Monday, May 02, 2011

April 2011

As Narendra dint turn up i had to work more at net surfing;GTa went to settlement so i started morning dose and slept; night again drinks with owner and that was total waste one; Quickly arranged few things at home refils;Fan;veg puffs;Mixure and Bottle;Note book;Gta recd her settlements;
Morning further more knowledge gained on insulin injection on Youtube;Some kind of irritation when some one watched at home;9 more new ids written seperately;april 5450/-; plus 10k;Unbearable heat at morning;

1st may;
Rent order by owner and gta paid; water boring charges rs 200/- by owner; had to work lot to read 5 dailies and tired suffered with back pain; Gta was busy for shpping; arguments on Chicken;classifieds listing work started at home and counted 70 ads; Sneha reduced some tentions with neibours;businessworld scanned; Gta guessing work had triggered futher;evening boredom unable to bear;cricket watch at night; missed net; no calls to cell at all;


28th April post

With Nrendra to Uppal area,Malkajigiri,LB nagar letter effect worked and new exposure also had;tried sto point;Rytu bhoomi calender took from narendra and seen ads in there;& more new ids for the day;Lot of waiting for Narendra at mornning;Evening recd courier from tpt;rim re caharge BD needle to GTA;Morning paid for Bottels;

Chocolate to sneha;April income and expenses analysed; Soda in a hurry after work with Nrn;MYrevital id at FB seen;Shaving had lavender perfume;

29th April post;
Nrn Came bit early with his byke managed to submit gas byke driving exposure;New guy Weavertimes met also kuchipudi guy;Expectation failed at cto lot of wait at uppal;
hot sun exposure;insecurity again propped up;discussion with Nrn;Called Kesava;New slippers exposure;called Ramoji;
Wrong placement of plate at home;gta calls at field;FB at sakshi abt more store;
Evening managed dress exchange,egg case,and purchased camera;
Days most important info is by twitter information can be spread faster to many through a link;

27th April post

night shopping with gta 2 shirts,1 t shirt;pant; kitchen utensils etc; Called kalanjali guy relative of gta; GOt payment from red hills sro;Gas is over;Night drinks continued and followed by a problem;Morning 2 hours net surfing; way2sms messages ent nice replys from Ajay,Munawwer,Bhawar,LIc Sudha,Got;edited cell number; days new ids were; hamstech site also seen new idea has emerged; insulin inj sites knowledge known;had chinta pappu;comfort from Twel wash; ids count was 808,ka; 26 818

26th april post

Bouncer at 12 noon about tuesday from Narendra amid heat of the day; With Gta to oriental bank then had Lassi unexpectedly costly one then food; 2 hours net for the day 7 more new ids into fold and that brings of ids to 800 plus marker; during the R&D found that t ids are useful and powerful; google keyword tool known; retrived money control;microtekdirect;balajihospital;padukas;captaingiri;dricelogics;richmondvillas;

greatdomians checked but no id was avaialble;GTa maridi and bag and attachments story;Chocolates and gave them to shravani,neibour girl;night lost mood and had to go to shop;owner interaction and gave him rs 500/-; bulk domain booking known; dress press and tablets purchased; old email from fullhyderabad read for gTa;

25th April post

795 ids touched;7 ids for the day; very hot at morning; Narendra came late then to prohibition and medchal and success;blog and tweets managed;Call from chinna good feedback;Suffered with pain of insulin but few more points known;Evening session with narendra and future plans chalked out;suffered byke journey;

23rd April post

Evening some tention due to late arrival of dhana; had body pains so it triggered for drinks at night;Received latter pads finally and saved money;Morning work with Narendra had some more exposure at offices and some commitments too;managed blogs and tweets;Lunch at mess by Narendra;Took Gta Resume seen her email;

To check greatdomains;jayasimha web site seen his id at twitter missing related idea developed;some ones call for web site rejected;what i achieved from 2000 to be analysed later;
days ids were;nsiinfotech;visionavenues;alagurubber;
24 april sunday post;
5 news paper scan seen categeries of callssified ads; gta adrpped dhana at centre; stya sais deatn announcement; disturbance at Cricket bet at home somehow recovered it related arguments seen;OIl help by owner; sudden scotter tyre problem;dropped dhana distance known;venkatadri express;insulin fresh catrige Gtas help;

top classifieds;
tours and travels;1.astrology;2.old age homes; 3.borewells;;5.computers;;7.kennel;8.packers;9.Marrigae bureau;

22nd April Post

Morning Coffee with Owner;Morning Idli and Vada from outside;Evening unable to go to net spent time watching TV at Home; Morning Akka call abt dhanas coming;Argument on 28 Units; Evening Syam called and told of real estate project and Surat and new product info and long chat;Holiday good friday;Guys repaired Toilet;30 days month April 7 days left;New tension with Bachelors comment at home;

Managed to give letter pads for printing and paid advance; 2 more ids added to 783 ids count and that looks very huge;Evening gta looked working more;new Razor;arguments continued at home;boring dy anyway;gTa shown my old messages;

21st April post

apsrtc cheque cleared; few more new ids; algaex,meitworldwide,sriramherbals,moodsplanet,casbygroup,morchemist,Unimity,dinazs; work with narendra fetched and had nice time at his home with his children; new areas exposure again for the day;hicup is one issure is needed very much; calls from Sekhar,lalit; Expenses were heavy for the day;
energy levels failed again in the evening; some kind of irritation also noted; april income so far 13 350;

New needles,refil,note book; tablets for GTA; Gta problem listened; Saree was good; her signature problem; She told of if some one takes care; baseraa site;movie portal;

20th April Post

Sucess story of the day is Morning sugar levels tested normal at vasavi enjoyed stroll at public gardens autowals menace 2 times; Tiffen at Tajmahal;Swamiji with Saffron;Days income was from narendra related A2 Z; hyderabad Mirror letter pad seen and met them; night party;
Called Gopal;1.30 hours net surfing; new ids were;pushpakcabs;icomparehotels;reddypariwar,hotelkens;zeelearn;
reddypariwar news;allipuram; expedia traffic rank 369;rolex;13 224;
Ka; 26 0 54;

At home read back all twitter ids at hand;

19th April post

Tried gas guys and got some info; & ids haul; Evening New Slippers from Bata rs 1300/- and Knee Pads; felt nice at shopping; managed Ortho pedist and took Xray etc importance of Sugar levels; My hair colors importance also noted; Alekya girl at hospital; Called Narendra;Blog and tweets managed;Chai patha purchased and enjoyed it;
1.pgimprovinglife(below 1 lakh)

18th april post

Morning managed to meet SRO guest house srini at office but diary failed but got one periodical(that woman matter) and Calender and LB nagar phone number; later deposited cheque at SBI;Hanuman jayanthi day lot of security rapid action force seen;roads blockade seen; on the way to Boinpally faced lot of traffic related stress;success at SRo 1 and 2;unable to find web company gybo address; Surprising call from SRN and rtc deal on by blog;Called Narendra and noted devpments; lot of dust had to rush for night bath and energy levels totally collapsed need to be taken care in future;Rush on roads; managed 2 hours net stint and 6 new ids into fold;(usshortcodes,conceptlighting,cruzcabs,carzcare,kattigroup,sonytransport;)

GTa expectation from SRN 4 byke; Bliss guys have called and another one received from some one; Top ids at twitter and their followers seen; new knowledge is; Rain disturbance at IPL; Rat kill managed to home;Gta brought her luggage;Water and oats arranged mrs ramana; Justdial amitab h video seen; night forgot Insulin; searched at box of twitter; k a fans;25 901; again enjoyed a?c at cafe and youtube song byheart;

MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2011

16th april saturday post

Good day with some developments; First being offer for apsrtc offer emailed them for discussion;By evening settled with 10 k; Morning payment from Document writer settled; Met ideal images lady and seen stock there;News of Document Writers diary;new pLces exposure for the day scooter help noted; Dys id is timesfoods;GTa idea of kajal foundation;Youtube songs enjoyed one song is with me;

By night unexpected problem erupted at home;Failure at chikkadpalli sro office but seen list from 1980 sros;

17th april sundays post;

Mostly at home some what boring day;evening one sided cricket match also bored up fuether;5 dailies scan for the day was good thing for the day; Gopals call and related tention about trigliserides in body; night milk missed; tiredness for the day;head pains continued;Chicken food for the day; care and service by gta; Calls to gta cell; Huge tiffen at morning; no net for the day; some names written;Attention from GTa on my health was good; Lot of ads in eenadu seen;new catridge for insulin loaded by GTa;

15th april post

Bouncer from Narendra had to be faced;Prakash call was surprise and met him surprising things known also met Kiran and quickr respsonse noted;$ dailies scan for the day and 3 new ids for the day ie;vrllogistics,genisismobiles,thehalkatimes; bouncer from k fan also triggered;

night biryani and leg pains drinks; contributed dress press,water,electric bill vegitables 4 home; remylyn tabs purchased and ampiclox 4 gta; surprising news my marriage news from seenaiah and called antima theerpu prasad; surprising rain at after noon;
Lot of interaction from field right from news paper vendor;siasat no 1 for urdu;presentation of Rmireddy news read;free web site news On Dc;
good assurance from Gta was welcome;

14th april post

Holiday agaian morning to tank bund area to find that web address new road seen glasses needed on Scooter bundobust of police press coverage seen;
Met Keshava at after noon but hope failed info noted; Narendra book released; Latest flash is to become a tweeter for health-care company they seem to have good sales; lost temper at gta on non dryig and utensils and cleaning this one need to be checked; bouncer at abids A 2 z; rest at image graphics(Rafi new guy Minus 5 eye glass power recent expenses analysed; seen dates of Mumbai RX @ net; Days id; zeecabs; hand wash soap and phynyl purchased at morning; blog posted and tweeted;ka fans; 25 563; recent expenses analysed at shakeel shop; dailies info noted hyderabad mirror info; arranged Dental pain killer to GTa; GTA tea dust problem; Had NUts at after noon; old classics at Youtube; very caring pedicare by GTa; forgot tablets at night;Narendra MLm pressure;

Evening managed net surfing and seen old songs mazaa had but energy levels failed felt hungry even after nights dinner; day enjoyed writing of new pen;Insecurity again on income?; Death news of actor ankusam Ramireddy;
days irritations; keys; 2.silence at night by Gta;3.Bill books tearing Up; 3.Inspector Rto;4.going alone to municipal guy and Rajendra nagar pressure; 5. Tea lady on return;
6.speeding byke;7.late service at Dhaba 8.heat and travel; 9.long jouney; 1o.Lambada ladies voice 11. ads in tv 12.kajals fan irritation;13.arguments at morning; milk at night;15 tung problem;16.neibour boys menace;

good exposure and money with narendra; t20fever fans were amazing;Complangirl wish; Hundi and Kuja purchased; how they are presenting news;
days ids; stepsanddance;vbstravels;buynwin;aachimasala; grtjewels idea; took back scooter; refil change;

12th april post

Again holiday;SRirama navami day good festival food and Puja at home;Morning upma nd music enjoyed; seen pack shot of Insulin;had shaving with gel; cricket ball with Sneha; festival wishes msgs sent to some ppl; long walk from fever hospital and suffered new addition is forks;chalapathi raos call;pending blogs posted;4 of new ids;posted DW writer entry and scan and print also took;Electric bill recd; Kirans call was surprise;water problem solved at home by night; Morning 2 hours net surfing; head attacks continued;buiscuits purchased;

days ids:
STEPS Dance Studio

8-2-675/1/B, Plot No.16,
Road No 13 , Banjarahills, (Opp. Staff Entry of
Taj Banjara Hotel)
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh,
Pin: 500034 Phone : +19 40 66681230
Mobile : +91 9959801230

STEPS Dance Studio
Plot no: 3 Ground floor,
Next to RTA office, Trimulgiri
Secunderabad, AndhraPradesh, India
Pin: 500015Phone : +91 40 40118051
Mobile : +91 9246271230

10th april post

Arranged gopal tea with overnight Milk; gopal left night his friend got introduced;4 dailies scan for the day; 1 st dose of injectable insulin novamax;2 idli was not sufficient;washing girl payment request;Heavy hunger levels throught the day; lot of thinking on from where next money can come to hand; big risk needed;

11th April post;(sunday)
Self confiedence needed eenadu article news; good day bounced bounced back to form with Narendras help; evening scooter gave hick up but Gta gave new suggestion;paid dhobi girls payment through neibour 200/- fromGTa;Inj need to shaked;missed net 4 2 nd day; new introductions for the day are tehelkapeople(Keshava) and new hope gain; ideal images shop seen;success at errgadda office;

Byke of narendra released;new areal exposure again;afternoon biryani;bigbazaar exposure;Slept at DTp guys shop; narendra friends complaints;ajays call; non availability of Bill book? golkonda gys reference worked;night arguments and listening skills; vehicle break down and good excercise;

master health Checkup

Managed master health checkup at kamineni hospital many new things exposed like echo test ntrition guidance tread mill etc thanks to Goapl and that guy; Most of body parts are ok but sugar levels are still high side; eye glasses added;watched first match between chennai super kings and kolkata night riders late night match; discussions with Gopal continued;late night sleep; pending blogs posted; problem with twitter; some what sugar levels reduced for the day; 1 dose of sugar tablet after noon missed; huge lunch for afternoon;

Seen mohan overseas web site; xerox copies of RX sheets took; burnt more calories for the day leg pains due to more walking;managed travel by Bus; another day gone without income but health care came more closer;night had to use overan gel;
Kiran ajay,nareder missing;arguments at home with Gopal;

9th april post;

Got up bit late;again shown reports to dr mohan rao and he Rxbed 40 units inj insulin very costly one related tention?;help of gts was immense again;quick scan of 4 dailies of saturday; cash from bank;Called narendra; Gta joined for lunch and prepared lunch paid 4 insulin; demo of insulin by novo nordisk support team;Srn cell was swiched off this is another set back; brought blank bus ticket to gopal; ka fans crossed 25k this one gave new hope;Kamineni web site seen and noted few things like chance of tweeting for them;4 new ids msitprogram;chennaidliz;logostravels;astralpvc; rx results seen;

6th april post

Gopal came laddu given to owner gta gone;Ajay came and chat and gave him rs 50/- plus kirans intro;days id pjyothiraja;3 mailers written but not posted;blog and tweets managed;more interesting chat with gta abt social media and resume;sravani wish;ipl chat with ka fans;songs at cafe;new know is FB harry potter british actress web site;searsdeals;late sleep at night due to gopal; during the chat visiting cards hope from all corners;
7th april post;
Bus bouncer at morning with gopal;Managed sugar test at sl diagnistics but poor results;Met narendra new areas and new confidence gained;new guys introduction; Satish call;new areas exposure;with gopal to Kamineni and quick return.laddu to gta; again intro of ajay but no reply from him later ;called SRN;dress press managed;sro diary enq;akka call;

5th april post
tweet some thing with kajal is new idea;scanned 4 dailies;met naresndra and call back by seenaiah;by night pains (sun strike).gopal coming news;

4th april post

Ugadi day; calls recd were; baawa,gandhi,srn,called were akka,suneetha,ramoji;
msgs recd from gopal,dhana and some others;indiacom scanned and 4 more new ids were; weitex,linkpackers,mayurply,dicabs; parasite word;night curries problem;

2nd april post

world cup day;by night things have eased at home; cost of Tv ads noted; watched entire cricket;during the entire tv show unable to think anything;pending blogs posted;posted 5 more postal mailers;syams call recd told him abt satish offer;FB research did;days ids were spantele;powerinnups;nallisilks;areyouinterestered at FB and FB power;files at home seen markindia work seen;

3rd april sunday post:

Boneless chicken at home and long wait and power of those ppl;long walk to chikkadpalli and tiffen;missed net;more discussions at home;areas in west godavari;rx book price increased o rejected it;night robo movie in hindi seen;caterers ads;world cup parties info;satish call;pressure again by gta;

1st april post

unexpected dirturbance at home morning and evening triggered much resulted in losing control and lost sleep; called satiash and we met and discussed and his new offer of tirupati noted; some hope came from seenaiah after calling him; Morning met KIran and called SRN; no hope from ajay; morning old guy advovate met near tajmahal cafe srinu cell; 94408 80016;
Calls at field began today count 3;posted 3 more mailers gta hlp involved;night total eenadu sorted out and found 5 more addresses; 2 new friends of satish introduced;Sai dint respond; night motor byke space menace; trimmed way2sms;Called jana new info noted;called akka for gas;Morning had shae but trouble noted;discussed with neibour for Gas;Kept cell number at top of blog; brought groceries to home; chapatis from out side had;new pen;