Wednesday, June 15, 2016

lifes time line

 movie release dates


my dvd collection

Abt me  Father in Hyderabad and his family brothers trouble??? Business?

Miracles in life


Important people and events 

Kashayam swamijee; Narasimha rao;
Till 7 years nothing is known;
Gollapally poverty striken some time in Rajampet with avva akka etc;
Goallapalli School life walk to Darjipally school(Subbanna sir);
(Village people) Jafrullah,Balaiah;

6,7(Nagrajpet),8,9  class CSI school later 1980 Hyderabad; Kesav Memorial;

Govinda raja ; Gangaram; Mangals;
1981,82,Mariapauram; St josephs mariapuram( sisters   childrens growth studies )

Book reading began;

Hyd life Athletics, Singapore visit,Movies,Military,  etc.(satish,Raju,Prasad.Akheel,)
Certificates   family  friends 



Movies i have seen 

Books i have read 

1985 fathers death; Bujjis marriage;

Tirupati stay with Gopal;

Prizm job, Kinetic; max India; 1992-95(Max India)

Real estates Bangalore;

1994,Nellore; max;
1995,Menarini Raunaq,
1996 Hyderabad; yogi Pharmacy, soaps etc;
hand problem;

1997 google

Launch dates
1999; idols; Syam;

2000 N Prabhakar; 2001 NT;(Funding) health Trouble;

2003; nelloreone; entered press;Gopal funding;


2005; Vetuku;(ADSENSE) id came in:(Jana)

2006; Nlr;Hyd;  Tirupatiguide ( Bangalore big Orders;)

2007 hyd; Twitter ids : content    on hand


2008;Nlr;BNG; Rx Book;

2009;TPT;  thulasi support:

income story


2010; HYD ;SRN; TPT LISTINGS;(twitter income began) NRN team;  Nelloretimes

Braekthroughs   friends

2011;  Ajay GTA; (Ranigunj)support began; NRN team; Pen Media; news 9 power;

2012; CAMERA; G PLUS; Tours,

2013; AJAY; PHOTOS;  D W; Prakash;(Renewals later)

2014; BYKE (Adsense turned to my account Wire transfer) Gandhi deleted;

2015; SMART PHONE; A/C; Hyd trip renewals; saved Eenadu entireyear;
drohi deleted;

2016;RICE from home support ; 1. ZAMYN RYOT ARCHIVES;

2.Vetuku PAPER RE LAUNCH 6 issues;  

vetuku may issue sent

 postal power on hand ;

5. Pavan; NRN;
6.Total  Blog Prints; 
7.G plus accaounts   gplus2

 google letter STATS PRINTS 220;
8.230 g plus clients; for  DW; data around 800
10.Kamala deleted; syam deleted;
11,Whats app chat story
12.vetuku e filing;

latest situation   lenivi

48 laws of power

Daily plans

pending payouts

clients backwards

G plus codes to activate and collect

Google history

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