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Best Digital Marketing Agency In  Hyderabad Call 9347107468
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Sunday, December 01, 2013

november 2013

Field work continued;had 3 positives;by evening cheque cleared;
paid Narsing; lost temper at home broken few things;
Rage continued on PRK;

27th th november;2013

Got up earliar;Had  coffee; scanned jyothi; saravana elite closed; 2 cats;  checked s fixations; Tweeted;

watched tips of vedeo about digital camera and youtube short movies;
that t id and one ranigunj payment got transfered into account;
2 more new clients shops pics into fold; Kamal  met at ranigunj;(3 helpas did;prk;owner;Kaml;)

Called Akka; and satish and aneesh;
Managed to pay net pending bill;seen marraiage halls with Prk;chennai anna hall;Purchased new eue glass;Scanned pendrives for visiting cards;Trolley wheels and Castor wheels maps listings seen;
Downloaded Vedeo editing sofatwares in laptop;

28th november thursday;

heavy cool ;waited for Kamal; later with the help of Kishore visiting cards got printed for me and PRK; Kamal met had nice positive feedback from  him  then to rx; he remained same ;left him ; sudden rain; dosage crossed further; net very slow at home;
skipped field work totally;success at rx;paid prk pending;
29th nov friday;
managed et; response time article in ET; not listed kamals call; no incoming calls; some one called for SMS package; tried to retrieve natco card?;
No field work for second day;
at rx new point again watch failed Fav; recovered  have sufficient cash levels on hand;
new point at kolkata; had lunch at home;

27th november ; 2013;wed day; adv planning;

1;drop merhaba cheque;block their t id; get returned cheque;submit merhaba 2 ggl;
depute PRK for cheque;?
***2;twi id settlement;
3;kamals arrival;to see;???
4;mumbai rx book;plus swathi mag to buy;grt andhra;
5;future planning;field calls; a must;

6.Must pay net Bill;at any cost;
field calls;
chek s e o status of impex guy;take their prints;
BUY chocos pls;pln  more prints pls;
morning news papers;allocate;
cloth pressing pls;
what abt cheque pending to clear 4 the day??
keep in touch with friends family;

1;To park full of water this time; ;2;2 idli vada Sambar;3;good number of locations to operate;infomedia;
4;small lunch at home;
5;***merhaba cheque collected; thanks to laptop on hand;shown them pics and vedeo;sound effects;
6;did good number of calls 10 plus at field;; had 2 +; some cards collected;
7;>>>One cheque got  returned; met Bank lady and known details;called them;
8;another cheque position still kn known;
9;days  solace is one call came from t id stttlement;need to see how it will develop;
10t;important  rx events fixations seen;good dta at site;about winners;
PRK not met;
choko to rina; called  seenaiah: met kishore and collegues;and enquired;biz;
sudden change of ;unplanned thing;purchased chicken;unable to decide;confusion to have Insulin;


25th November

Introduction of vishwanath at park;PRK and NRN have called delay of NRN and appointment of PRK; closed 2 for the day ;another failure;loaded 2 new  vedeos 2 ggl activations;; known as social media buttons in youtube;8 calls in field;Sudden rain;ggl page hope; satty associates had just 10 people;Calmness contd;

sunday 24 november

Sunday went cool with one set back ;again cash levels ;s depleted yet can manage;called  NRN; Analysed positives on hand currently;
 issues but plan further faster;quickr;
 with new closing totally out of daNGER FOR november;

Rain in the msent 2 cheques 4 collection; missed rx; lost overnite sleep due to nasal congestion;had party at janatha unexpected way;Nrn called; paid; 1500 to narsing had his response good one;; cold w contd; unorning got up very late;
 almost followed 1000 for k from home;

amartya;who is this i only know;

22nd nov friday';

long scooter drive with tention but success  finally there;need to have cash till last chance at 8 one missed at 3S;;seen few videos of twitter;
yes;he expected a call; Had Biryani at night after a wait with lot of wastage;suffocation and body pains;;

21st nov

Again work with NRN .. few of .new points of income  got  exposed cranes and  municipality ; survived with just one samosa till evening ; cat came home  for milk so the galli girl s for Choco;

Morning quickly finished reading 2 dailies on park;
called natco;water works follow up ; met  cranes;
Hotel labourer gets rs 300/-;
Worked at Ranigunj and closed one had few more commitments;
20th;continued work with NRN;

18th november

Continued work with NRN; surprise 3 payments received; plus new places exposure;clubs and pubs;

17th sunday post

Nrn called and told abt non coming;Read eenadu;attended rx ; another confice booster from rx;

16th sat day

Nrn came bit early joined him closed a 1 thanks to Camera on hand;Continued to few more places got commitments;came home and had more discussions and they were very promising;Morning seen yellowpages directory;c alford had hattricker thats another booster;
girl got upset for choco ; took id card and laminated it;mumbai rx books;

15th november

Nrn dint turn up;I managed to do calls at field;Prk kept in touch;mostly friday shops were closed; seen 2 more shops at gunj;met bohra guy ali  had some interesting information from him;skipped rx; at galli that function overnite;net was speed at home;
Up till now all is well now i must accdelerate;

14th november

continued park meditation work on return purchased Insulin;Paid Narsing 3 rd month office rent; Joined work with NRN afetr long wait at vasi ram success at sec bad; met Sarala guy then retired;
Purchased Overan and paid electric bill;
Work with NRN continued one success story; later tried organics then met kesav and came back home;
Night with GTa purchased comfortable chair and retired after arranging few more things to home;

12th nov

Got up early;posted all pics and pending entries; punjagutta spell check edited;
Joined NRN created letter quickly and met few clients;PRK not met totally for the day;some prints took in the evening;3 ggl activations did from musheerabad;
Lot many things managed for the day;

In a unexpected way again NRN met with some another silent press guy joined them;had good results for the day with 4 closings plus 2 picture sessions
and 2 followups;

sunday november 10th

This time arranged Prawns and fish to home long standing leg pains;relations at home some kind of Sandadi;At kolkata entire d khaitans connections gaven jolts to punters; no bookies operated;Need capital for recovery on rx game;Seen sundays ET;


9th november;sat day;

Continued field survey at morning but this is sudden decicion few more references noted;managed day with 9 field  calls had 2  positives ;2 payments cleared  now  clearly out of problems;
morning park meditation work missed;Aunty met on road; Skipped days rx;surajs flutter at 3 rd choice in 2 year olds at Bangalore 3 rd day;
had long chat at home at morning abt gadjet buying and paying dues;
Sunday Kolkata rx card seems to be promising;
Kamals calls recd;
Gtas chinnannas arrived kot arranged;

8th nov;
After visit request my guess passed right;shown him probables next;Got struc with one client all the time has gone;Yet i managed photo shoot and one new idea emerged of current listing to capture; one more new rx point 1400 mts touch;

7th november

Morning continued park visit lot of rush of ladies seen quickly scanned wow number  of big city operation hope has emerged; Inspiring article about zomato; yelp;number of clientale;Death at galli related disturbance; One trouble at field work still able to closed 2 entries to be very careful in telling commitments;A K centre;missed to collect t wallas;
Lost interest after coming home;Night paid net bill;
Again in fighting line with income with number of positives on hand;

6th nov 2013

9;purchased insulin;needles;from apollo;scanned 2 papers from park quickly;
10;Morning hansindia 1. 10 lakh   circulation info 2500/- whole month classified  rate; thanks to narsing;
11;Tarpaulin guy gave cheque; had another offer from  another tarpaulin guy;
sarla  commitment had for next monday;
1.few more prints took from friends cafe; 1 category whole ap; pending blog also posted;
2;Moharam holiday  ;notice board and collected 50 shops data;
3;recd indiacom g plus leaflet;;
4;seen jd guy taking pics from his tab let??
5;had 1 + with  field work with PRK;
6;skipped K rx;
7;gtas sister called  up recd ph;
8;prk cheque got cleared;
Morning to park as usual did lot of analysis work there; to plan next 7 years and help got for net activity also did; ET gave info on foreign investment to e com portals like Flipcart;snapadeal;jabong;To capture larhe data  in vey less time is code word now;
ON pressure gave narsing 1k cheque cleared late than usual time; Days consumtion minimised;
Worked in the field for 2 sessions some positives had plus one commitment;
Night R&d did on top j winns for last 3 years centre wise; Called Satish he replied;

4th november post divali day

Prk came home with his family; attended rx had one confident one but missed;Morning longR*D did on selecting top key words;Worked in field had few more positives;
Decided to give ads for people; and for investors;prepared ad content;submitted 3 pending entries finally so releived;
Prakash called and  Divali wishes; Jayram reddy;This time jana called ; Skipped hy rx; Continued arial survey  more exposure again on Puja time decorations;One fight near kavadiguda;Took 25 prints from a new cafe thats nice another sadgun again;No news papers for the day;Managed tweets;

% people needed badly to work for;decided about ads;Seen movie on laptop;Spent 1 hou in office room watching google prints;Morning posted pending blogs;

1st and 2 second november 2013 posts;

1st november;

met web developer discussed about ad words ; at rx;dothe thing you fear acted so one more confution got cleared;;they disturb with winning favrite shaktiroop  missed; took another 65 prints from sadgun; night prk met had time with him; new cheque from royal glass took and deposited in bank;one guy met at hrc and power in urdu expression; moring remained at home;lot of favrites won in opening day but poor odds;

2nd nov
saturday; A  grocer a t chikkadpally remained there ; to park and did  r* d on prints;which industry is offering growth rate to know;at rx new point is even on 4th career start it can flutter; most last year stats of rx seen found that favrites are out numbered;;night agression on compound to be very careful;  galli children crackers  hungama seen;one pen got at park;gtas birth day related hungama;sans frontiers;equine lover upsets;

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