Thursday, September 02, 2021

Sept 2021

 1st sept 2021;

Killed Snake in night took help of Narsimha and Surendra;

Some more luggage shifted to home;

Very hot;

2nd sept thursday 2021

Attended Satyanarayana Vratham at Kitha Mathavaram; Met old friends there;

3rd Sept Friday  2021

Next day of Vratham had tough time due to Cheap: Kanagudur guy met;

4th sept Saturday 2021:

Had hair cut; gta photos took;

Hammer and wall nails purchased:

5th sept Sunday 2021;

Chicken arranged;

Purchased water heater:

Some calls recd; Mokshit birthday:

6th Sept; 2021:Monday;;

With gta went to One Madhavaram and brought water tank base steel rods and bag of Kankara; Removed  electric Cable for Krishna house; Heavy rain and water leakage;

Old dues rs 500/_  recd from Nagamuni Reddy; More close interaction with Nagasubbaiah:

Some calls recd;

7th sept Tuesday

Had Temple visit: Seen mitta with the help of Narsimha;

8th sept wedday 2021;

Arguments and visited Darjipalli for Venkatesh : Discussed plits matter with RamaChandra brother;

With Gta visited Ontimitta purchased wire etc; Due to no mobile charging missed calls; Evening had Vadas;

As Krishna went  without telling missed to collect Toilets box in his home;

Mitta land lease is 55 000/_

9th Sept Thursday 2021;

Called Venkatesh Beldari:

Days hilight is visiting Mitta with gta by Vanka road; Narsimha said he clised way to mitta; Peddodu came so asked him to come to work ; Ajay called;

Dry day; Chebgamma suggestion had;Hooe of Darjipalli Beldari to arrive on Sunday:

10th sept friday 2021:

Vinayaka Chaviti day worked with Peddodu Garden place; Surprise money came with old wooden pieces;

Gtas exitement and contribution  for lord  Ganesha ;

11th sept Saturday 2021; With peddodu doddi cleaning work did;

Total free day tired up;

12th sept  Sunday 2021;

Attended Darjipalli village  Vinod marriage;  Koti called:

Brought Dimmelu and Bandalu;

Participated in Ganeshas kolahalam; Exitement took toll but ok; Balaji came but utter flop show;

I have put Tilakam on few people;

Missed Dinner; Chengaiah; Kishore called;

13th sept monday; 2021; 

Another arrangement attached   home front is Venkatesh came and built base for water tank  and did some repair in house;

Seen Juliet win of President of India Gold Cup; Nightmet Subbareddy realtor: Narsimhas success story on jhatka;

Bujji called; Prabhavathi son called

14th sept; Tuesday 2021;

House work further continued:

 Long writeup is important; 100 times growth daring plan needed:

What is future plan from now?

15th Sept wed day 2021

Theres still money in Tpt and Hyd for google; Engineers day huge ads seen in news papers: With gta visited Ontimitta and broght few tools; Ajay called

16th sept Thursday 2021;

Visited Ontimitta costly Tiffen;

TelmaH and got replaced  needles:

Called  vjaSuresh; Nrn; Had discussion with Sai ;

Depression due to low cash levels;

No drinking water at home;

House work is still kept pending;

17th Sept Friday 2021;

With gta visited Kadapa

Purchased Water tank:

Drum: Mixie; Night pressure from chengamma interaction meesalu guy fir Kistaiahs food;

Rejected idli to bring from Darjipalli;

18th sept Saturday 2021;

Peddodu completed few of water tasks; Gave order for steel doors:

Afternoon lost;

19th Sept Sunday 2021

Paid first Electric bill;

Visited Jafrulla Garden known about hige salary of Arifulla:

Arranged Chiken to 3 ppl;

Childhood friend Yanadi met;

Csk won at huge Odds is a new knowledge in betting;

20th Sept Monday 2021:

Hemanth flopped miserably; Darjipalli Musalaiahs death news visited him;Pavan came closer;

Night had more discussion with Ganga; Few more things known about Narsimhas game;

Jana did some editings;

21st sept Tuesday 2021;

Called Tirupal;

Narsimha said Milan has  3 games a day; Brought steel doors from welder;

Gtas Cough trouble treatment took;

22nd sept wedsday 2021;

Kampa work did by peddodu and Ganga:

Narsimhas wastage of betting noted; Again winner got by DD:

Subscribed for Hotstar:

Some more knowledge on jhatka:

23 Sept Thursday 2021;

Again hope from Roti machine some people said they will buy; Took Gta for treatment; Sai gave Nagamuni reddy ph number; 

Took gta to Doctor; MI  lost:

Dustbin purchaded:

24th Sept friday 2021:

Overall knowledge of jhatka got with a video;

Managed 2 despatches; Took gta for Nebulizer treatment;

Took part in MPTC oath  function;

Snake and Horse beggars: CSK success again; Door welders came;

25th sept sat 2021;

Heavy heat throught the day night rained; Punjab bet won; Pulcer guy gave drink;

Gates fixing work completed:

26th Sept Sunday 2021:

Loss due to Narsimhas absense is clearly evident: Surprise artivals to village Kiti had good advantage info of land  mitta kadapa land and digadala land on Mons name: Negative impact with Thulasamma; Bramha got introduced ; arrival of Vanaja and her mom:

Sai party; peddodus help but over charge; Bujji called:

Rejected sirisha:  Sudheepa came; Clear cut irrespinsibility of Narsimha is evedent; Vadlu arrived home: withdrawn cash but confusion;

27th Sept Monday 2021:

Worked for some time in Doddi;

Another order got;

Called Murali Jayamma Son known  had welcome releief; Suddenidea of houng to Kadapa dtopped:

Visited Ontimitta brought few important things   pickle; Razor; Syringes; Bandage; Narsimha came back but looked too busy not worth: 

Called Madhu ryrybhoomi; Nagamunireddy; Narendra:

Monday jhatka openings;todays matches; Disturbance had from Parvathi to be very careful ;

Tried to kearn few more things at jhatka;  

28th Sept Tuesday 2021

Sit up with Pamulodu in morning;

Chengammas over involvement  hickup; plots at Ontimitta project Soldout; Sai got bit more friendly; Ipl match punjab kings team lost;

Stikanth managed another despatch:

An attempt to learn trips and tricks overall expisure got:

Brought Sickle; Tester; pen: Kalupu tool snd Tomato:

Night indifferent Narsimhas mother: Roti machine mailer further edited; 

29th Sep Wed 2021;

Biggest unexpected development of the day is Shankaraiah mana artuval and distribution if his sons marriage card :  Next big one us neeting Nagamuni Reddy and jnowing things; Vis├Čted  Naga subbaiahs land after Gangamma temple visit: Evening one navhine nooked Thats big sucess story:

Missed to back RCB; Helped to Sai;

Kamalakar and Sennaiah called:

Night party with Sai: Dugar levels are Ok;

3 feet fencing idea;

Chengamma suddenly skipped from village?

30th sept Thursday 2021:

Headache with electricity charging:

Not much of any development:

Ontimitta Visit with Sai few things known abt jhatka investment needed; Janardhan is irritating:

Visited Sai home: Sri despatchd Pune machine;:

Double indulgence;