Monday, August 02, 2021

August 2021

1st August Sunday 2021

Hyd Rx Akshay came to form again with a treble;

Brought New Cot from zkotha Madhavaram and handed over to Hari Wife; Darjipalli Vada purchased but wasted;  situp with peddodu; called Sameeksha; 

Night doasagr crossed later suffered; gra fallen due to low Sugar;

2nd Aug Monday 2021;

Beldari Subbaiah came with his team and continued work;

Night SRn called;

3rd Aug Tuesday 2021

Full activity day; House construction continued with full seing; Arranged things from Ontimitta;  Cement poolathotti for Thuladimokka  arranged;

Had situp under "Marrichettu" got taxedup by Peddodu; One order payment received; Goddess Gangamma visit had;

Night isuka arranged;

4th Aug wed day 2021

Next Rx day sat day 7th August:

Beldaris team failed and wholeday suffered; Another load of Isuka arrived; water taste trouble;

Peddodu dint give any respect to money; Hot dispatched and old pending trouble managed;

5th Aug Thursday 2021;

Beldaris? Poothalu work;