Tuesday, May 31, 2022

June 2022 post

 1st June we'd day 2022;:

Night had jowar roti; Seen many biography videos ; 1 machine sold;

2nd june thursday 2022;

Morning had Coffee by walk;

Lost temper on nrn for delay: Charminar prayer  issue with Designer plus political statements; One rt order got some calls also recd; Morning Suffered sleep problem; No calls for jyothy ad more depressing; Drohi added many photos; many ppl not lifted calls; No replies to messages sent at morning;

Good Content shared on twitter; paid 4 k for House rent; Called Madhu; morning walked for Coffee;

Many of unpaid Tpt g listings removed; Called Kishore; One file kept ready for covering letter:

3rd june Friday 2022;

Late night 2 payments recd, went to Kishore for letter 3 hours waited and came back;  Some more videos seen; what's viral video content known; LinkedIn leeds  video seen;

4th june satday 2022

Called Subbareddy and Narsimha in vain; Kept busy at evening subscribed to Huku; Seen few more videos; Gtss bro Kumar called;  Fixed mobile charging problem;

5th June Sunday 2022.  


6th June month 2022;monday;

Rx flash is each year good crops;

7th june Tuesday 2022

Boring slept for some time; 

Video watching contd;

8th June wedday 2022 ;

Jana unlocked domain s shifting proces began to godaddy; Got one order for the day; 

Laziness and sleep; Another Rt sold

Seen many videos; Trivikram maatalu power known;

Had  heavy lunch at  Raghavendra Hotel; Anant srirama  poetic power known; Continued watching videos. Seen eye doctor.

One video got for commercial machine and rates known;

RK good sagd will join my journalists team;

9th june Thursday 2022;

Video watching continued; One new machine order got and few more clarifications about GST got from srikanth;

6 ads classifieds package booked for Sakshi;

Known more about sharechat;

10th june Friday 2022;

Asif replied, Eenadu ads rates increased by 30%.

One call recd for Reporter.  

11th June satday 2022; 

Shocker at rx;

12th June 2022; sunday; 

Heavy uneasy due to hyper acidity;

13th june monday 2022

One order got and despatched; 

Expectation at home continued;

Another hope got for next day; One app got of Fm stations workdwide; 

One person called for Sakshi ad; asked asif to continue loading content;: Asked jana to transfer domains.

14th tuesday 2022 june

After lot of waiting completed task of letter design and I'd cards work;

No new orders for the day but calls recd; Mailer content prepared;

Restlessness due to overtime sleep disturbance.

15th wedday june 2022

Got up very late;

16th June thursday 2022

Worked in field with Altaf after a long gap; Jana and Asif met on whatsapp;   stomach trouble in night;

17th June Friday 2022;

Secbad Railway station attacked by students;

Field working failed due to Aataf;

18th June satday 2022; 

Altaf came and handed over id card;

Again wasted time in tense moments as site theme chaged;

19th June Sunday 2022

Whole day at kome; Created a animated video at sharechat; Suresh called; Adif called; called Jana;

20th June monday 2022

Tried to rely tickets failed way back enjoyed chat; Known about Rapido rudes;  goods shed guy failed; buke is must; 

21st june 2022 tuesday;

Tickets booked for kadapa; booked ads for eenadu Karnataka and Bangalore; Talked with Bhongir guy;  Known that failure of cc avenue money;

Insulin needles help by Gta;

ShareƧfat is gaining prominence;

Days videos;

1.R.Narayana Murthy

2.Manchu Manoj

3. Osho

4.yashwant sinha


22nd june wedday 2022; 

Got up early; 2 Cups of Coffee; Seen Eenadu ads;

23rd thursday June 2022; Sitting pretty at jome;  Karnataka and Tamilnadu ads have flopped;

24th  Friday  June 2022; picture of gta sisters family  picture se-en; eenadu Nellore ad ran; 

25th satday June 2022;

At rx stunning  upset;  Asif embedded codes and kept adsense;  Good calls for kadapa and Rt machine recd;  Called Nrn and had his tips; kadapa eenafu 14gh one ran;  Content streamlined for lekhari.

Raghunandan Rao  mla biodata seen; Bandi Sanjay bio data seen;

Seen list of famous lyrics writers and poets;

26th june Sunday 2022

Sharechat video created with Music;

27th June monday 2022

28thjune tuesday 2022

Got up at 4 am; Boarded train; 

Reached kadapa and by auto reached gollapalli;

Lost temper 3 times on beggars;

29th wedday june 2022;

Brought water from Tappetavari palli and slept ;

30th june thursday 2022;

Asked Asif to post 1 post; went to kadapa and purchased refregerator;

Lost ete glasses: