money to return to super sofa call received;
Major development for the day is retrieved top  google category 80 listings with high  ratings ;
tweeted for chermas and 
nutty; mayur; hydprinetrs;

25th Oct  friday ; 2019;
While working at picket call recd from  Jubilee hills  so had go there very strainful journey;
Days income saved by icfai twitter id;
Stunning rates of Digital Marketing known;
Google forum can answer my questions;
Send email to Singh 4 seasons;
Call sofa guys;
Meet maagaani;
Learn more abt aqua and feed;
Block munnatlaldawasaz;
Add smokers data:
Change email I'd of soninsk;

26th Oct Saturday 2019
Scanned zaminryot;
Seen website of digitaltimes.co
Met gjr chawal:
Geetha birthday and zamoon story;
Some tweets sent; SRO fetched;
Uma stores water trouble;
Morning scanned Telugu velugu;

27th Sunday  Oct  2019 Diwali day;

Call recd from Krishna mama:
I called Eswaraiah Mama:
Kishore gave sweets and treat;
Night Diwali celebrated with neibourhood boys;
Night jdvf list work continued after Diwali celebration;
To be careful on rejection;

28th Oct Monday 2019;
Till evening at home; Managed Park visit but felt tiresome;
Msg kept to Caterers list;
Sent proposal mail to Kiran Singh;
Areawise hit list prepared  this is another boost;
Tweeted for jasmine; and nsk;
Evening paid back sofa guys money;
Evening worked near Charminar did 5 calls many new potencial  streets exposed;
Bake has further gone any time it may collapse;
News of maturity:

29th Oct Tuesday 2019;
Deep analysis before meeting any call is order of
the day;
 load funny images;
video content rules;
 visual content leads;
 heavy fear of byke and eye glass and requirements;
 days knowledge longer tweets with images and links;
Called Kishore  and got his trip pictures;
Managed threats of the day  Byke   starter trouble and  Eye glass and Rice requests from home colly;
 linking work progressed from home seen niel Patel video of dog food and cat food ;
Ultimate aqua guys request map location shifted;
 worked for jasmine tweets and chermas;
 7 field calls managed;
some Whatsapp messages sent
posted 587 listings posted again to work now on these listings;

30th Oct wedday 2019;
Beautifully developed blog listings with 70 listings and edited blog managed to keep them on top;
Caterers group removed me;
Msg sent to kishore;
Managed field work and one closing;
What's that google new app;
Zomato; Rupay expansions amazing;
Tweeted for Jason and Chermas;
Darbar guy rejected;
Took geetha help for images;
Managed park visit and all social media touch;

31st Oct thursday 2019

Made park visit; Continued Blog entry  posting;
Managed field work and closed 1 DW;
Morning activated google Electronic shop but confusion of google  card to receive;
Month ended on a positive note;
New Idea emerged as I can share instaposts content to my followers;
After attending interview found that 
I need to  learn to talk more on Digital Marketing subject:

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