Saturday, January 01, 2022

January 2022

 1st jan sat 2022;

As a surpride Muneiah came snd wished: Attended Konda devalam Gangamma temple: 3 Mschines orders got 2 managed to despatch:

2nd jan Sunday  2022:

Rami reddy; Kamalakar called;

By byke Chicken arranged; Dry day:

3rd jan monday 2022

With peddodu to Ontimitta; Insulin needles brought; sent Bhaskar rs 6000/_: withdrawn 4k from Bank;

Spent night time at Narsimha shop:

4th jan tuesday 22; Mitta kampa work by 3 people and my week condition exposed; paid Annapoornamma old dues;

Vyavasayam will continue; Current guy came and checked power issue water is flowing  this is another development; 1 machine despatch managed;;

5th jan thursday 2022 ;

Muneiah came and started zmadaka issue kayyalu etc; Ravi from Chennai came with family and had Chat; i removed some stones;

1 machine managed to despatch,

6th jan friday 2022;

Padma Dasadina karma day; Escorted them to river and other  people dynamics enjoyed:

Menakhamma wished;

7th Jan sat 2022; Muneiah arranged  isuka in evening; Heavily suffered wth vomitings ; Night raji gave injection;

8th Sunday jan; 2022;

Fish arranged; Rats mat worked;

Peddodu came for work Chada:

Water work for Mitta checked:

9th monday 2022 at Gollapalli;

Munriah money cleared;

One plough brought from Ontimitta with some fruits;

10th Tuesday  january 2022;

Jolt by Okkodu for advance;

11th jan wedday 2022; Hyd Oaks day; stone removing work continued with  7 ladies  and Chada work. Pullaiah worked for katava cleaning; 2 other male coolies;

Visited Darjipalli area;

12th jan wedday 2022;

I went to Ontimitta for money and insulin brought them;

Sancranthi discussions and foods discussions contd; Chada work continued; power fuse trouble managed in evening, Narasimha brought Til seeds from Kadapa;

Calls continued;

Durga husband offered his support;

3 ladies worked; 3 male coolies;

13th thursday jan  2022;

New problem of water pipe;

 Til SEED plantation work continued; way to enter mitta land from Golla veedhi seen.

14th jan friday 2022;

Tractor work continued and seeds plantation work also continued;

Made a visit to Ontimitta and 3 new Banians brought; New labour arranging guy from Darjipalli got introduced; peddodu was upset for no reason; Night Coconut through sport and betting continued ;

15th jan sat 2022; 

One order got;

Unexpected rain; stomach trouble and suffered;

16th  jan sunday 2022 Total rest day suffered;

Mumbay and Hyd rx missed;

17th jan monday 2022

7 people worked kaluvalu and ganelu; Dubhan came late with tractor; surprisingly 4 machine orders got managed to despatch them;

18th jan tuesday 2022

Raju came and did left over sedyam by night total sedyam work completed; much of time my cell ph was put on off; Chengamma left to tpt;

19th jan wedday 2022

I closed mitta gate and locked it;

Peddodu seems to have visited Narsimha: i visited Narsimha its utter wastage of my time;

20th Jan Thursday 2022; visited kadapa booked rly ticket to hyd;

21st jan friday 2022

Katava kampa work continued;

Anji is new friend with him visited Ontimitta purchased 6 new Sickles new way return exposed;

Purchased  Rice and paid; Had Dr;

Balaji came to Gollapalli;

22nd Jan sat 2022; 

Each day counts good work on yesterday;

Ramanaiah kokkanti came home;

23 sun jan 2022

Tiffen for Ramanaiah ppl and chicjen for home arranged: 

Mumbai st leger day:

24th monday 2022

Prabhavathi son called; prahlad called and told about Kistiah accident: gtas ill health;