Wednesday, April 01, 2009

March 2009

31 st march  2009

As most of the parties annouced their candidates there was almost rebels war for all the parties.Election campaining gets more focussed now with all party people canvacing.

Venkaiah with huge crowds campained for prarapa at madhura nagar.Morning i went to muralis home and my home and told for room.Shabarish came back and asked and jana and muarli went to maduranagar before that That lamination enquiry did at Lavanaya.11 mailers almost focussed ad guys and 20 stamps purchased for the day.Muralis typing of addresses was interesting.Strong flash of caturing entire big ad guys.reduced news papers to eenadu.Gopal Koti akka mom activated.Muralis calmnees effect.

Eve bag guy vip big show room and Bhimas restaurant muni Subramanyam activated and in mor jagan also follwed.Vardarajan said on 9 th some one is coming.mallis lamination of Sai bab was interesting but compleated that task.


30 th march post

Praja rajyam 4 th list also announced.

most of the blog read for the day.night sabarish risk was unexpected.Marg visited.sekhar marriage album seen.manged to send 13 mailers.strategy slightly shifted.venkatesh address.used net at room.

29th march sunday post

Election campains getting into top gear with all party heads in campains.those who dint get seat are protesting and few have shifting to other parties.many others are cotesting as independant candidates.

Morning watchman settled my stay issue.but i need to have office seperate now.Unable to create hit list of top advertisers.To Home and unexpected turn of events noted.from nov 29th own blog started.
Again more discussion with watchman at night new bed and water arraged to room.

28th March Post

Chiranjeevi was happy with Rail as logo Junior NTR critically injury is another top jolt to TDP.Nominations for elections have began in andhra pradesh.

main development of the day for me is net is arranged at office. Day started with white dress for Yoga.Manged to send 13 mailers to tirupati with Ramojis help.Very promising point for the day is Price tag idea.Wooden partition of ankama rao got.Pics of Vuka Vijaya Kumar got.heavy rush at Govinda raja swamy temple seen.Kondapalli bmmalu seen.good respect at victory.Managed to give Jyothi and Eenadu ads,pillow cover,Blanket etc.2 more new news papers also dynamics of Jans appointment as official representative.

Distubances for the dy including bypassing of team Ankama Raos threat and room disturbance,Cash depletion thulasis continued absence.kondapalli bommalu,Bouncer at tarbuja, totally faiked at home.

27th march post

Chiranjeevi released his first list of candidates for elections he has gained much confidence as its evident on his speech.Ugadi celebrated.TDP still looks to be having tieup hickups.

Mor at yaoga new things learnt God sankalpa balam,all news papers purchased new confidence chandra and his daughter came to Koneti katta.after this at his home special coffee cups and arragements seen.At room wages calculations and jana knowledge noted.Stamps preparation and help by murali Wages calaculation did.Marg followup did.At cafe new chance for Saibaba lamination noted few more scannings posted.

Spoons and dress purchased and tabs,Janardhans interest in politics SFM ugadi celebrations with press card new elepahnt to room.few more needy things for purchased.

Minam pitchaiah death story by kistaiah and finally with Murali and venkatesh and lastly watchmans discussions noted.

FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2009

26th march post

Ysr sharkaravam began from his customary chevella TDP annaounces list.
Calls continued to cell phone for Ececutioves mor Yoga statrted manged to pay the internet connection posted big post of yesterday.due to sleep disturbance whole day got disturbed.managaed cut the old back log of news papers.Chandra babau visited office.jana met at reply from Google.

25th march post

At last telugu deasm some how managed tie up of TRS a nice cartoon of this seen at Eanadu.Krishnam rajus joining further strengthened prajarajaym.

Luckily discussed investors plan with global park malli.visited home met mom,mama and gave 200/- to mama,gave 2 k to Murali.manged to give telegram to That obsconder and purchased perfume given eye glass repair work maheveer jewellers enquiry did.Sekhars marriages photos album work fynalysed agening effect noted.

Some what mental disturbance right from the morning seen.At puja also some disturbance seen.couldnt handle that 2 bosys who came to chat jana met.Pressure for book given to that rx guy.
When i checked with satyam sent paers new confidence gained after lloking at things i did at coverage press note,folded leaflets,Night unable to sleep due to much starain.
met net service provider.much of pending work compleated.
eenadu 35 years,sakhiand surya 2 nd year,Jyothi 49th year,hindu 132 years,vartha 14 th years noted.

managed to send 5 letters purchased 40 stamps and also replay from madhava rao sonnoted.Murali sold small idol.Eve chandra met his support noted.Phone calls from people continued.@ pharma enquiries latters found and leaflets for also available.

24 th march post

That dress effect at Koneti katta and smoke problem and repeated missed calls from that lucky resulted in firing him Buiscuits and dog effect at TTD ad buildings mamas call failed to meet expectation at Viswashanti and fired them on the spot.
No lunch and finally decided to buy computer many things could not be completed due to waiting for computer etc.Tremendous responce for prarapa blog seen.

Gandhi came to chat and his guidance noted.Mor peeta purchased met munawwer and also managed to get Sample pieces from Vasu and followup of Lmainations did.How to control eyes New info thru Books at Balaji computers of SKF yellowpages and Balija cate book at janardhans home.Aim of Bhawana noted.Some what response of ads noted and could not mange to attend people at office.New book of SKF also purchased.Vasthu discussion at table were things of the day.

Hit list for Viswasanti marg group:
dr pasupuleti
dr sipayi subra
other doctors
big Educationalists and nellore reddys and Udayathamana ticket holders,Industrilists,Actors,Anil amnabi,Amitabh,ttd trust board members,Donors of lord balaji,mallya,Neduru malli,those dubai sea investors,gmr vasavi,grandhi,political leaders,nris?richest Indians,Gali Janrdhan reddy,Katta subra that bangalore printer,Liquor tycoons,big sports persons,

23rd march post

death news of Great worrior actor kantha Rao as poor man is annoying nad finally DGP is Mahanti Chiranjeevis criticism on Congress seats alloment was notworthy.109 back word castes and only 66 seats.Those who ever were dropped by Congress need to be watched as what head ache they will create now.

Among the things which i have organised are Boxes muralis dhoop stick support head ache of Venkatesh managed to send 11 mailers and 100/- postal stamps manged to receive calls.discussion with thulasi did target list for Viswasahnti gave some Promise.Display effect at srinivasam received 3 laminations from Ankama rao.$ people came for interview but none of them were impressive.head ache of that guy sent to bangalore is still pending.I have also managed Blog prints stappler and pins gum bottle seen web site of marg call from HDFC .couldnt tolerate at Murali fired him again and again. personally gave leaflet to down shop and RIM recharge problem also managed.somehow managed to go home early.

Why was that tiredness flash of distributing those leaflets to cottages

22ns march sunday post

COngress is ahead in elections list of mla contestants and list of participants for loksabha is also ready.That was a great victory on india in cricket.

Sunday dinner missed new guy venkatesh friend and all pending work of news papers at room compleated.phenyl office clean work gave ad in eenadu and renued for cut and net applied for google.morning to alipiri area.Muralis song and nellore stickers data seen.

21st march saturday post

YSR began his election campain from Chevella.Also Jayaprakash narain Loksatta on Trains on a unique note.

At Office Ratnam came and i have shown him more data and he was ready.With team we went to Viswashanti and shown them Head etc. more discussions and demo also seen.Fan changed at room.called babu.Thulasi missed gain.Fan changed and arranged room cleaner.Many calls continued.

Evening confusion started after sending that new guy to Bangalore.Met Ankama rao.Managed to give eenadu ad at bangalore.with Murali to vvr estates and dhan lakmi estates.

Tobe more careful on selectiong people and sending them to field.

20th post

Most of sitting Reddys seems to be geeting berths for assembly elections.GMR owner Grandhi madhava rao Dinesh reddy Uday kisran Actor S.S.Yadav DGP have had darshan lord Balaji.Blakrishna for tdp and Chiranjeevi were active in election Campains.

At evening i got influenced by beside people that to be avvoided. with 2 boys distributed leaflets at Srinivasam guidance had from book seller.One samll ananda nilaym sold.Disturabce could not be handled with seems to be very promising with 4 people joining.Received Luggage of Nellore office more confidence thru that.
Morning nice construction of Viswashanti seen. season eefect also noted.Summer heat statrted.things statrted moving in right satyams issue patience paid.That lemon effect.Unexpected effect at mama.Met sindhuri park and N.V Prasad that letter given.Failed to organise few things planned its ok anyway nice day.

19th march post

Y.S.R once again proved his grip in getting seats to his own team and it looks to be approved by centre.Most of the sitting M.L.A s seems to have got seats for next assembly elections.

got up late and purchased only 3 i have managed to post 2 mailers and met Anand,Vasu,Siva,Naresh,Vasu temple purchased 2 big deepams,one Kumbaham many needy things also purchased.
At night Murali and Venkatesh problems solved.sencitivity also noted.introduced my business to global park owner his assurance and support also hope from siva new lamination idea noted.after meeting Ankama rao new support noted.One young guy his own problems met me and ready to work with me as executive.

Met loka his support and frame also noted.head ache at navata twice inspiration thru Jyothisyam information thru one taxi driver at Konetikatta noted.some calls came for jyothi ad response seen.eenadu guy dint come for thats how the day has passed.

18th march post

Still most of the leaders of state and central are very busy in selecting candidates.Mighty congress history speaks for itself.But congress needs to prove in this current situation.Junior ntr hawaa continued.
After paper reading activated jagan to collect visiting cards also wished Pratahap and veradarajan.
At morning chat met with thulasi and plans revealed.At room new points for leaflet written so leaflet is further more powerful and gandhis participation also noted.At chat felt brethlessnes with 4 people suddenly coming online but still managed.Thulasi,Dianessr(rejoined after many years things noted),jana,Gandhi.Loaded 3 pics of Prarapa guys on vilekhari.SBI bank statement received.

Navata enquired Flask,tennis ball,that press coverage leaflet with Chandu and tieup for visiting Cards ok.Met jana read virtual office eenadu coverage.
Head of Balaji received from Naresh also commitment got from him for another frame.
(srivari bhaktulara....meeintini pavanam chesukondi...that sponcers idea for leaflet...Sirisha donotr from peruru East
At room assets on hand analysed further my power is 25 lakhs now.Investment need now to cuttings for 2 days completed met one marketing executive his bio data received.

At night Sketch work further enhanced.missed venkatesh and Murali.Met Munawwer.

17th march post

                                        These guys worked for prajarajyam
List of loksabha contestants selected for
Congress.Junior ntr campain is getting lot of primence.Anantha krishnan a big donor for ananda nilayam.

After morning news papers i went for area tirupati by pass.Staff absense a new head ache.even after this i managed many things for the day.naresh follwup took key from anakama rao Rim activated,Torch lighter,room Freshener,New notebook,Blade,Big Laminated pic of Balaji organised to room.3 marvadi people became very freindly.Money deposited at bank.
Organised to ad in Jyothi 4 plus one read some of blog posts at room.gave 1 k to murali. sudden development of mallis daughter pic gave to siva new place lamination.
Kalpana watchmans daughter name.Knoledge abt jyothi circulation noted.

But failed to do any market from Kattula sudhakar for his web page noted.


16 th march post

Junior NTRs effects seems to be working out well for telugu Desam party lot of new inspirartion for the party cadre.

Ankama rao came back with a bang he sent that boy and with him i managed many things for the day Chandra came in eve new r&d developed.Koti puja effect and some disturbace too.met Munawwer known history of the hickup from Edn,and house owner munawwers godown also seen.
night Mohan computer guy met at drinks head ache and lost temper with M.K satyams non cooperation still continued.still no response from Naresh for head??
last 2 days blog posted and 25 k received.

14 th and 15 th posts

Mostly busy with marraige works and followups Bramha Reddy, Jaybal reached chandra and Uk,Ramoji,Venkatesh joined photos work news of 25 k of thulasi problem in locating rooms at varaha swamy at night met many villagers and family members photo session and vedeo session i took care in wishing people introduced with many family members.Whole night i couldnt sleep but noted many addressses of devotees of Australia,Canada,usa,warangal,latur Nagpur etx of Varaha swamy guest house.Again Darshan of vip had of lord.but heavy rush for Hundi also noted.Jaybals head ache seen.Met Somus brother chantings support noted.hick up with gopal,koti,

15th sundays post: gave party to koti,murali,venkatesh had drinks with krishnaiah and Prahlada phones to Parvathy and pitchi mama unnessisary head ache from Purush but another new point noted.some how managed to reach Tirupati many other people met at Marraige attaned marriage no rest so un easy noted read only Jyothi for the day.Janrdhan participation was interesting.Many others were absent.Chandra s yoga.Unknown hickup and wrong word at Utham ??? but new point of followup expectation noted.fired jaybal brahma reddy.janardhan was showing lot of interest in family.

13th feb post

Juniors Ntr show continued.3 rd front news.Late to net scanned that 7 steps marriage card spell check noted.Thulasi met.In aquick session with jaybal purchased mat 2 shirts.Alloted few tastks to jaybal and i went to home Gopal gave allotmnts for room decoration and things.Heavy heat at after noon.

Called many ppl thu cell frombang Ravi said he is coming almost 20 ppl are ready lets see how many of them will turn out.@ more persons attended the interview.
Some what uneasy for things not getting into shape.

12 th march post

sehwags smashing batting was very impressive.jagan ysr son likely to get Kadapa Loksabha seat.Junior NTR show for Tdp continues.Ploitical exeperience noted.

I got knowlwedge of how head lines of each news paper is formed.At tea point after watching no smoking appeal i want to put same at my blog.Night had dinner 3 rd in day in succession after meeting sridhar & friends.Left over blog prints took at signinn.

jaybal joined i called Sataym,Baburao,Ravi bangalore,Ravi advocate,Jana,Krishna Prasad,Dotnet,Lic sudha,pavan,Srini Book,Kishore komala,Rudra,suresh pawr,Sankyo,naresh,Ramoji,kalamkari,Padmakar.

wedding cards to Ramesh,balaji,Sharma,RMadan,Varada rajan,Madan bhimas,Watman. enroute submitted form to voter list.Eye glass problem noted.

After noon shock from some marketing guy to be careful in such things and discussed with Interior guy Chandra sekhar cell;93433-32329.


11th March post

Chiranjeevi sabha was grand sucess like TSunami and Junior NTR is very actively participating for election camapin For tdp party.Holi is being celebrated all over india.

Very busy day for i discussed everyhting with thulasi at chat more confidense gained discussed printing idea.I have arranged 100 new wedding cards to home and i received new eye glasses distributed cards to Sekahar abhai,Vasu,Anand,Sudir,Sridhar sign inn.

Atlast with Muralis guidance arranged rack to office and new plate for puja and also print outs of most of the blog on hand now.

Called kishore,padmakar,babu rao,bhawar,Surendra,edn met at chat enq of biruva also did.Family pic of bujji took gave back pics of kattula ph to balu na dbabu met Munawwer he asked to not to dilute effort.
Ad relesed for people in Jyothi. night Marrige dinner had with venkatesh.


10th march

Most of the parties are busy in selecting party candidates and few are waiting for some dissatisfied people to join with them.After that neilson org marg survey Paraja rajyam is more dissatisfied and started giving responses.

Ok hectic day again Puja things and puja foramlities work continues muralis suggestions noted.Chanting Box purchased.To Naresh unable to tolerate Murali and mom lost temper 2 times.Attended mabbu rami reddy dauthetrs marriage huge gathering seen.

Many phones for sekhars marrige did they include Sekhar bahi,Subra,Muralis father,Sridhar,kattula,Gopi Loka,gunnaiah cards distributed.
At chat more discussion with thulasi backlog of news papers cutting work did.

Flashes include visiting cards idea,financial partners,that welcoming ad at chennai,Bangalore and few more important places and to have a designers at office.
tried to apply for vote card but holiday noted.

funds drainage is another head ache for the day.

9th march post

Surprising survey results on neilson org marg survey at news noted.they say congress is leading now next lok sabha elections.Dharna by Prajarayjam at Municipal office.Most of discusstion on news papers about Chandra babu naidus seen on most of news papers.

Mnay things i have manged to day there was atremendous response to that press ads foe marketing executives and helpers many calls received and met people at office.About arranging Rack at office failed.Met naresh for stocks to office he will support.
To Home met mother and sekahrs wedding card scanned and posted on net.Smoke problem discussed.gave office advance to watch man.
Getting fixed up at office due to no staff but confidence gained of future.iam struck at because i need to handle every thing my slef.most of yesterday events read cuttings completed.
Met jana and his family members. eye glasses tested with optician new lenses and frame ordered.Most of the future plannings starategy analysed strengthen further.thats how the day passed

8th march post

Still uncertanity is prevailing in selection of candidature in all Politacal parties.there may be lot of shiftouts after announcement of candidatures.some news papers are making surveys.woman day celebrated all over.

thinga which i have handled read and cut almost all home made many calls to invite friends.prepared.withdrawn cash and seen big lord venkateswara lamination.
discussion with Bhupaiah continued.again couldnt control temper at hotel parking.this was unexpected one.20 of the scannings posted.
Thulasi came in and had chat hectic hunger for the day??good rush at rly station of pilgrims.
Called and wishes conveyed to n.v.maha laxmi.munawwer and thulasi guidance noted purchased flower wash.called sekhar and koti. 2 pairs of dress from home.
jaybal,gandhi,Brahma reddy,Jana,Satyam,mk,edn,sridhar,Gandhi,Somu followed.

SUNDAY, MARCH 08, 2009

march 7th post

Lot many things are happening at indian politics every one is tring to tie up with one another.Currently telugu Desam party has big edge as of now. and Praja rajyam is also busy in selecting and inviting other party leaders.Why Obama objection out soucing i cant undersatnd ok.

Ok Things that i have handled ....for the day escorted to that marriage cards press with gopal friend puja things purchased,leaflets on hand wash,bucke things, FM enjoyment,that eenadu donor data is missing, visited naresh,phone to chandra,gandhi,bramha reddy still no field work and no income,vuka guy ph ex mal mohan pics loaded.

That new flash of collecting visiting cards arranged Furniture and met munawwer.


6 feb post

Lot of Polital leaders are at hyderabad for Party tickets.Best dressed person is Prince Charles as written by news papers.

Mor unexpected developments with thulasi new hope now things should move upwards.
by eve leaflets work over Eenadu ad,Vartha ad for 3 days to home failed at 3 times.
Seen rotating idol at Venkaiah mor scannings loaded.still to control but patience levels at home developed.Activated rim 550/-.FM radio,extender,and chirus chantings are ready.At bar lost temper and energy levels and late to room...were things of the day

5th match post

Again covered that Praja rajyam programme evening but seen very less crowd there. Lot of leaders must have gone to hyderabad for tickets.
Jyothi ads given had discussion with Narada guy and press photographers met thualsi online reassurance given Mahaveer,jain jewellers gave jana for new code called homechanting work with box guy many scans loaded use of byke photo journalism some more numbers and pictures got at programme.Mor chandra met.


4 th feb post

Kiran royals hungama started his unique way of protesting TDP is the highlight for the Press people here in tirupati. as usual Gadapa gadapaki prajarajyam continued in many places in chittor district.
Jaybal brought scooter sbi passbook and passport sindhuri ankaiah pics and bio data received tried grandworld granville owner details noted.
few ads scanned and posted in tpt helpline.Muni subramanyam profile also loaded.Bad temper played again with grape guy TELUGU desam knowledge of gopi noted.Unexpected turn at Munawwer.Telugu script idea by Murali.
Few more pics and phone numbers of Yuvarajyam got.

2nd March,3rd march postes

Missed to post yesterday anyway 2 nd march eve met Kattula Sudhakar and his support and exposure in hotel industry noted.Scanned images rate problem with Chiranjeevi sorted out.Few more posts organised at prajarajyam blog.R k jewellery failed.With jana help at site developed.Most of the dailies read.

Evening Coverage of Prajarajyam gadapa-gadapa programme samplngs collected.Laxmi srinivasa problem completed.Loaded few more pic sto prarapa blog.Got muni subramanyam pics and bio data.feather lite company info noted.Grandworld failed.calls from murali and mk many things organised at room.Election sehedule dates info read.Kiran roayal surprised at his ad postings.

MONDAY, MARCH 02, 2009

1 st march 2009 post

Toady i read 9 daily news papers and seen their network.Missed one big rally of prara again differences with vsiting cards for press got.2 hours net.called kvn got good response.Prarapa further edited.Revathi tea stall.that cell shop card collected.i can ask that vijaya hotel reddy for coverage.surya paer anasysis was good.inamadugu sridhar 20 lakh donation.loksabha 543 mps.oka cinema vari jevithanne marchesindi.that questionaire one more question who is your fav in politics.

I have also seen how each paper guy wrties about same news.