Sunday, July 31, 2022

August 2022

 August 2022; 

Life chances; 

Rt machine sales luck (identify  more such  products) ;  Gollapalli land sagubadi  plus home  repair Digadala polam mango garden;  latest smart ph; National tote;   book making idea; Spoken abilities; youtube video knowledge; gta and smart phone and support; internet knowledge;  latest lekhari development;  other internet related knowledge;

Google maps; digital marketing;  byke; team making skills;  adsense;

Punting selections; phone pe; mannerism and spoken skills; books knowledge;:

 1st August;  monday; 2022;  rain for 1st day

Life's chances known and listed;

Power of 1 lakh cash on hand known;

2nd Aug  tuesday ;2022;

3rd day of rain; 

 Seen many videos of history and warriors; upset at final night carelessness; move talk abt Barakatta?:  vada had  in evening; gta paid rent;  komamtireddy  press meet;  One rt ft Gachibowli delivered; 

Gangamma temple visit had; 

3rd Aug  wedday ; 2022; 

Long discussion with nagasubbaiah; mitta sagubadi with tractor work with narsimha help;  sriramulu; 

Kalupu cutting work near home  with gta;  now we can post bigger clips in insta; Called Narendra nellore; Known distances to nellore with Google maps geeks videos seen; No sales of rt for the day; 

Lost temper about alchohol sales;

4th August   thursday 2022; 

Had alchohol at night;;

Bouncer with peddodu  for one wrong word ; Lot  of discussions had for next to house and mitta saagu; 

Called kistanna kadapa ; gave importance to Ramana chengamma son Ramanna;  One order of rt machine got but unable to dispatch;

Pangol Katte got from meesala subbaiah; 

5th Aug 2022:

Vara Laxmi vratham celebrated  and distributed  pasupu kumkum by gta to some ladies; stomach disturbance; what to answer in a interview known; 

Lot of world history videos videos seen

6th August 2022; 

Video of Magadh Samraj and chanukah  neethi seen bharateeyata unity effect evident "Akhand Bharatavani"; Never to loose trust experienced soldiers are better for war; 2 orders of rt machines got; kerala and Gujarat but unable to bill them ; narsimha came home and corrected pole; Discussed with Nagasubbaiah about two issues of house had his suggestions; Met Sivarams father and discussed;

Me and gta managed to cut some of Gabbu thumma chetlu as a team Goddali added to tools. Purchased new dining table.

It rained in evening; Arguments continued: incoming calls continued; Gangamma perantallu and watering ritual managed  at night; discussion with Sirisha mom for long time had; missed narsimha for rice; huge invests of teachers bro in Rice business known;

Bouncer from bakkamunda and her mom; Another annoyance by narsimhas son;

7th Aug Sunday 2022;

Due to shaving trouble missed Darjipalli marriage;  Transfered money to web designer; Again seen days share of vedeos; tried to learn  famous Sametime and songs; mokshits indulgence issue ho yes silence and kings ignorance;

8th Aug monday  2022; 

Manage 2 despatches; shaving; 

Asked ontimitta guy for azusa tablets; konga gone to rajampet; my recent landmarks achieved analysed; chinna appayya removed stones; chengamma over action;  Seen great war seen videos; 2 orders got dispatched:

9th Aug tuesday 

 4 hours and 20 minutes; Tractor worked for mitta; 

door mats; : shaving;

10th aug

10 ladies worked in mitta land; 2 rt machines orders got and despatched; azusa got from Ontimitta; Had drink; 

Severe legs problem during field walk;

11th Aug Friday 2022;

Lot of play with children; 10 people worked for mitta land; my position still vulnerable as nothing is in my name says Nagasubbaiah; 1 machine despatched no new sales; only very few in coming calls for the day; water purifier fixed at home;

Monkey videos seen;

12th Aug Friday 2022; paid ramana dues;

13th aug; 22; some more greatest kings movies seen: unable to offer top up to goddess ganga;

14th Aug 22; 

younus family came my initiative of Chai offer; rrr movie seen at night; konga initiative  was ok; some kind of missbehaviour by narsimha; paid 3k to sriramulu reddy;  Had gelp of nagasubbaiah: songs " Srirama Raksha"

15th Aug 2022; 

pm modish speech seen on TV ;: