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Best Digital Marketing Agency In  Hyderabad Call 9347107468
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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

my Life Achievements

2019; 2018; phase 14 @ Hyderabad 6
Target big; Team work;
How to deal with tough guys;
Imp things of life;

Streamlined gmb listings on hand;
800 #hashtags added;
500 Posts and pictures;
20 top categeries;
Reviews and photo loading work continued;

Pintrest; pixabay
Hyderabadlistings; nellorelegends; Tirupatlegends and few other insta ids;
GMB organized further;
Twitter organised:
Poster pasting work  contd and edited poster further;
lekhari redirection word completed:
google activations continued; 
Need endurance; personal story : 
Niche development and interaction knowledge of  Insta; 
photo taking with mobile  knowledge; My niche developemnt;

Sudden power trouble at home; new insta ids and ph number support collected from field;
ph chat with madhu and nlr details; gta job trauma; Insta stats nutmeg knowledge;
Team needed now ;

1. Filmora go  video editing known; Strengthen further:
2. Top contacts listed out; chronology of payouts listed; keyword audit of my clients linked;
3. Youtube  SEO video seen Tips had and Flawless content importance known and  links posting work began ; 
twitter Video to start;
4. 10 million Subcribers for youtube by techtute guy amazing quickly start videos again.

5. More twitter knowledge gained by  Observation of other celebs  tweets;
6. 300 plus major web sites launching dates data on hand; How world progressed;
7. My tweets are ranked in google;
8. Theme for any concept known;

9. Gta Design knolwdge as a added  asset;
First being back covers next on other social media logos and back covers then Ganesh Chaviti work;

10. Social media promotional rates known close big projects;

11. 500 plus Just dial #jdvf  data consolidated further plus indiamart  verified and trusted parties data; 
12. Adwords set up knowledge gained my lekhari campaign  has flopped;
13. SEO of  video tagging known  content related posts to keep;
14. twitter ids and twitter followers base managed;

15. Instagram knowldge further improved did 2 paid campaigns;
There are some SM clients on hand;
16. Started using whatsapp power for communication got ; EVR; Pragathi ind; lucky ; golden pearl jana;
17. Latest Fb page creation details known;
19. My blog  getting spidered and stickers help;
20. Content making knowledge is already on hand;
21. Rx knowledge further improved;
22. "BigBoss" show points; not to feel and heart broken,
23. Swiggy and team and funding power and Indiamart team seo power;
24. SEO proposal letter Power of a good shirt and confidence;
25. Spoken  skills and human relations power;
26. Wow hyd data to tap;
27. Gpay, phone pay;
28. Digital marketing content in eng and Telugu Still not fetching;
youtube video failed; adwords failed;
29. On hand with 1700 WhatsApp phone  data;
30.  Some renewal payouts got by transfer; through g pay; phone pay etc
31. Murali; pavan; kamalakar; syam; bhawar;
gandhi; sankyo; Chinna; gtas relatives;ashwin; gopal; Raju; Some non renued clients;
akka; bujji;
32. Sabotage safe guarded;
33. Old songs enjoyed; movie related knowledge;
34. Trusted partners in Rx;
35. Movie tweets and knowledge;
36. New keyboard for laptop;
37. Nt  lekhari renued;
38. 80 g reviews;
39. Back to hyd
40. Digital  marketing course completed; 
phase 13 Tirupati with GTA; tpt2;
5 years; no progress but managed;

2018;17;2016;2015; 2014;
Samsung smartphone and JIo  net power and usage benefits; gold chain;
Golden Senorita Will it help as status ? 
A/c comfort Ok;
GTA property settled;
google business pages continued;

phase 12 @ Hyderabad 5
2013; 2012;  2011; 2010;

NRN team; 
@hyd; @ajay; 
Google maps:
Gta;tpt; Hyd;
GTA added
phase 11 tpt
with family members 
2009; Tpt; thulasi funding;
2008; Nlr;
2007; Banglore; rx book; 
2006; Banglore;idols;
Syam; cheng;  
phase 10 Nlr 2

2005; nlr; Vetuku; English;
2004; Nlr;
2003; nlr; nelloreone;
2002; nlr;
2001; Nlr; health trouble;
2000; nlr; NT ;N. Prabhakar investment;
phase 9  @ Hyd 4
1999; 1998;1997;
Hyderabad;  Happy homes; yogi pharmacy;  delhi pharma generics;
Mumbai company;
Astro drugs;
phase 8 @ Nlr1
1995; chennai uniseil; Manager;
1994; max india
1993; nellore;max india
1992; max;
1991; Bio win;
Phase 7  kdp;3
1989  IKFL Atp and kdp;
1988; prizm
1987 prizm;

phase 6 @Hyd3

1986;  Rx; passports;
1985;  passports; singapore; fathers death;
1984;  passports;
1983;  Hyderabad degree; Athletics;

Phaase 5 Kdp 2
1982; mariapuram; Raghu;
1981; mariapuram; uma; venkatesh; Vasu
Phase 4 @ Hyd 2

1980 hyd;  Satish; prasad; Raju;
phase 3 Kdp 1
1979; kdp;
1978; kdp;
1977;  csi;
1976;  Nagrajpet;
phase 2  Gollapalli
1975- 1970 gollapalli: Rajampet;

phase 1 @Hyd 1
1970- 1965;

Synopsys; Over all in my life education and Dale Carniegie  human relationship skills and tecnical knowledge team work  saved my life;
Failures; poor funding; my comfort zone;

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