Sunday, June 02, 2019

June 2019

1st June Saturday 2019;

Decided to quit  field work for the day due to Rx;
From the morning headache of Ramesh calls had to switchoff   my mobile phone for few hours ;
poor cash levels on hand and had setback  to withdraw cash  on the way ATM to hrc;
It took very long time to reach Hrc therefore confusion and missed to bet favrite;

Another headache was Airtel laptop  net got evaporated and had it activated from MS mobiles;
Activated DW Mudiraj tried Rampally;
At rx not see mounts in paddok from now so another mistake removed; Another bet in last  race won but missed to bet it;

Daring decicions needed to bet;
Poor decicions and poor cash levels on hand  so another losing day at rx continued;
Evening Ajay and Kalyan sent whatsapp msgs;
On reaching rx SBI card shown some hikups;
On return from HRC horror of byke starting and related insecurity;

2nd June Sunday 2019
Arranged Onion and few things to home;
Failure at rx;
Night sitout with Kishore Ajay joined later;

3rd June 2019 Monday;
Some kind of uneasy stayed back at home till evening:

3rd June 2019 Monday

Due to over night dosage felt heavily disturbed till evening took total rest at home;
Stayed back at home till evening analysing past during last 20 years i would have met 20 000 calls thats huge;

Evening tried to work but rain spoiled work managed 6 calls;
Pressure is mounting as money is draining  out;

4th june Tuesday 2019
Inspirational video seen on Comfortzone;
Trouble at home; Worked in 2 sessions and did 20 plus calls;
Night Ajay met and his support understood;
Another fraud activity if Murali known and exchange of pierce words;

5th june Ramzan day Wedday 2019;

Worldcup match for Cricket between South Africa and India watched for some time @ home in evening;

Even on Ramzan day worked and did 6 calls in morning session;

Ramzan wishes sent by creating a group  on whatsapp but many of them left  thank god some of them have responded ;

Gta further improved her design skills;
Sitout with Ajay at night;
Releived from Ramesh vzg group;

6th june Thursday 2019;
Morning managed park visit met Narsing Rao;
Unexpected hi Electricity bill recd  cleared it anyway;
Managed to do some calls in morning session heat continued;

Rajampet jewellers said yes to transfer;
Called Rubber stamp guy tpt;

7th June Friday 2019
Morning with messags closed Buttalu and Nadeem said Ok;

Long journey and covered 2 areas work fetched gave some relief but came home energylass a d tiresome; Fridays effect is clearly understood;
 Covers for Documentation hope is new thing for the day;
Each SR must need a Advocate is new idea; Shankar is incharge of Rajnagar
Headache with Murali continued; Heavy traffic on return journey with heat;

Google pay downloaded but had some problems to check;

Night byke starting problem is new headache;

Another improvement for me is Gta has learnt to design visiting card and save it to send to printer;

8th june Saturday 2019;
Morning skipped work;
Surpise on messages folloup recd 2 payouts for the first time bank transfer;
Horror of Byke trouble managed;
Ajays morning call;
Rx shocker again Trevor is ruling most;
20 important daily needs analysed Cuddle;

9th June Sunday 2019;
Attended park  but no excersises Uma called ;  later met Ajay for his adsense work;
Sitout and Auto driver; 2 side by side troubles: skipped Rx but top fav last race flopped; 0ne doubt on UPI transfer;
Lost temper on Kalyan at night;

10th June Monday 2019;
Attended park had Ragimalt brought home vegitables;
Linked more than 30 g plus numbers to my cell and response also had:
Covered 4 stations some  response had did 10 calls DW Jeevan Reddy gave new ideas;
Muralis sabotage continued;
Water scarcity at home by night qwickly arranged few things to home;
Had exposure of new areas on outer ring road:
One nice video on "Chanikya neethi" seen;
Still longway to travel  to cover expenses for the month:

11th June 2019 Tuesday;
During morning park visit had nice chat with Narayana old man : wished Vittal Narsing Rao;

From home called few clients, sent sms and linked few oh number and changed caller tuned and activated SMS pack;
Good calls recd to mobile;
Had chat with Sekhar bhai: Seen Suman TV video on human relations  seen;
Slowly  ph calls traffic is raising after linking mobile numbers;
Night pets called did known Dynamics;
My puppy is linked to

12th June 2019 wedday
Unable to attend park;
Pending electrical bill trouble cleared at home;
SMS reminder saved for the day some more messages sent;
Good jump took had 2 closings  1 new and one old: Few messages sent to DW;
2 new activations managed;
GTA could create a nice Logo for  Range of steel;
YouTube added  vedeo editor ;
Fish tank enq generated and Aquarium guy mazher gave some details;
Few more linkings did traffic of incoming calls continued;
Missed lunch;
New thing for the day is closed flower decorator for review;
Kalyan met on whatsapp:
Suffered from mobile charging problem:

13th June Thursday 2019
Handsome day; 2 areas covered; sime relief anyway ; 2 potencial steel guys seen;
2 new clients closed;
Sudden rain and loss of Eye Glass got a new one not expensive ok;
Lot of traffic continued again to mobile;

GTA created my visiting card:

Evening Rama murthy called;
Surender ledguy reference for web site;
Complaint of Shanmugam fishes need to edit:
Spent some time in writing good review and also known about sharing it and of others;
Aquarium tank still hopeful;
Goldenpearlinn lady called;

14th june Friday 2019;
Edited Prahlad; and 2 others:

Worked with Ajay @Ranigunj  for the first time after 2013 and managed 10 calls had 2 positives;

Met Ajays relative SOTC guy;
Calls continued to mobile;

15th June 2019 Saturday:
Good morning Puri but missed lunch and dinner;
Due weakness stayed back at home and edited entries and did R& D for Range of Steel known few more potencial customers;

Purchased Scissors and Byke seat cover got changed:

Another pointer of same jockey Sandesh  proved;
Calls to Mibile continued with new offers;

Lost temper at Dish guy @ night called Police station; Had very long chat with Kalyan; expectation?;

16th June Sunday 2019
Ajay met at morning:
Night GTA Vadina came home my chat with Kalyan and related trouble;
Calls to Mobile continued;

17th June Monday 2019;
Worked at Ranigunj with Ajay second day ;
First success got of Merhaba tyres; calls continued to mobile;
Msg sent to Range of steel and he replied; Again some disturbance in mind;

18th June Tuesday 2019
After dropping cheque worked with Ajay @
Ranigunj 3rd day ; Managed 8 calls and 1 closing 1 hope unbearable heat so retired fast:
One advocate called from Nellore for Hotel stay@ tpt and review power known;
Night Cricket match watched;

19th june wed 2019;
Morning forgot to drop check so I had to go back new thing learnt;
Twist of turn Ajay dint turn up so I had to work;
Managed days expenses and few calls;
Read old blog posts;
June closings analysed;
Heavy sleep in afternoon;
One ayurvedic treatment video seen;
TV and mobile watching to reduce;
Jana and web designer called

20th June 2019;
Leeds @ hand analysed:
AJAY again said sick but Ihad to continue work;
Suresh Vja called and invited;
Starpetworld guy called;
Surprise Shankar  Rao said ok;
Mor Ape called:
Night watched cricket for some time:
Money came drained out very faster;
Read back my blog posts;

21st  June Friday 2019
Skipped morning park visit;
Morning worked at net  and edited few ph entries of google traffic reduced;
Kept again pets number;
1.Famous florist page pisted
2.Ali eng entry posted.
3.Range of steel entry pics posted;
4.Venkateswara electricals pics posted;
Slept a lot in afternoon;
Bala Pullaiah call not lifted;

Scanned 2 magazines qwickly;

Water arranged pen purchased but poor quality; Had Puri in Durga tiffens;
Day slightly planned:
After long wait Ajay joined and we both worked at Ranigunj and got 1 chq but energy levels problem is clearly evident;
Met fee more positive calls Super agencies;
Pets guy also replied.

22nd June Saturday 2019.
2nd and 4 th Saturdays are  Bank Holidays.
Had Hair cut by  inexperienced person.
Skipped work but managed to post some pending entries.
At rx stunning upset ruled.
Initiated YouTube video for power director;
Not keep gold on Cot;
Night nervous moments at Cricket match;

23rd June Sunday 2019;
Arranged Chicken but worth;
Filled cheque;
2  sittings  & discussions with Ajay;
Watched Cricket match at night India fought out to win agaianst Afganis;
Padmanabhan mount won;

24th Monday 2019;
Sent Ajay to pets world bt attempt failed but out of tention anyway; i managed days expenses with 1 listing;

25th June Tuesday 2019;
Worked with Ajay at Ranigunj but lukewarm response I'll health problems have hampered; After coming home managed  to edit few listings;
Venkateswara map editing did;
Listened to one video on improving communication skills:

26th June wedday 2019;
Ajay is sick so I gave him his money  and worked alone
Had 2 small oks and 2 big hopefuls;
Back at home some editings also managed;
Some SMS sent and some more dats added;
Night purchased heater for home;

27th June Thursday 2019:
Ajay absent again so I worked alone again ok;
Morning edited few more numbers and counted my total Google business pages accounts; Sent messages to some people;
Night watched Cricket with neibourhood boys;

28th June Friday 2019
Google keyword R & D continued throught the day: Met Range of steel luck its spidered in blog; Sent 11 sms reminders none replied;

29th June Saturday 2019;
Google keyword ranking work continued;
At rx another flop to go real track  performance;

30th June Sunday 2019;
Keyword R& D continued again;
One clear success ar Rx at 4/1 but missed uniform betting anyway got back yesterdays loss; Ajay kept in touch; Watched Cricket;