Tuesday, April 30, 2019

May 2019

1st May Wedday 2019;
As usual attended morning walk in park;
Had Idli  as tiffen at home with Coconut chutney; Read paper outside home as maid dint complete work;
Read some years May Months   of  some years; Balaji and Vanamali have replied;
It was really too hot yet worked and Surprise had  two closings; Andhra specials checque recd his details known; Captain cook; covers analysed  50 microns addresses of manufacturers also seen;
Need of Billbook known;
After rest changed Shah pan and Rukmini keywords and activated Kanaka Durga pearls;

2nd May Thursday 2019
Read  lot of things about plastics and Bags printing; late to field and got DW reddy payout; One plywood guy met;
Flute boards order Al Karim Trade centre met few more people; Known about Lemon power in curing Cancer;

3rd May Friday 2019;
My Hamla analysed;
Had Ragi malt parcelled to home;
Mangoes, Water melons are good for Diabetics;
Sri Sai Agencies google and blog posts activated had phone call from Murthy in morning; Activated laptop net Data;

Initiated for A/C fitting with owner:
Spa has 100 google Map listings; Managed 10 calls for the day; Had one chetta Bazaar printer number:
Morning Dosa was insufficiant had samosa and Tea near Tarakarama theatre had some kind of giddiness even after due to over heat;

Hope had  from Ballons for flex; Met Mohan proces; Tried led shops un evening;
Night retrieved 11 google standings;
This month calls so far analysed;
Murali sent one payout; childhood friend Laxman met near park at morning;

4th May Saturday 2019
Entire day  stayed back at home due to heat; Arranged vegitables & Water; Later 5 kg Onions and Oats purchased;

Evening managed  to post Murali  hospital entry;
Morning initiated a/c installation work with Bhaskar; Fevi stick, pen , Market calls note book purchased and updated;
Night neibour hood kids menace due to Ball sound:

5th May Sunday 2019
Finally a/c installation guys came and installed a/c; Fish arranged this time good taste enjoyed;  lot of wait at home till ac
work completed; Cheng called at night that is a welcome move;

6th May Monday 2019
Morning attended park but dint walk;
Electricians came home arranged by Prakash owner but dint complete task but i purchased wires later there was disagreement on commition;  In a hurry forgotten ATM card to withdraw cash; Took rest entire day evening late to field  did 7 calls; 3 positives had visiting cards: Dw; Ladies Tailor;
Call from Oyo recd ? Poor late lunch ; Had Tiffen at Durga hotel Upma Dosa Gas problem at home; Surender called; Night played up with Brown  Cat;

Days calls:
1.Met Balaji rice;
2.Tea time;
3.Boutique; hope;
4.Dry fruits;
6.Electrician; cards hope;
7.Dentist card given;

7th May 2019 Tuesday;
Managed park visit even in the park itself uneasy due to heat: Known about Diabetics and heat and hyper sugar levels;
Waiting at home read lot of content on caste system etc;
Had to wait at home for two things Electrician and Gas delivery lot of time waited and time wasted but there was no other go as outside it was scorching sun heat;
Finally tried for card design with Surender flopped even after long wait;
By electrician completed electrical work but a/ c dint function well;
Night work D W paid so arranged Rice;
Afternoon in a hurry sent message to Sadguru by night it triggered and calls recd related disturbance had;

8th May Wedday 2019
Park visit managed;
Just one field call did; Another jolt from kaavya lady; Had one tie up with one experienced  designer;
Visiting card work progressed sent whatsapp copy;
Lot of R and D phone calls  did  for ac gas top up; Night bad curries;

9th May Thursday 2019;
Stomach trouble throught the day;   Took rest in morning;
After dropping Gta met Sai Tejaswi;
Just for A/C fitting another day gone; Finally A/C is fixed with leaking problem rectified Gta sponcered payout thanks to justdial; Murali sent one payout;

10th May Friday 2019;
Ajay met on whatsapp so had chat with him later seen blog posts: Total day skipped work and took rest at home; Seconday of AC good comfort had; Good Video of Bhawar lal seen;

11th May Saturday 2019:
No park visit; No mornining work;
Some kind of pressure; Enjoyed ac fully;
Evening worked did 6 calls  and gained confidence after meeting our store;
Read April Telugu Velygu; Zaminryot, purchased May Telugu Velugu;
Advance got from Electricals guy;
Purchased small note book; Arranged hair color; wall clock cell;

Ajay and Kalyan communication continued;
Read Zaminryot;

12th May 2019; Sunday;

Good Sunday long  ph chat and support from Prahlad; Ad seen in Eenadu and attended night with Ajay internet insights;
Kishore called; Lot of english and Telugu proverbs from Instagram and insta power known; Mothers day wishes conveyed toung slip and related headache known;

13th May Monday 2019;

Morning attended park but very late managed some excersizes;
Had Ragi malt energy lasted for some time;
Had Lemon rice at home;
Lot of things organised at Insragram almost 130 contacts;

Some what cool day;
Electrical guys visiting card got redesigned and had Ok nod;
Morning Kothas rao  called and told abt payment clearance;
Evening worked met fabricator hope of broture; Matham restaurant met; Pan shop: Collected some data from field; closed one more boutique but comment unbearable;
Youtube videos; kashayam and some vegitable leaves Copper effects; Kothmir power known;

To avoid milk and Rice slowly; Atta damage known;
On the road speeding  guys  comment problem to be taken care of;
Kalyan met on chat my spell checks continued to taken care his filthy words;
Ajay called in night met him and  Calligraphy chances known;
Target audience clubs; matrimony;institutes;
Complaint sent on whatsapp abt neibour to owner;

14th May Tuesday 2019;
Ashok gave good guidance in printing line as how much to earn each day; Known about Digital printing and cutting   charges and sticker  printing charges for plain and synthetic; known about covers wholesellers; manufacturers address; After meeting M M Graphics known about  trump card printing charges;
Response recd from Murali connected me with
Loka and new hope for God idols i lost temper and followed by filth;
Development continued on Instagram end added many new faces; Lot of interaction on whatsapp had;

15th May wed day 2019;
No morning work; lot of R&D did in posting Instagram postings;
Lot of disagreements continued at home;
Evening met Kishore got payout so purchased Copper vessel and Sabja seeds: Night called Murali;
Night enjoyed Dasa;
Evening met 2 calls Radiums; Sinage;

16th May Thursday 2019;

Morning to park songs by neibour ack it;
Wantedly she argued i lost temper again;
Even a slitest provocation looks to be dangerous:
Seen Yesterdays instaposts;
"Thati munjalu" good for health;
Worked in morning;
Medical shop card given
Ashok nagar jeweller met:
Met Jyothi lights;
Electricals; known ant ranking of Sai krishna electricals;
Nagarjuna  ias Naveen;
Chennai steel; 2 pm;
Begumpet Sro;
Accupressure card complaint recd;

17th May Friday 2019;
From the morning uneasy so stayed back at home till evening enjoyed A/C comfort:
Quickly managed to replace tube starter;

Tirupati DW data saved and sent messages:
Muralis entry posted and it was showing in google database by evening;
Accuguys wrong pics were also removed;
Ajay told of gpay renewal payouts;

Instagram end further polished;
Gone clients listed;

Ever work fetched 1 payout did 10 calls confidence gained further;
Mounam effect of video;

18th May 2019
Spent the day for rx;
Night Ajay met:

19th may sunday 2019;
Morning fish and Prawn arranged;  Had to go back for fish cleani g and cutting; Read some articles on fishes; insta life story work continued; At Rx yet another losing day but already with 2 wins trevor was a cinch is strong point:

20th May 2019 Monday;
Morning Rarali mistake known by incoming call;
Royya stink unbearable; Entire morning rest at home; My idea of Keyword manipulation for Paan worked;
Activated Andhra specials; Surprise call recd from Kothas;
Seen wordpress and nice blog headlines content:
Free Digital Marketing videos seen;
Evening tried to work but failed;

21st may Tuesday 2019
On followup fetched boutique visiting cards order and managed to deliver it by evening;
Murali sent another payout of Dw tpt;
Mostly at home; By night it rained; Some more videos seen on youtube: Insta further consolidated; 2 calls did 3 data saved;

There are some institutes for Calligraphy:
Read some articles on personality development traits; At
INSTA  some good profiles added circles can be developed:
Ramesh Vizag called; Night rained and suffered frim power problem;

Whatsapp sent to Amara fashions ; Esse tials on English languges read crrtified professionals; I spiri g quotes read in whatsapp;

22nd May Wed day 2019;
To park and long chat with Uma Darjipalli temple; Evening met Accu Ramkote; Anand Pan guy; Tried to dig at SEO tips;

23rd May  Thursday 2019
Election Results day mostly stayed at home watching  results: Ramesh Vzg added me again in his list ; Brushed Murali for his wrongs; Checked expenses from Jan 2019; Ajay called and Surender Led;

24th May Friday 2018;
Entire morning spent in updating my net skills;
Key words grabbing work did at Hyderabad; Seen known more about activity & action on google dash board; Key words added for few listings and contact numbers changed for few;
Kvp had 172 ph calls;
Ganesha electricals;85;
Golden pearl 103;
To have tke ups with pets and catering guys:

Pets listings are doing better on google to tap this segment; Accu  Keywrods   and ph number changed; My blog listings are also important to post for each listing closing;
Description in google us very important with photos;
Just 1  good video is enough to get 2 million views; Sent msg to jana and Amara; After reading SEO Tips Blog loading time trimmed  and removed few links;
Call for Cauvery recd;
Get linked from others;
Shrender and Rao clients have called;
At insta added pet livers and they followed back  this is a big surprise for the day;
Lot of depression msgs from Ramesh group;
Utterly flopped to take google activation of maggam guy;

Evening did almost 10 calls;

25th May Saturday 2019
Great success unimaginable at Instagram pets in sungle day had almost 200 followers :
Thanks one call recd for  visiting cards:
Another losing day at Rx but eliminated few more mistakes; Caterers phone number grabbed at google:
Trouble near Musheerabad tote managed;

26th May Sunday 2019;

Knife manufacturing  Discovery episode seen;
Gta ? Had Egg fried rice for lunch:
AJAY?? Health benefits of Munga chettu known; To reduce Salt intake to avoid leg pains;
Wellconnected padmananhan poonawallas won but i missed it; Byke self starter problem emerged as fresh headache;
Had field followers in Instagram;
Youtube movie ideas read;
Some videos posted to youtube;
Mostly at home heat reduced;

27th May Minday 2019;
Heavily pressurised for Byke self starter failure so  after dropping gta got repaired byke starter anyway but had slog it out in heat:
Later did few calls of used Bikes at Kingkoti atea ;
Took A1 bykes cards order and reached home with total energy failure had  quick Butter Milk at home;
Very hot day; Evening with help of Ashok cards got designed;
Throught the day Instaposts unfollowed many of them;
Night sitout with Ajay  long chatsome money gone overspend: Syam called but rejected his call:

28th May Tuesday 2019

Yet another hottest day forcing to stay at home till evening; Had  to wait for water in morning; Suffered from overnight hangover had help by gta;

Evening tried to meet Dtp Ashok but he was not there so unable to deliver cards but pressure had from Byke guy;
Entire day spent time in unfollowing and following At Insta managed followers at 700 matk;
Evening had new  arial  exposure near Ajays home; Night Gta completed logo work thats s real success story for the day;

29th May Wed day 2019
Morning wishes old ppl at park;
Ashok failed to help to machine failure so i met byke guy and did some more calls near by area; Hunger levels luckey Butter milk distribution enjoyed;
Syam sent idols proposal but rejected it;
Evening more exposure had for printing needs;

30th May Thursday 2019;

Night Modis Swearing in cerimony on Tv seen;
Morning work dint fetch evening work paid; Importance of google maps known and chemchas objection had showingup of google maps ;
Again analysed past it hint had as i  still can  hope on Rx winnings;

Seenaiah called had Chat with Kamalakar;
Night calculated daily avarege income and expenses known stunning insite had;
Rat mat purchased;

31 May Friday 2019;
Managed to deliver Aluminium cards but coastly editing  by  goud designer but TIPs had to charge good amounts;

New hope emerged From Uma stores gave quotation with the help of Ashok but evaporated soon:  Saturday and Sunday Rx books ourchased;