Saturday, March 21, 2020

Set backs and growth factors;

Set backs and growth factors;
Covid 19;
Despite hardwork things are not at all moving for adsense;
phone number head ache of google;
Insta increase over twitter;
Twitter emails verification  head ache;
customers are claiming maps;
No team and poor renewals;
Unable to go to field work;
Drohis effect;
Nagarajas death:
Alchohol expenses;
Sugar health troubles;
Fathers death; Naru epidode;
hand accident;
Raju; Gandhi;
Others non cooperation

latest Seo knowledge; youtube videos knowledge;
Instaids 26;
covers kept to twitter;
Maps claimings;
content preparation knowledge;
whatsapp content and communication helped;
bio changed at twitter slowly getting followers;
pinterest pictures; 
tweets knowledge;
400 Top alexa ranked sites data;
300 top celsbs data
50 celebs content;
Smart phone on hand with Jio;
Byke; Gold; somw what dress;
consolidation work from home continued;
Digital marketing course know;
2020 recd payouts by online;
 S M Pricing knowledge;
Google maps;
googgle; archive; wikipedia;
Dale carniegie;
worked as manager later;
Max stint; Nlr stay;
Idols biz;
English and Hindi knowledge;
Human relation techiniques and good mannerism;
chat and gta;
Eenadu ads;
Singapore visit;
Athletics; Hyd life;
Family and friends help;