Friday, April 01, 2022

April 2022

 31st March noogu cutting began with 14 ladies:

1st April  Friday 2022

2nd day of cutting with  13 ladies;

1 machine got dispatched;

Paid to  yadrmi Suresh

2nd April sat day 2022;

3rd day cutting with 10 people;

Ugaadi day Visited Gangamma temple; Night one machine order got; Byke work got done;

3rd April 2022: 

4th day of cutting;6 ladies worked;

4th April  2022 ;

5th day of cutting 5 people worked;

5th April 2022; 

Seeds removal work began with  Pulliam team ;

6th April we'd 2022

No  new orders for Roti machine;

Noogu seeds kalam work  conti


7th April thursday 2022;

Seenas repeated alerts about safe guarding noogu crop;  lost temper on Annapoorna; lost temper on Okkodu;

8th April  Friday 2022

Made ontimitta visit; withdrawn cash;l first kuppa  Noogu seeds  extraction  work completed but full of insects at home; paid gollapalli electricity bill  by phonepe; Incoming calls for Roti machine have drastically reduced;

Narsimha came back; lost temper on Pslani;

9th April 2022 satday

okkodu failed his promise; 

Pulliah and 3 ladies continued Noogu  Kalam wotk;

With machine completed  Noogu cutting plus ladies worked;

Ontimitta visit had  twin indulgence: 

10th April Sunday 2022;

Srirama Navami day  Attended Kalayanam at Village temple  with Meenashmma and other villagers:

Chafivimpulu and meramani contribution;

11th April monday 

12th april Tuesday  2022

Pulliah skipped his promise

13th April wedday  2022

Naeasimga was not there in gollapally

14th April  thursday  ladies continued work near home

15th April  Friday 2022; 

Made Ontimitta visit purchased q0 new bags; Night paid 5 k to Giri wife,

Not spent at Narsimha shop;

Ladies completed Nuvvulu cleaning work;

16th April satday  2022; Stayed at jome;

17th April Sunday 2022

Had Kallumama ;  Naga subbaiah  And Narsimha helped sticking of nuvbulu bags:

18th April 2022 monday 

Sold nuvvulu at kadapa mandi; Tiring experience;  just managed expenses; 

19th April  Tuesday 2022;

Came back to gollapalli;

20th April weday

21st April thursday  2022

Went to kadapa took balance payment and depositedoney in bank;

22nd April Friat gollapalli;day 2022

Paid Nagasubbaiah  pattalu money

23rd April satday 2022;

Appis daughters marriage skipped:

24th April Sunday 2022;

Koti came gave Morpheus full nottle;

25th April monday 2022  stomach problem;

Avoiding chinni continued;

Said met;

26th April tuesday 2022

Called sivaram ; Jayamma son Gautis death news: problem with Annapoorna; Night Boarded chengalpattu train;

27th April wedday 2022;

Reached Hydersbad  Took total rest at home; called chengaiah; Ramireddy; Lot of incoming calls recd; Unable to lift some of them;

Never s builders special coverage sern;

28th April thursday 2022:

1 machine order got and  despatched;

Kacheguda chappal order given:

2 Renewal reminders sent:

Sent 2k to Narsimha;

Ac repair done at home;

29th April Friday 2022

Total stay at home luckily one roti machine order got and managed to despatch it:

Top 30 contacts of life listed;

30th April satday 2022

Known about kava chavali  stage presenter; called prabhavathi son;

Eswaraiah Son; Shankaraiah vdmpalli;

Heat wave continued;