Sunday, June 30, 2013

june 2013

Head ache for bringing  aged chicken  ahd argument at home later its found to be nice one; another head ache of owners threat to pay rent to pay on 1st only; Scanned 8 dailies and  cutting work also managed deputed pinning work to gta she achieved; tweeted;vikasconcept;boxofficecinema at FB blockd;overnite brillinthyundai twi blockd;

drraviscincity ttr  blockd; spent long time on net at home till afternoon;posted few traffic ranks info;

At Rx failure again  new point is last time odds on win srinath?? double promotion fails even by whisker;Another point when kept ready now with good rider(Zervan) and fav  won;;seen clientale of adroit finally; Songs enjoyed at night on some TV show;
Rinas birth day;her friend met;monday planned;call from kamal later replied him;


29th june saturday

8.Saturn met at morning but bluntly rejected his request;7.Morning 8 dailes Andhra bhoomi weekly purchased and scanned them;6.At last some part of DTP work started moved further  politics noted;1.Settled ajay account;2.Gandhi called later he came home;3.Gta joined back did pinning work of ads;4.Called NRN he said will reachhyd on monday;5.seen RX card later purchased sundays card plus great andhra;

9.Tried to meet Tulip identified his office  met a girl there and new Arial exposure had  paiga plaza palace marriage hall;felt irritated in after noon;10.thedostore traffic rank amazing but they have not used twitter is a big surprise;

11.i continued Ads Cutting work in evening gandhi came in between gave tips to have a telecaller use SMS technology.12.GTA gave new idea use home as office;

13.Pappu chekkalu of Vijaya Cottage are very tasty can i sell it online?

14.In a split of a second  had  acccident  at galli  my left hand small finger got hurt a bit due some ones badly parked parked  vehicle surprise neibours enquired about issue;

28th june day

whyd data posted around 300 entries;Gta left;Ajay dint work; No income day;met kiran Suresh;No field calls from my side even; Phone followup did with castling; Gta continued pinning work;

During the afternoon and night much of cutting work did at home;That mailer is ready with 40 xerox copies finally must push them to clientale now; Gandhi called up;

Rinas chocolates calls;Kiran gave his discount card data;

FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2013

27th June post;

Again almost 10 more news dailies scan plus cutting work managed at morning;Work got slightly delayed due to meetup with Jayram Reddy and Gandhi but spel cheks  identified by him;Long chat with Satyam his suggestions for souvenir had;Cheque sent for collection;Baig followup did;Rajesh bottu effect at morning;Activated Ajay to join fieldwork;

At field hunger pangs;Met important call of Kondal Rao took details of marriage had word with Balaji for marraige web casting;Took xerox of dealers; and his packing style seen;Met Akbaralley  and  posted google entry;Met standard tools and shown him hits had his nod for adwords;Known about questdial vacation forgot Tulip address while coming back;Interaction with Kamalakar throught the day;Met Satish and had his commitment for letters;Called Ibibo girl;Seen tollywood pictures on FB;Not my cup of Tea guy; Tention of kawadiguda guy?

Took scooter so its ready once again;Night visiting cards editing work at Kiran did and also had discussion about his data and Mag print.By night things at home too have changed; No sizeable income for the day;


26th june post

Planned to do the things in a lightining speed;

Again 10 more news papers and completed 2 days papers scan and cutting work;Stagnation continued at home;night called NRN;Covered 2 sros 2 are successful;but long wait;long journey too scooter shake of wheel; Ajay couldnt bring anything;Met Sadgun guy;what that email activation?Morning managed to send 11 mailers to nellore and 1 to Tirupati some of  letters were  color prints;jayram reddy called; Purchased new l folder and took 60 xerox copies;Rate negotiation enquiry did with Xerox guy 4 color prints;Times assent;

Mailed essae;Scooter condition further got worsened;Pending works of Ajay completed;Purchased Tulip mag and scanned Zaminryot;no Call from ibibo yet? sent SMS to that company and others but in vain;

TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 2013

25th june

***1.launching dates and Traffic ranks work did at morning;

2.Scanned  8 dailies  found economic times very interesting and informative;230 217; with special issue on best companies to work for;
3.Had cell ph chat with kamalakar and detailed him;
4.transfered cash to NRN;
5.Ugly seen at home developed not closing door and not allowing owners daughter;6.lose tung of GTA noted on water;non cooperation further developed;
7.asked suguna to arrange worker;
8.Called kishore;
9.Met castlingit sales guy; beena;
10.Ibibo  call further developed;
11.Recd covering letters very fine;that old man;
12.later sent 12 of them to nellore with ajays help;
13.purchased 2 duracell batteries;
14.Recd mail from balaji icon, replied him;
15.reply recd from Obul reddy another reply from his boss added them to twitter;

Tweeted further;
16.met suresh x press had his assurance;
(17)20 more stamps purchased for future;
(18)clled NRI had ph number; of Prabhakar; 9246199778;
(19)Paid 1 k to narsing; called arjun;
called arjun;

Field calls; cabs;naveed;

had long chat with Kamal and revealed strategy; Near by lodge idea has developed; Non cooperation continued with Satish and Gandhi; Had tiffen,lunch out side;Surprise call from rami reddy;

24th monday;


Days major success story is meeting Tollywood guy new arial exposure had good discussion there domain sqat etc; Daaram success finally recd sms; Bonsai success hes happy what abt reddy there??; Scooter is in very bad shape needs immediate attention now; retrieved nearly 50 important addreses of  Nellore and also took print mailed this kamal;Sent cheque for collection; is also important;keyord pls;metricks;FB knowledge;

Erragadda  sro was not there; no field work for the day?; Covers guy said  covers are ready on my call;arranged few things and deputed Gta for buying my medicines and insulin ;Called ibibo guy no response yet; Suffered with body Pains; Ajay and NRN have called;

23 rd sunday

Wake up at 7 am with GTas call;quickly purchased all dailies and managed to scan them all;now 3 days papers on hand to be re scanned for ads and content time needed;had coffe outside nandini; Had 4 idlis and Puri this time;Raju waved on the way;Seen Rx and noted that winner again wins at good odds;

Some future planning meditations did;
Days ideas; to watch when famous  companies came to web,social media sites? Skimmed through the last 6 months; found that need team badly; suguna came;had bath; bath room is invaed by coclroches etc; Tweet sent;

days Knowledge;
Be there when they're looking for you with 
Google Places for
businessBeing on Google helps people find

share, rate, and recommend your business to 

their friends, Add photos, update your address

 and hours; Monday planned;No our side calls 

to me after Gtas call;

New idea has emerged as to cut ads and write a 

review  next about it; To start it from 

tommorow; Gta reached back by night;attended 

rx failed again;

22nd satday

Took amount from ATM;Some kind of uneasy at morning yet managed to buy dailies in time and  had them all scanned ;Seen  Bangalore Rx card and Odds unable to decide as to go or not later an aquired taste has won.

NRN called me looks good one in offing later he failed but i met Arjun;Day planned but Gta wants to go to her sisters home;Gave dress for pressing later Old man gave back pressed clothes;At home had problem to find the cheque later found it sent it to bank 4 clearing;Brought 2 milk pockets this time Cats are growing want more milk.

Edited mailer again;Posted yesterdays Blog after editing it; Read about reutors  on wiki and rank  alexa 357;kkrgautham Twitr id;nobelhygiene web site seen and blockd;

Gave new content to suresh he saved it but seen him to be busy with accounts settlements with Kiran;Purchased 200 covers from padmavathi; again drawn cash from bank; took logos from Kiran gave to Screen printer also gave advance for work;

later  called  Adroit guy had long discussions about social media promos had some suggestions from him; called daaram had sreekanths  commitment for monday;

Ajay called;
No reply from ibibo yet?edited  mailer new print took and loaded Ajays entry to blog; key word search did; settled ajays dues and had discussions with raju and retired;

21st june friday

Took small break in morning to plan the days energies; found new guy on news papers corner Scanned all of  dailies PM s appeal was good. Gave pen drive to Suresh Xpress guy  he started  design work Kiran left from there; by evening took DTP work from typist paid them investment here;Morning tweeted nice one;

Mailed to GRM gold;Dropped GTA at bank but before this found tough time in getting ready weight told here;Read mailer at home found some editing problems;Called Kamalakar from home he responded well later;Called gandhi; Ajay  brought small success but vedeo file was too large.  Had 2 commitments had from  field  work found return journey too painful;Poor responce from sourik; Field work plan was a total flop for the day i  must improve team strengh;

NRN dint lift call; Followup of daram did at evening; Ibibo story developed by night called and  mailed him;

Night paper cutting work did GTAS help had here; called Balaji for live stream;Searched entire data base of cards but dint find that Yuvraj Card; Call from Tollywood guys is a surprise one;


20th thursday post

Got up by 6 AM; at 640 or so 11.purchased rich 11 dailies plus Swathi mag quickly 12.scanned all of them; manasaradhi guy called; Called Gandhi; SRI yesterday guy called and took their web site address; Called Sailesh and fixed appointment; Called Yoga ppl;13.NCC web site seen;

Dropped cheque at bank;purchased files15.;new stappler;Xerox work and 16. lamination work near Sadgun did; karaikalport,14.L folders purchased; 17 .met DTP guy work of letters and Messages took;
7.loaded l logo to Twitter;8.mailer created small one;
9.Dropped GTA at bank;

1.gave proposal to The mithai emerald shop;
2.Called Daaram sabari;
3.called adroit systems sent them mail later;(sat day)
4.Gta dropped cheques in morning;ads pinning work did;
5.snehhouse ; v 130,476 reserved;
6.karaikalport 31 lakh;
10 loaded new logo to blog

nobelhygiene 49 lakh
19.called Rishi guys;
20.Nalla Water arranged to home;

21.child hood friend sudhakar cell 9963091535 met;
22.the hindu metroplus on thurday;
23.the hindu guy called ;24.missed yaga session mind power session;adroit traffic ran

19th Wednesday post

Manged to remove  dead cat from galli with the help of Municipal guy; Later purchased 11 dailies  from new vendor; This time my decition of asking that rajendranagar guy to come and handover  has fetched by evening .with nrn to that place also has  fetched; Morning brief trouble at home; Bad language by Gta;(fethings brought by gta)

Throught the journey had long discussion with NRN and known his openion; Met one new guy had feedback of tablet;One the way back from Byke ride seen some big outlets near hitech city; Longway to that place again seen organics office also;gave 2 k to narsing; Ajay was successful this time; kiran gave few ideas; At evening lot of developments from printing side; English broture layout got strenghthened,visiting card too got edited; Lekhari Letter pad also developed;Party to Kishore this time;
Some problem of jyothi(ABN) vs TRS;
Logo for web site with new ppl is also ready;

TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013

18th june post

Again big haul of news dailies this time 11 of them Vijay is the vendor;Morning seen top twitter  accounts and their followers;1.garimella help noted; 2.NRNs cheque also recd and sent 4 collection settled his latest accounts;Marriage CTOs commitment recd for and its ready guy called up;

Morning called some web developers sent them emails; called narender had his feedback;called beena;called sreekanth daaram, satish dint lift call,

During the field work and Madhu called up;

Bottu effect;

Received Abhinandana letter from DR C.Narayana Reddy; small logo for twitter developed by Kiran; Ajay re- joined work and said he did many calls;Telugu Message letter work done by Suresh; Kiran endorced dtp to Suresh and took his email also;mailed tickclick;;
(srinivas;9652181021;swapna theatre;katedam  indl area;)

One cat died near home;Mail from tools guy and replied him;
Xerox of English letters took;Debit card pwd  and internet pwd recd;

One file created for Ajay sent with help loaded his pending pictures; sandesham english and telugu letters got Scanned and mailed;more close understandings with Sadgun guys;

India has 14 crore net users and 7 crore with facebook,twitter has 2 crore;hopetrustindia t account blockd;
had discussions with Kiran on data on his hand;

17th Monday
called narayana lavanya;tried erragadda sro;gave proposal to Khan;red guy;Long travel and wait and met Surendra naidu took his visiting card also;2 hours work at morning in cutting ads;

MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2013

17th june monday

Nrn called in morning Aajay sent msg on his marriage day; 2 hours spent on cutting 3 days dailies around 50 more ads found; added flicker benefits to broture;had Coffee out side;purchased tea powder from veg guy; Complaint from Pan guy for not buying sunday papers;(mansoor)

Field calls
Mochi,erragadda DW khan saab;Main DW MLA like;sro mla;another DW;bouncer at neelkanth;balanagar ;DW;SRO;
JD;Kukatpally DW:
ph calls;
daaram,secind scin,beena,cto,GVR,chermas,lavanya,NRI,sachdev,gandhi,social kichdi,srigayathri,
dasari ranga rao,rishi,VRL,wow hyd,social kichdi,palate,

16th June sunday post strategy designed for souvenir

9 news paper purchase for the day;Due to followup gandhi  has fetched came and we had lot of interaction for Souvenir release; Messages to get from top people;keep 2 months gap; Hire team; Intial meetup at small hall alter big hall; Also edited Telugu mailer further; Called Chalapathi sir and Kiran;Tweeted fathers day;Objections from Aunty?

Morning decided to number the total ads collected with the help of GTa by night managed to write 500 plus entries quite un beleivable task achieved;

15th june

maansoon season isnt it?
Above all akka called isnt it?

1.Morning broture work saved in word added some more content;2.Recd Minister Anams letter;9.Mailed to few more clients;19.Logo need few changes;20.Bad Tea at evening;21.long wait 4 NRN;22.recd shobanas payment on followup;5.morning ads cutting pinning work did;6.seen ads;7.activated standard toolsmailed him;8.gandhi called;9.heavy hunger pangs at morning;10 seen Dabur vatika;11.fathers day;12.called syam;13.called garimella;14.called Kiran15.called Chalapathi?16.tried to sleep but failed;17.ajay is totally missing;18.SMS guy called;
23.sent days cheque for collection by gta;

mails sent with stationary result yet to be seen;
PPl can always give big hand so i must plan my own activity;Ajay is totally missing so That nlr guy even after coming hyd dint call me back at home too trouble;gave proposal to Sadgun; Lamination work of Associatian did  at sadgun and took  xerox prints of Ministers letter and telugu leaflet 10 each took ;managed to rx results at home of saturday and seen sundays Rx card; Broture in word prints took;
During the days R&D 4 best fonts known  for logo known: to email sans sherif is best  To design a broture georgia;Best font for blog post is Times new roman;

Best fonts for logo also known; 1.satyam
2.meena jewellers
5.welfare group
6.welfare party
7.shanta bio tech
10.mithai shop emerald;
12.grt choice
14.everest organics;

When composing your emails, newsletters and so on, you should take into account that a serif font usually creates the impression of reading a book and offers a “classy” feel, while a sans serif font gives a cleaner, more modern look. In the print era, 

Times New Roman was commissioned in 1931 by The Times and is now the most widely-printed font in the world

lekhari new logo

xpand you business

14th planning as of now;

Adv Plannings; 10 sittings;
(souvenir design work)CM and Governor;gandhi;CNRE:

Urgent most important;

todays days dailies to scan& cut ads;
Receive postal of anam??
***start email campagn; target 10 emails;
***50 ggl map prints;

Broture design discussions with kiran;
edit and take new cevering letter for sovenir; tie ups pls;
begin  sovenir DTP work enq near sadgun;
start yesterdays entry work;after noon;

calls at field??Cto marriage;NRN;
organise yesterdays ad  cuttings;(gta)

14th june post;chalo assembly day;

Again got up at 6 am; yes achived 1 lakh land mark of followers;edited yesterdays blog;

(Link building bebefits;
internet marketing consultant

key word research

Link building is not just important for search engine optimization. In fact link building has multiple benefits that can boost your online profits, yet often get ignored.;

SEO authority and relevancy

professional blogger, and social media enthusiast who enjoys photography

calls recd from laxmi,Gandhi,Nrn,Ajay,Prahlad;Telugu Dtp prints took;arranged Rice,Swati,Adarshavani scanned;Rx book seen;Gopal 2 sons Roshan med hall; Gta helped in pinnin of ads work; Missed ET;bag repair;watched most of chalo assembly coverage;Tummy trouble;loaded entry of trolleys;plus video;Help of narsing had;Had discussions with kiran about broture;

Can i be a moderator? add SEO in letter for broture;


13 th june record

Again got up by 6 am;

Organised bag in the morning; seen alexa top 500 of world and India even though net is slow; found justdial is in top 500 of alexa;web site description for few sites from alexa posted to broture;Broture got further consolidated;top other  ranks were redbus;sakshi;shaadi;cartrade; brands digital Inspiration;;Kijiji;greatandhra;tupaki;Called lakshmi;

(Cartrade other few sites on car)lenskart;olx;quickr;magicbricks;ndtv;naukri;debonairblog;

daaram failed followup did;nalanda failed time wasted here;few other calls at Ranigunj have failed;irritation from gandhi continued;and GTA;missed lunch;water works poor response;eye problem of gta?;Morning power failure at sadgun; The Hindu guy called;Purchased economic times and hindu business line;

 yet success at field for one SEO cheque got for 7 days later;Nrn did one followup;Some calls did at sec bad with Ajay;gave him references and left to Ameerpet;Kamal called but lost temper; followup did with Postman and aunty;Adarshavani book got;

Gave leaflet to venus;jai mahaveer;Opening word in reverse;
Gta helped in todays paper cutting work;Telugu DTP edited again at Kiran thanks to suresh;took prints of recent blog and Broture and mailer; Some bandodast throught the city due to chalo assembly;night shortage of saruku yet managed with help of narsing;

To target web hosting and design companies;
Mebaz font pls; TM;

13 june thurday adv planning

google colors;;blue red yellow,blue,green red;(blue,red,yellow,green 4 colors)
go to post office;How the day will turnout?
7 dailies again to scan;
what gta can contribute? to plan;

(daaram  sreekanth,water works 3 PM;CTO girl marriage;rishi;nalanda; plus ph followups;beena;)
see more of map listings at sec bad sadgun;
meeting kiran is a must?? for design will madhu join?
 mailing campain; tips;
my field calls;plan;
social kichdi;
knowledge area;

Tips for a Successful Email Campaign!

The subject line should be short ;
Internet users read an average of 17% of commercial emails;
You should include the name of your website in the email address. This information is an essential part of the message and is the first thing that the recipient looks at.
Using the customer’s name in the subject line encourages your target to open the email;
days knowledge;Within the first 10 seconds, your potential client is building up a lasting opinion about you.
study says 70/ of people reasearch online before walking to store  purchase.a web site is must;keep a form to web site;local groups;
proffesional look;
people often do judge a book by its cover
stunning facts abt m commerce;
got up again earliar;Cat tried to poke through the nose;just 225 short of  reaching 1 lakh fans;Quickly went through ads file on hand  and content; Noted days plan in note book;new idea of inaguration with C M emerged to keep in mailer;
 net is pretty slow at home;ajay failed again;dis with veg lady;

days field work;
gave proposal to sheelas;
meenajewellers;(card collected)(manojand umesh)
met sobhana
water works;
long wait at nalanda;seen pics on wall;m.srinivasa raju(???)man at waiting;,
called social kichdi;
seen details of tigerairways;
sobhana endorced to srinivas;cell;9949372169
tommorow NRN said will not be avaialable??
linked in logo must be kept in card nest print;
gta deputation paid net bill;power bill;pinning work;
mebaz font pls;
my choice card took;
sofa maker;
new contact from homeo care ramana; new hope;
seating world placement;dr rama fertility;(kamal must followup nellore doctor)
drr ramesh ph number;9392999666
gm water works cell d.rama chandra reddy
grmgold india sitre seen;
some maps
like button discussons;
we do social media campains;
future belongs to social media;
whats wrong with sadgun for twitter?
shingarlimited to check;
all media planners must know abt lekhari
seen yourcellworld domain;
called kichdi;beena;
to have a tie up with web design company;
seen martjack site;recd mailer 42 inception;
have tie up with third eye;

called beena;
at eve sadgun;broture design tips;visiting cards tips read;

quickly scanned 7 dailies; at evening cutting work did took help of gta;

blog development hyderabad search resulted in this

Contact Details

Main Office:
Phone: +91-9533792564
#3-3-86, Flat-101, Sumitra Nagar
Kukatpally, Hyderabad-72

The survey said 94 per cent of Indian smart phone users access the Internet on their mobile. Shopping is the third most popular category among mobile internet users after email and social networking.
Two-fifth of Google India’s search originates from mobile phones”: ADMA

12th june wed day plan

How the day will turn??
>>>increase it to 7 dailies;this time;may need to cut ads & articles;
when will madhu join?? NRN
that SMS guy attend;
Tiger airways???

***edit broture further; allocate 30 minutes here;
(Kiran;mailer work; endorcement for content  2 girl)
enq abt and know video marriage coverage;at sadgun;
plan to reduce;

(organise ads on hand further;pin them; can gta help here?)

(***sobana;NRNs reference drug comp;
water works 3 pm; nalanda,rishi,cto)
(baig;anamas letter;)
***start email campain Kiran;
pay net and electric biills;(GTa)
ajay?sec bad?

11th june

Due  to tailor  had trouble at overnite and  sleep disturbance had
yet got up at 5 am; unexpected Mango temptation and also interviewed jehangir vendor;baig dint lift call;
scanned 6 dailies as usual there were Social media coverage this time
tigerairways too big ads;

later edited the content of broture pending ads cutting work did;
 scanned 10 issues of telugu velugu  known their clientale and listed all ads; Endorsed gta to write emails; did few ph followups later Joined NRN for field work;
ajay said he is on leave this is a surprise

Ph followups chermas(surprise here ),sobhanachalam he gave commitment ;rishi dint list phone despite many calls;and sms ;sms  marketing guy called;
 followup of Positive did; lot of news about arjun by nrn during the work;
mainly they are not lifting cell ph calls;
gta found lot of mistakes in yesterdays latter;
she read one news article;
gift from nrn had for the day;
felt very sleepy due to poor sleep overnite;
slept after lunch for some time;so body is ready again;
Called kawadiguda CI seen web site read slogan;gave proposal to darpan;article in sakshi and eenadu about social media read;police file mag seen;letter from google recd;marriage CTO said yes after 2 days;

Net was pretty speed at sadgun  so content prints and maps prints work completed very faster.
after coming home ads cutting work continued;why that gas problem?? at sadgun edited broture again;

Evening work took prints of ranigunj area; and prints of content also took;

MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2013

10th june;

Ads cutting work continued in morning  todays and of  sunday dalies;  sold old papers Tailors menace ? Called Baig; Took mangoes for credit;gta to drop cheques;  called Madhu;NRN   Ajay is in action.

Collected content for  a new broture  4 Social Media and google listings;gained knowledge  here;called Beena;Kamalakar nalanda; sent SMS msgs to beena,Anand rao;rushi dint lift;
2 magazines ads listed out;mailed you and i;

rushi;krl;and NRIshobanai and positive guys not lifted the cell; field work did later;6 calls and 8 names;  Recd Tariff details from chanel 6; G C Pullaiah called;

Called GVR: Tommorow; My earliar book scriblings filed;
gta continued her ads list from mags; NRN is being activated for  water works;
Kiran edited letter again met DTP girl had interaction 1 hour surfing and editings at sadgun; voice surfing;embeded swetha video to blog;Prints of new broture took;

water works; SEc bad T plang; Postive homeopathy;shobana; Baig;Nalanda;Anam Ram narayana reddy;GVR; 2 big calls;new broture work;

10th monday planning

 call GVR;
find NCC;
emailing campains??editing work of mailer;telugu;book layout plans;advanced plannings;Buy swati;

GTA;bank work;cover pages?
Can GTA pay electric bill? cover page work?send mailer to kamal;
Got up much earliar;
posted pending pics and movie of swetha after this felt very much confident;posted pending blogs etc;6 dailies scanned very very quickly;
 searched  last 3 books of scriblings retrived rushi cell and called him;

Called Kiran and Kishore and gandhi;
Bujji called and had chat with Sai;Called Kamal and endorsed task of collecting content;

Coverpage ads endorsed to GTA;Tollywood new mag seen;
Monday planning did;
usage of stationary at yahoo mailer known with PICS; power bill came in;

Sudden call from chalapathi sir changes the day attended RX but failure before going called madhu;later to Anam ramanarayana reddy ministers home  submitted letter later had party at country club then came home watched movie seethamma vakitlo sirimalle chettu and retired;

SUNDAY, JUNE 09, 2013

9th june sunday post


U and Imp

Days central idea must be uses of google and g maps;fb;twitter;utube;

survey at sec bad;big shops;

keep emails ready;

***plan at sleep in after noon; so that i can
watch movie in night;
Arrange home some Non veg;
Incoming calls; to deal with;
create seperate page for Cover page ads;

layout for matter take all prints;
Call madhu;
Advance planning to continue;
Advantages with Google search and maps listings to write up;
Monday plans;

8th june saturday post

Got up at around 6 AM this time;Scanned those 2 magazines purchased from market seen all ads;  I did 7 calls at market Scooter trouble had mean while;Jewellery shops were seen very busy Ajay brought 2 entries posted them later with PICS; Unable to do more calls at field due to leg pains;Missed call from gandhi;Call from positive h also recd;Brought home that google directory and put sticker on it night  brought Visiting Crds from Kiran to home;Some emails retrieved and sent to some clients and got replies too; sent FB msg to univercell; Read the hindu presence broture; had compliment from GTA on song and Voice; seen at morning thanks to GTA:

field calls;
1.Mukesh TMC
2.Fabindia show room; card collected;
3.dakshina murthy 044-42297700

With Ajay posted pending entries and also activated 3 entries with google ph messages; it took long time for this;Long TV watch and enjoyed words and movie;Finally One cat entered home found tough to sent it to outside;



8th sat day;

More of planning sittings;

Urgent and Important

(***minimum of top 5 calls to make at field;
mail to few of them;2 hours;
***Find more of google listings without pictures;30 minutes)
*** bearings and Swetha  Saree entries;
get Sunday  rx book;
Future Plannings 10 sittings;

pls; get Cards;ggl directory send cheque for collection;
Social Media content;baig;;Activate that
ee those 2 new mags; cover page ads to write up; enq abt vedeo streaming;

Ajay;From field get bearings list;

ph follow ups?Beena;cmr nagender;nettlinx balaji;

7th June post

Beautiful card is on hand finally more of GTas involvement too and my reporting ; Gandhi and NRN gave big hands; The Hindu Print expo attended new areas exposure had ; Long wait at KIrans place fetched Kishore gave commitment  Lord anjaneya  book Read  ; @ closings done at field; One assurance of Unions address got from sec bad;
Kiran;hindi milap;lord of seven hills;;srianjaneyam;sri vasavi graphics;1 st floor ameerpet;  One  bulk sms guy met at kishore;

Again 6 more dailies into fold; 2 new magazynes; Tweeted;

(Sabari srikanth follow up did); gave new papers to Ajay;

During the coverage of bearings call; offer for youtube live stream known;also number of dealers in ap for bearings around 170 known;

One ref from swetha; CMR nagender;9848795179; One positive also got from Ali; plus commitment for Monday;

During the conference;print advertising works; lakhs potencial new customers;New area; Univercell satish Babu;;aparna;Sri chaitanya; guys known sales guy;logistics guy; New catogories of hindu;business line;circulation details deccan times known;80% 26 incertions;Girija;Harness;Impact;Affordable;Arun Amant;Consistancy;16 editions;


6th June thursday post

Again very early get up;Collected visiting card logos;Gta took active step for the day;ajay rejoined and brought  2 success;Satyam and satya,Krishna  have called;sitting at home did many tasks; sending SMS; watched all main magazines their clientale pages etc;posted many pending entries pics ;some trouble in body body pains; Sambaiah from nellore met gave tips for magazine; nayee soch for the day is SMS activation surprisingly few of them have responded;paper cutting work continued but felt very tiresome;NRN again shown his his behaviour but i managed to do few tasks settlements did;

gave google listings page to binding but seen them busy;water and Rice arranged for home;Tablets purchased;

Gta; call to Bujji;food & tea;bank activation;cheque preparation;
**Watch all JD cliets of verified;namastetelangana second annivarsary;


5th june;days record;

Again 4 ppl; me;gta;ajay;nrn;
load ajay entries;  ***manage to send mailer to few top clients;
***paper cutting work to continue;

Edit mailer; take prints;telugu DTP;
dot tv work;with jana;
(planning hour;Broture design)
10 sittings;
load pending pictures;
google prints directory; Continue google entries work;
see tehelka;

Days work;

1.water works
2.bajaj;Indra sena reddy manager;
3.sro;sr nagar
5.castling;beena ; 9849882454
6.nalanda;Tom;94403 33940
7.sro erragadda
8.musa peta;Ok;
9.raju DW;
10.that erragadda
11.took tehelka;
14.Raju met on road; catch pragati art  printers;
12.Organised file for magazines;
13.had DTP commitemnt from Kiran for tommorow;

Telugu mailer is ready;help of suresh known;got introduced to one photographer;

TUESDAY, JUNE 04, 2013

4th june planning

***Paper cutting work  plan to send Letters
 plan 10  sit outs ***>>>achieved
(ME:GTA:AJAY:NRN:)Team follow ups;


me;watch wow hyd>>>>yes;
 cheque drop>>>yes
 rx book;>>yes;
 edit mailer;send mailers;work with NRN;
***let me quicken:and race ahead!
***transfer cash to savings account
days rx? tom book
edit letter again;>>No
ph calls;baig;>>>yes
work with NRN t planning; daram; sobana; additional to this followup did for sec  area;

Urgent &;important things ;;NO

may have to disdurse;
net consolidations;
mail to jana;
can ask martjack;dotcabs;meena;
color lamination work;binding of google listings;
One call at abids did;

As i got up very earliar felt very sleepy throught the day;
idea of wow hyd classifieds emerged;Morning seen all TV channels ;Took lalth help in pinning work;emailed to srigayathri again on NRNs request;5 K Cheque still not cleared?Called GVR:

Gta helped in writing of days plan on note book ;cheque drop;paper cutting and pinning work;getting Insulin;Morning NRN gave ideas about ads at Nellore;
Ravinder CTO 9849547325 sobhana chalam;9949992959;
suraj bhan; 23234222;
srini vas garimella;98490 23016;
town plangg;9989930195;

3rd june;

Again day began early;surprisingly Bawa and chinna Pullaiahs families arrived; Got busier; later cheques sent for collection and arranged few things to home; got closer ties ups this time  with Fish;veg lady and tailor; called gandhi;mailed munawwer;
Lot of understanding at home for family consolidation;Objection about ajay  from NRN.
 Ajays success story began;
Field work with NRN sobhanachalam;positive; june vayidaaa cto Chermas  Srinivas Garimella  met some dinakaran guys; asked NRN to followup Daaram; suffered with no data on hand;

Nrn told about good news by night;

Night dropped Bujji and family at Bus this time by scooter;

3rd June plannings

send cheques for collection
***Big calls letters must go; organise ads data again
edit the letter again;
Follow ups;daaram positive homeopathy sobhanachalam;
***task for Ajay NRN?
advanced plannings; field work;
Bujji  faily chinna pullaiah turnup ?

incoming calls?
post yesterday pics;
consolidate google R&D listings of ranigunj;

MONDAY, JUNE 03, 2013

2nd june sunday

Got up at 4.30 AM;In blog font changes work was very funny thing;  Advanced planning ideas emerged as to go to nellore again  1st week of july.This time along with 5 news papers vaartha and WOW hyderabad took;Kishore helped me in stickers for 2 google directories work but trouble at printer; Managed to pin ads and file them in seperate folder; called Ajay and gave him money;later gave money to narsing rao also;scanned wow hyd lot of ads seen;trouble erupted at home later;Took some snaps of books display; participated in kajals colgate  scheme; Activated rim and Docomo

@ times trouble erupted at home; in night attended TRS meetings;Meeting needs of umbrella;and dynamics noted; missed Insulin dose of night;missed lunch also;Ajay dynamism seen in meeting;

Bawa and Bujji  Chinna Pullaiah have called;Called.NRN also connected;

Dhana;suneetha; Munawwer also connected;had chat with Syam again; had long chat with Subbarayudu,Durga;   Night rina gave one Gift.

Mama ph 9985922144;
subbarayude gollapalli;99085 30479


Day began at 4.30 AM;
Days plans;
1.get dailies at 7 am
2.Chicken or fish to decide?
3.***more ggl rd of ranigunj current standings
4.That rice shop call;
5.Get  google maps binding 10 am;

6.organise ads cuttings on hand seperate file about rajesh pics ; take prints if you can; arial survey at sec bad on google maps;
8.Prints of bearings shops
gollapalli jatara news;
Handle incoming calls;

mail munawwer; gtas contributions to  attach few things to her;
Buy Rx book of sunday;
atch out cats menace;hh
(planning 10 sit outs;
advanced planning pls
filing and dabbanam pls;
Planning hour;
(Monday  3 rd 
Team followups to decide?)
send  2cheques for collection;
Bigger ads pls;


NRN joined back; 2 followups did; 60 new addresses listed out; gave left over money to Baig; 11,12th may news papers retrieved missed DC; Had beer at crystal bar; seen telugu cover page; car yartra continued;ZRYOT Raktha Thilakam recd and scanned them; mama called;


1st june

Again early get up;  Heavy insecurity due to leg pains  but after some  time it was ok ;this time took Sakshi extra found it to be useful one; scanned all ads and made a note Krishna called; suffered with leg pains gta helped to carry bag at bank met Gopala krishna;
Dr followup did later it was picked by team mate;
later managed to get water on apressure this time new boy came ;
Long wait at bearings;thanks to my web site;
Ok cheque from rajesh Bhai got; ; Ajay joined for field work did   at market  did very interesting calls 2 books got from the field;; 2 cheques cleared by night;

Field calls; stay fit magazyne got coloful one;
Sat days seems to a dull day for registrations due to bank bund;
One pearl shop was very interesting;
***akka also called this time she told stunning news; books gave 4 binding;NRN settled amounts; had long chat with ajay at chikkadpally;
Back home cats menace continued;Shouted at opp lady as she tried to poke through;
gave gta limca; thank god Rx were post poned;

Gta helped me in carry bag to bank;
icro art from ajay known; seen;