Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Feb 2021

1st Feb   Monday 2021

Venkatadri Rly tickets booked  From sec bad reservation counter;

Enquired Byke repair and byke parcel at Kachiguda; lot of R& D  did for Rx top riders;

2nd Feb Tuesday 2021;

Dharmaiah called; Gave Byke for repair got it back by night; Got commitment of key from Durga; Called Mama; Koti; Kistanna; Gollapalli Kistaiah; Prahlad; Bujji;

Called Narsimha; Retrieved good riders data again;

3rd Feb wedday 2021;

Told Eenadu guy; Gave back  Fishes; asked railway guys; Purchased mobile ph charger; Called Madhu and got some guidance; Called Bulli but no hoper; Called Subbarayudu; Jafrullah;

Some more Rx data unveiled: Ajay called; Chengiah no use; Xerox of  veh registration  copy took;

4th feb  Thursday 2021;

Purchased chain and lock; gta gave Purce; Corfe castle failed; first run rank outsider won at Chennai ; Confusion continued;

Reminded  Shravanthi florist; oldman met  at Indirapark tote;

Neibours returned; Called srinu gollapalli and Narsimha;

5th feb friday 2021

Vehicle packing etc in morning; As per plan boarded train ; Night Ajay met; Neibours help had;

6th Feb Saturday 2021

Reached  Kadapa safe without any hickups but forgot Helmet; Prahlads care was nice; Took key from Kistaiah;

Anjize won; Night attended Dialysys of Prahlad Hospital exposed   legs got swollen due to long standing at Hospital;

7th Feb Sunday 2021;

Met Krishnanna  with Prahlad clearance got for house connstruction at Gollapally; other some relatives got introduced;

Chilly Ckicken at prahlads house; Seen second hand tools shop; Pullaiah took to his plots fall and  leg bleeding;

8th feb  Monday 2021;

1st day at Gollapalli; Travelled to Gollapalli and stayed there: followup did for power;  Old age trobles  of Subbaramaiah known; Night slept at subbarayudu house;

Had lunch at Subbarayudu house; Night chapati arranged by Parvathi;

9th  feb  Second day At Gollapalli slept at Subbarayudu house; Tiffen at Darjiipalli; Electricity arranged by night; Naga Subbaiah alludu got introduced;

Toilet and electricity problems solved so new confidence gained; Labours worked for clearance;

10th Feb wed day 2021:

3rd day at Gollapalli;

Idli from Darjipalli:  visit to  Ontimitta took vegitables few areas exposed like Atm; called srinu Modin sahebpally; slept at Subbarayudu house; Darjipalli Ramudu; Chinnapa Reddy; hotel;

One payout recd got for Roti Machine; so called Srikanth and other guy;

Chandra  palli reddy got introduced;

Night Subbareddy Reddy 

(kothabavi guy) met;

11th feb Thursday 2021;

4th day at Gollapalli;

Padma sons interaction; Davantaram palli guys got introduced; legs swelling issue continued;

Ajay called;  House work Progress continued further;  Electricity fan and Bulbs got arranged; gta arrived: Durga and Sai keetthy came home; called koti; Akka ;  Mama: Parvathi help and Chengamma help continued;

Kept in touch with Prahladh:

Night stomach trouble; legs swelling reduced; Buddodu help;

12th Feb friday 2021;

5th day @gollapalli;

Had good rest; Milk arranged by Chengamma vadina;

Horrible night Onmittings and discomfort; ancestral huilding tweet;

13th Feb Saturday  2021;

6th day at Gollapally;

Rest again;  Called Akka again; Powder and phynyl got from Subbarayudu son; night managed but costly affair; flowers: ariselu; Dosakaya gift; Some more deep discussion with Nagasubbaiah;

Night water arranged: Eatables arranged; Attirasa  given by Narasimha wife; Roti Machine enquiries continued;

14th feb Sunday 2021;

7th day at Gollapally;

Fish arrangement did; Heat is slowly increasing;

Coconut purchased; Peddodu brought Neosporin and Phynyl; Blog posted; Monkeys menace began; Called Prahlad talked to his wife; called Akka again; Ajay called;

Recent rx results seen; Paid Subbarayudu sons dues: Ladies came for work;

Night sweets and soft drink  from gram panchayat serpanch electoral candidates;

Again visited Ontimitta few more things brought home;

15th feb monday 2021;

Managed Roti machine despatch;

Balaji came talked with Sujatha and her son; Durga and Prahladh called;

Called Nayeem; Bawa called;

I called Akka and Mama;

16th feb Tuesday  2021;

Srinu took interest and passport proof info known; Krishna joined in the evening  we visited Mitta;

17th Feb  wedday 2021;

Koti came and gave keys;Stomach upset throught the day;Grama panchayat Election  day Received Durga and keerthy; Ramudu old childhood friend;

Ajay and prahlad called;

18th Feb Thursday 2021

Had tiffen from Darljipally and interaction;

Made a visit to Ontimitta:  Atms are not working Added few more important things to  home; Again legs swollen; way back known about Bed maker Dastagiri;

Evening had Gollapally Gangamma temple Darshan; New elected Serpoanch. visited village;

Had 100 plus views to whatsapp status;

19th feb friday 2021

Opened center room  lock;

Purchased Bed from Madhavaram and new area got exposed; Disturbance from Prahlads end;

Evening heavy rain and villagers help;

20rh sat day 2021;

Again visited Ontimitta; pickles purchased; By evening Devuni room access got; Kotaiah kallu guy promised; Electricity work house Tax works initiated;

21st Sunday  Feb 2021; 

Madiga Narsimhulu  came for door fixing;

Severe Leg pains; Sold Old things;

Called Mama no use ;  2 Bags Rice managed;

Chicken;   With Narasimha visited 

Carpenter At Davantharampalli; Had healthy discussion with srinus 

Mama; Srinus

22nd feb 2021 Monday;

Left leg  swollen issue continued:

Visited Madhavaram with Carpenter gave him a Tip but he dint return as per promise;

Srinus mama discussion;

23 rd feb Tuesday 2021;

Carpenter returned and did his work, Kunti Subba reddy came and had a sitting;

Sold old things; Known about  Muneyya Jatara;Jatara Details; puchinafayya issue;

Surprisingly Krishnnanna called;

Prabhavathi akka got into fold talked for some time; 

Bhawar called; heard syams voice and replied; Attack of 

Chinnapa Reddy came and his compkaint known; Managed Roti machine work of money transfer etc; Managed Narimha team and Tractor usage; Finally Magdiga Narsimhulu came;

Officer visited for verification of house; Fired pamulodu; 2 chairs got damaged;

24th feb Wedday 2021;

Another vusit to Ontimitta; few important things including insulin needles etc; Night stomack problem emerged again; 3 ladies and 2 men;

Narsimha took 5k;

25th feb Thursday 2021 ;

5 men worked whole day with Mastry Barsimha; Idli arranged to workets;

Gave ultimatum to Bandalu guy and Buttalu guy ; Idea of congratulating latest Serpanch;

Another payout recd for Roti machine; Managed peddodu to  pay old dues;

Pandiri arranged so quickly with help of kallu kittaiahs wife;

Followup did with  veduru Tatta; 

Morning video clip about  house construction fetched good response;

26th Friday 2021;

Total rest at home had liquid diet;

Workers continued pit work;  Managed despatch of Macherial machine;

27th Saturday february 2021;

5 workers contunied for the day; 

By evening work seems to be completed; Very hot day; Chinta aku trouble;

Body recovered and leg inflamation;  Caugh continued  night slight tention due to Narsimha cash; new table fan got arranged;

Night jarara Hadavudi vegan;

28th feb 2021

Ganga jatara day:

Geeta attended cerimony;

Workers took break;