Monday, January 21, 2013


20th Jan post

Reached gudur twist by Chalapathi from there with tention to chennai;new arial exposure;enroute calls to jaybal and Ashwin;later aswin failed;
Days new points;ps chouhan;s engagement;zerwan;
Follow failed Favrites;To manage uniform betting;
19th jan;
With Chalapathi sir on his car to chennai; ITC hotels exposure; Place idea;returned late to nellore;
18;Work at nellore with Kalamalakar;collected cards etc;raymonds;took some pics;met satyam at night;night chat with Giri;book from srirama;

17th Jan;Local work with kamalakar;covered Buchi;Met Jayram reddy;
Rami reddy pickles guy;cell; 99898 50393;
komala kishore; 8985476560;
ketha subba rao cell; 7842543623;Nageswara Rao cell; 9866804759
Jayram reddy;
Kurnool; adoni;allagadda
bangana palle;emmiganuru;atmakur
anantapur; Uravakonda;kadiri;Hindupur;
Vijaya inr son 9849129956;
Sudhakar nellore city light; cell; 98664 83597;
16th Jan;
long chat with Chandra;at syams shop;
drianage problem;Luckey tip to Chalapathi an aquired tatste success;
paper cutting work at home;
syams investment hope;
15th jan;
tirupati;met jana power of color printing URL masking technology;;Munawwer;photo tweets;Met syam mama;
14; met Syam; data capture idea;festival dress dynamics;bujjis daughters invitation dynamics;
Kistataiahs called from Kadapa;Shirt by Gopal;